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  1. Is the pinned mod message from a bot or did a living human being acting as a mod really post that?

  2. It's shown to all leaving cert classes though. Any Irish person over the age of 16 should know it.

  3. Mod might be old enough it wasn't on their leaving cert? Certainly wasn't in mine. We had

  4. This has been going around and it is just not true. In the higher levels of Gymnasium (High School) we actually have a lot of discussions and yes we also critically discuss US propaganda as every country should.

  5. Tbf she said "and if you google people's study notes you'll find, for example, this" or something to that effect, anyway.

  6. I'm guessing you found the same stackoverflow question I did!

  7. You're right, I might post too much about Ireland here for your liking.

  8. I thiiink yer man was being massively sarcastic. He used to hang out in

  9. Closing the barn door after the horse (or rather greyhound) has bolted.

  10. Ah sure look the horse needed a trot. He's back in the barn now, blanket on, having a few carrots.

  11. There will be a new megathread tomorrow if you want to wait for that.

  12. Listen dude, check out Rule 12. “Editorialisation”

  13. Rifle club was majority rich Irish kids when I was in college. Nice enough bunch.

  14. It’s not about positivity though it’s literally a bunch of spam not related to the subreddit at all?

  15. He probably means the over-produced pop music. Hip Pop.

  16. really rough idea, but a collage of images would be awesome

  17. We've received a collage one like this now! It's more celebrities than Irish memes tho...

  18. Are you talking about this one or the old one you received?

  19. The other one has Irish celebrities and historical figures. E.g. Michael fassbender, sinead O'connor, Countess Markievitz.

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