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  1. -10,000 Credit score and a warning against offending China. Chinese Taipei was not included in your map, and therefore your map is invalid.

  2. Update! It started off a jump just now. Took it around for a little bit but it wouldn't start after turning it off again. It has to be an issue with the starter or electrical system right?

  3. I went around the block a couple of times maybe 5 minutes. I also think the battery terminals may be too loose since they didn't have bolts on them when I got the bike. I'm going to pick some up from autozone tonight and see if that solves it all. It would make me feel stupid but at least it would be fixed

  4. My girlfriend is a hygienist lead with d cups. I’ll ask when I pick her up from the airport in the morning lol

  5. No need. Every patient in town has felt those big titties.

  6. Help understand what this looks like perhaps through an example theoretical or otherwise.

  7. And why do you feel like you need to have hobbies in common to have a strong relationship if you made it to marriage without that?

  8. This has us feeling lonely and disconnected as we are introverts. I don't feel that we need to have everything in common, just a couple of go to things to enjoy each other.

  9. Ferns are older than flowering plants. They have a more basic reproductive scheme.

  10. I can't say my curiosity wouldn't get the best of me. Best case you find something, worst case you learn something. Win win in my book.

  11. The thing that's Minnesotan bout this is statistically speaking a lot of other places watch their teams loose too.

  12. They don’t turn the gas off in the winter. You might be calling a HVAC company after.

  13. They don't turn it off, but they do have trip valves that can close spuriously. MNER has HVAC techs for this sort of thing.

  14. I've been noticing it more and more lately.

  15. Retail stores avoid the possibility of unsold inventory like the plague

  16. It was very cold out of the water today let alone in it.

  17. -16 standing temp, fortunately there wasn't much wind coming off the lake otherwise it would have been miserable

  18. This is awesome I definitely want to try Superior surfing. Maybe I'll start in the summer time.

  19. Brilliant marketing to rebrand as “Ship Show.” I’d ship my pants if they did.

  20. Where were the VIKINGS? They showed the other teams that didn't matter, not the hall of fame quarter back getting steamrolled in the knees repeatedly.

  21. Different but not entirely unusual do you also like bitter flavors? Coffee, beer? I like these and I enjoy a little burnt flavor.

  22. The two battery taps are connected internally. Think of them like one terminal in two different spots for convenience. Dealers choice on which ones to use. Keep your positives and negatives straight. Keep the unused one covered. Be vigilant for shorts.

  23. This absolutely applies if the cat is friendly, meaning the cat has been well socialized and is used to living in close proximity to people. Strays often are not well socialized and are scared of people. Ask yourself why is this "stray cat" friendly, well fed, and healthy.

  24. Aren't they super rare? And also have very unique properties, like being the strongest material. At least that's what I heard.

  25. Not really. Many stones are much rarer, but cheeper, because they are not part of the artificial monopoly. If you're looking for a bad day look for a second hand market for jewelry. I went on craigslist. Diamonds are worth pennies on the dollar when they aren't being sold through a jewelry store.

  26. maybe because they only deal with it in an emergency, and that costs more? (like overtime pay or something?)

  27. This measure doesn't tell the whole story.

  28. There’s diamonds in the first picture

  29. Either by that's lapis lazuli, or I'm old school and don't know what the textures look like anymore.

  30. This. 30 year electrician who is my Sr. as industrial maintenance and operations often says "I don't and can't know everything" Myself as the Jr. Guy I absolutely don't know everything. I rely on those that know better to seek advice and gain opinions and second hand knowledge. This is the studious and learned approach. The best I can do is learn the best I can and when the time comes pass on my knowledge to others with the patience and kindness that has been shown to me.

  31. Mattress looks like a toco. Cool project.

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