1. Hope it dips back under $20. I need more than the few hundred oz I have now. Maybe then I can get to 4 digits.

  2. Generally, Native Americans more so, Latinos a bit less, most Asian immigrants substantially less, factor dependent. This makes intuitive sense: almost all native Americans and blacks are descended from people that were directly impacted by the US in its most racist periods, while Latinos, followed by Asians, have large more recent immigrant populations.

  3. Social programs can focus on income, not race. If the wealth disparity have left so many black Americans behind, then targeting lower income would have a disproportionate impact on black Americans anyways and we don't have to play the oppression Olympics at all.

  4. I started to write a long rebuttal to your points but to go after each one would take too long so I'll put a short final thought here, feel free to refute and have the last word.

  5. Removing prop 13 wouldn’t make you pay more for property taxes assuming you didn’t buy decades ago.

  6. I don't know where NoVa is but I'm willing to bet it didn't have the sharp rise in property value the way Bay Area did. Without 13, you would see even more older folks kicked out of their home to be replaced by tech bros and even more 'gentrification'.

  7. There could be if land was taxed properly and we didn’t have Prop 13 BS in the way. Moving people out to lower CoL parts of the state does absolutely nothing to improve the livelihoods of people living in high CoL parts of the state.

  8. Wow .. imagine thinking long term you can get cheaper housing if you taxed land more. 😂

  9. Those bastards! Providing housing to people. Why can't they get respectable jobs like package thief or reactionary talking head?

  10. Bro .. give some respect to the catalytic thieves too.

  11. Cities can also have endless inspections that are frequently delayed (& delayed).

  12. Yep. I personally waited 1 month for a 5 min inspection sign off after installing new furnace. GOOD LUCK if the city is out to delay your project that needs 47384 permits.

  13. I don't eat meat because I need to prove my manliness .. I eat it because it is f'kin delicious.

  14. Hey! Guess what? Putin is a stinking failure! Want proof?

  15. How much of that is because US froze the foreign reserves of the country ?

  16. It seemed to me that Orinda was just lazy and ran a query in their GIS to identify all undeveloped parcels. Then those were thoughtlessly dumped into the housing plan. Sorta like: select * from parcels where status='open'.

  17. If you go out of your way to Stan cops fucking over people who have no other options than working at a pizza shop as a trainee, then yeah.

  18. LMAO you must be related to that dumb worker or the worker themselves.

  19. Yeah that’s not what happened here but I bet there’s a market for whatever you’re on

  20. OP about to start a non profit with the pizza worker as well as a gofundme. Future millionaires right there.

  21. As everyone said it is technically defaced but likely the cashier gave you more hassle because they strongly disagree with or dislike the message and believed you were trying to spread it.

  22. The username is Mister Taurus so yeah .. I took a swing.

  23. I guess I'm not getting an answer to my original question then.

  24. Funny enough waguy steak is still the same price as before pandy. Eventually that might become the budget option.

  25. The alleged attacker Romeo Lorenzo Parham, who is black, has an extremely long criminal history. Unclear yet if he has a record of targeting Asian victims specifically.

  26. I believe this is the guy's history.

  27. And you probably need to buy a 2023 model, as they will never upgrade older ones.

  28. A big factor in keeping up the price of old Tesla as well. Most owner seems to forget about this when they moan about price reduction messing up their resell value.

  29. Now imagine where it would be if it couldn't be upgraded.

  30. Lets make everyone in society wear a clean room suit with air filtration so even bubble boy can go wherever he wants. EQUALITY!

  31. If you can wait a bit longer, I would. A few more months when the media starts screaming about year over year loss .. there might be another leg down.

  32. The one rule of the housing market is don’t time the housing market.

  33. Sounds like an adage created the Association of Realtors to ensure steady flows of transactions.

  34. Where can we find eggs or even poultry that's not abusive to the poultry itself while it's alive? What do they call it? Free range? Not cooped up in cages their whole lives kicking out eggs until they die? That's a horrific way to survive. Seriously, is there anything to be done about it at all? I get it's probably a dumb question, but why do they need to be so cruel to the birds making them money?


  36. it literally says they’re cage free, which is just a marketing term for “chickens in a coop but no room to actually walk”

  37. The fact that it can be a marketing term is a failure of our system. That said, we can vote with our dollar to incentivize the most ethical option but unfortunately most of us are so accustomed to just grabbing the cheapest choice on eggs. That is our failure as well and the chickens suffer for it.

  38. See how the moment it's not the car's fault, "Tesla" isn't in the headline?

  39. Same reason when Tesla stock drops .. haters can't wait to cheer how Elon lost xxx billions.

  40. Fuck me WSS earns $100,000 per month - that is a lot of fucking Ag.

  41. Is there a break down of where that is from ?

  42. wtf, did that idiot just said let's eliminate the rental market?

  43. I think he didn't fully think through the implications.

  44. But people who own one single family home to rent would be able to offer the service at lower costs, keeping rental prices under control.

  45. So people who owns one home rents out their house .. where do they live ?

  46. Supposed to show integrity in the lottery. Ie., a family member or friend of a lotto official isn't winning every time

  47. Are there anyone actually digging into the family trees of these winners and seeing if they are x degree separated from these officials ?

  48. No, you always get the price you saw when you entered. The price signal is to deter/encourage use for the next marginal driver.

  49. If that is how it actually works, and works without error charging people wrong prices, then this system is actually pretty genius.

  50. You have no clue how many people in your area do or do not return carts. You've just said you wouldn't return the cart, that's all.

  51. Right because when I drive to the store I can't see that carts have been left strewn and I can't see workers walking around collecting them. Nor have I had to walk around the parking lot to find a cart where it should be because none was available due to people being people. Right.

  52. Sounds like your anti-social self found a place with other anti-social people who also believe in self-interest only the way you do. So congrats on finding your people.

  53. If that is your idea of humanity and humans in general, perhaps you've been blessed in your life. There's no point to continue this argument as neither of us will agree as our life experience has taught us differently about the nature of people.

  54. Yep. Elon def can't afford a locksmith. Checkmate.

  55. Why don’t they just evict them already?

  56. duh, what else are they supposed to do with their time? care about their own suburb—god forbid!

  57. You know this is a sub for the ENTIRE bay area right ?

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