1. As a brazilian, I think the Mexican accent is the easier to understand and I consume a lot of hispanic media

  2. You sort of proved the point of this thread: the reason non-native speakers think Mexican accents sound more nuanced and neutral is because of MASS MEDIA exposition.

  3. You're right, learning and communication have to be a two-way street, no question. That being said, in my experience less than 1% of people are actually communicative about their needs. I only date women so I can't speak for men other than myself, but most women I've met simply don't communicate. They enter into the situation looking for problems like a hiring manager would, and as soon as they find one they disappear. They don't address the issue, they don't really do anything, they just drop contact

  4. I've realized for a while I've been super red pilled since red pill was even a thing.

  5. Elaborate on being “super red pilled”

  6. That I derived my views of life by stoicism (eg. Seneca the Younger) and the main how to people are/behave manual was The Prince.

  7. Sure there are things that can't be forced, but simply waiting for things to happen will lead to huge disappointments especially for most men.

  8. And yet, I never gave my personal position on any one of the points I've made other than on their relationship with the other side.

  9. The thing is that you gave a very wrongful opinion about the Founding Fathers:

  10. Better to retire in Spain. Job market there is really poor.

  11. I have a hefty passive income. Right now I'm mainly woroking juat to stay busy and for the lols.

  12. You're so beautiful, youthful, vibrant and full of life. Your face is so goddamn pretty. 😍

  13. Thank you so much, you are so sweet! That made my day!

  14. Depends how tinted your nostalgia glasses are, played tony hawks underground 2 recently and it's just as good as I remember it

  15. I'm actually playing this on an emulator now and it's still surprisingly fun and challenging.

  16. No need to go so far. Most taco trucks around border states do the trick just fine.

  17. Yeah the tacos youre talkin about are not authentic at all, they're America's failed attempt, I live in Southern California and almost 2 years ago I traveled across the country in a car. I ate tacos before I left California because I knew they were going to be shit everywhere else, some pre-made shell with cold stringy cheese and tomato and lettuce.. instead of carne asada with onion and cilantro and delicious salsas on top of corn tortillas made by a dude in a taco truck or a well-established Mexican restaurant that strictly Cooks Mexican food only

  18. Or just live anywhere within a few hundred miles from the border.

  19. Trump is upholding his promise to drain the swamp, just not in the way he had hoped.

  20. not rlly them being “fuckable” just physical attraction in general. I know exactly where your coming from and why I shouldn’t, I really wish i didn’t. Its almost hardwired into me. I just don’t find them attractive and rather find them disgusting, I guess its like a preference

  21. Do you follow a lot of IG models, for example? IG models alter their pics a lot.

  22. I've had stretch marks since before Reddit existed. I am indifferent about their existence.

  23. When I was in college in the late 2000's in Puerto Rico, I was the music arranger for my theater group (hence I had a scholarship).

  24. This thread will be locked due to promoting a domestic terrorist that's currently spending life in a supermax.

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