1. My skin also hated the cosrx snail mucin serum, although other snail mucin products from other brands worked great. I love Korean beauty and use it almost exclusively. I didn’t have an issue with the Laneige water sleeping mask, as long as I only use sparingly. Most sleeping masks seem to break me out if I use them every night.

  2. I’m using the 0.05% version of this and loving it. This was my first experience with any retinoids and I have experienced no purging, dryness or irritation, or any other adverse effects. I definitely see a difference on the nights I am using this and would absolutely recommend it.

  3. Do you still use the 0.05 and have you seen any other major changes in your skin since?

  4. Yes, I’m still using it and still loving it. I have some mild hyperpigmentation that seems to be softening up (it used to be a lot worse, my skin is prone to it) and my face overall looks smoother and brighter. I’m still cycling the same products, so I also credit some of it to the lactic acid, I’m using Sunday Riley Good Genes for that and absolutely love it. And also sunscreen, I’ve been very consistent with sunscreen, which is very important when you’re using actives.

  5. Cosrx snail mucin really broke me out and I know others allergic to ingredients in that serum as well. I can do other snail mucin products but not Cosrx.

  6. I believe Bloomingkoco is based out of California. I’ve heard great things about them, but I’ve never personally used them. I have used Yamibuy, but only for products shipped from US. They were fast. Good luck!

  7. If it’s for a DL I’ve had great luck in the past with setting up an appointment in Livingston instead. They always have better availability and the staff there has been great.

  8. I always used to get this when I waxed my face. I switched to tweezing my upper lip area and now I never experience any issues. It takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it for me. Good luck!

  9. I agree with everyone else. Use Stylekorean, Stylevana or Jolse. Also, if you’re in the US you can try Bloomingkoco. I’ve also gotten Dr. Jart from Yamibuy at great prices in the past, I just make sure it’s shipped from US.

  10. I did not get my code either. Apparently, it was a system glitch and they are looking into it. From talking with their CS several times, they are worried that if they are issuing credit to the affected people individually, the system might eventually issue it as well (or people might take advantage of this issue).

  11. Did you get the code for the $25 separately? I just signed up and couldn’t find it.

  12. Bummer - Gift sets aren’t included. I LOVE the Vinoperfect Brightening Serum ($79) but really want to buy the gift set that includes the FS serum, and deluxe samples of the moisturizer and the glycolic essence (also $79.)

  13. Have you tried ordering Caudalie from a France pharmacy online? Someone posted on another subreddit yesterday has great prices on Caudalie, although it is priced in euros. So make sure you use a credit card with no foreign currency transaction fees or PayPal.

  14. Here’s the original thread if you would like to check it out.

  15. This essence broke me out and gave me a rash, but I have used the Mizon snail cream in the past and absolutely loved it. I found out afterwards that many people are allergic or sensitive to this particular brand but other snail products work for them. Good luck!

  16. I would also suggest rubbing the k18 in your palms before putting on. This emulsifies the product and makes it easier to apply. Learning this was a game changer for me. I also use this technique with all my shampoo.

  17. Definitely start incorporating sunscreen into your morning routine. Check out Asian sunscreens, they have some great formulations. European ones can be good too. The tretinoin and retinol eye cream are great, but they make you even more susceptible to sun damage. As someone else also recommended, vitamin c would also be great added to your morning routine. Vitamin C has brightening effects, but it also boosts the efficiency of your sunscreen. Good luck!

  18. Yo all those Saltair scents sound really amazing, has anyone tried this brand? EDIT: Fuggit, I picked up Lush Greens and Island Orchid.

  19. I’m currently using the Saltair deodorants and really enjoying them. They perform well and the fragrance is nice and not too strong.

  20. I’m really interested in their deodorants since they use chemical exfoliants. Have other natural deodorants worked well for you?

  21. I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants and struggled to find something that worked. Really loved Native initially and have used it for years, but lately it didn’t seem as effective and left a lot of white mark and pilling. I also experienced irritation at one point, but that didn’t last.

  22. I want to say it's Guerlain but it doesn't look like they make glosses anymore. Maybe you could try to swatch it and take pictures of that in different lighting and try to find a dupe at Sephora or Ulta. Good luck!

  23. Yes, it is Guerlain and discontinued. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss in Rose Florida (#860)

  24. Me too! I could add it to cart but then it would disappear and not let me view or checkout. Previous member from many many years ago.

  25. Weird, I’m a previous member and was able to order. Looks like I can still place another order.

  26. Yeah, it looked like that was the only option to update your payment if you’re shopping with them but you are not an active member. I don’t use PayPal and thankfully my credit card was still valid, but thought it might be helpful for some people.

  27. Also keep in mind that the stats are pretty out of date on payscale. They show the median home price for Bozeman at $374,066. It's actually close to $900,000 currently for the county:

  28. I came here to say the same thing. Median rent is not $1,172 either. Or gas at $2.49.

  29. Their website is still advertising for it on the main page banner, can you screenshot that back to them?

  30. I signed up, hopefully we can get enough signups to reach 50% off!☺

  31. How does it work, is it only for the 1 oz size or any of the available sizes? I signed up as well, although I’m not planning on buying it.

  32. It’s only for the 1oz I think since if it were for all ounces then I think all the others would’ve been listed. Once the phone number is in and after the timer is up, the people who put in their phone number will get a text message for a code to use to get that price off. Hopefully this answers the question

  33. I have the repair line for the shampoo and conditioner and the smooth mask, along with the oil. I also used the repair mask. While I enjoy the products, I do not believe they are worth the high price. You can find other products that perform the same or better at lower price points. I do love the smell though. I am not sure about their other lines. For reference, I have bleached blonde thin wavy hair, and a lot of it.

  34. Thank you, just got a couple! I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and this is a great price.

  35. Use code VIP15 to get it for $15. You can also use Rakuten and get $5 back with that.

  36. Do you have a Rakuten referral code so you can get credit?

  37. If it is U Beauty, the new member box from Allure is a better deal. It has U beauty + 6 other items for $15

  38. Can you get this box on Amazon or only through Allure website?

  39. Amazon has a different variation, you can see what you’re getting on their page. The U Beauty is not included with the Amazon version.

  40. I was thinking the same. And you can also get $5 from Rakuten, effectively making it $10 for that and the extra products.

  41. So I believe you are using two chemical exfoliants, the Neogen and the Some by Me, I would avoid using those two together in the future and avoid the physical exfoliation of the glove with those products as well. That’s just too much.

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