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  1. So because you were diagnosed with BPD, he decided to get drunk to cope? There’s no excuse at all for his behavior and you did not deserve to go through that. I do not think this situation is one where you should stay. If you felt unsafe with him, leave now because what’s the guarantee this won’t happen again?

  2. you are so pretty omg i love your jawline 😭 also i love the makeup look !!!

  3. Not at all, I consider myself pansexual so I don’t mind anything

  4. hello!! yes u are greatly appreciated, im a trans rr guy myself :D

  5. I truly feel that things get worse before they get better. Sometimes you hit rock bottom and realize you can only go up from here. You deserve to be happy. The only time you have is now, so why not try to do things that make you feel good? You have to believe in yourself in order to keep going, even if you have to fake it. If you already say no to yourself, then how can you expect yourself to change? It sounds like you are going through a lot right now, and I am really sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better.


  7. I hope you get help soon. Have a good day :)

  8. This is exactly how I feel right now... also still waiting for love but I'm getting tired LOL

  9. dude I was just thinking about this!!! yes my eyelashes before were already pretty big but once I got on T, they became dramatic but I really like them!! Didn't know this was a thing to LOL

  10. I relate to this a lot. I agree too, I feel like I just cannot be a woman. I have tried and everything has always felt to me as if I was a man playing dress up and it just wasn't for me. I think the part of you that sees a woman and thinks you could have tried harder is the part of you that wants to be in denial of being trans. I know that before fully accepting I was trans, I was hyper feminine. I'd wear pink and skirts to school every week. It wasn't until I looked in the mirror and realized I thought I was ugly that I accepted that I was trans. In my head, I thought that maybe if I finally felt like a pretty girl, then I would no longer want to be a boy. But, it didn't work. Sometimes, I will still get the idea that maybe if I tried hard enough, I could be a pretty girl and happy with my gender. But deep down, I know the idea of it makes me dysphoric. I know I am a guy, but it's the fact that just me alone being a guy causes so much problems that makes me want to think that being a woman would be better. But I know it's not for me.

  11. The world is doomed, time for the third impact

  12. Your 15, that’s why this is happening. Raging hormones combined with girls your age showing far too much skin will result with what you describe. The only way to stop this is by getting older, this will end it just takes time. You can distract yourself however and take up some new hobbies. Good luck

  13. 15 year old girls showing too much skin? dude... you realize you sound like a creep

  14. You should try actually speaking with some of them. If you distance yourself, you keep up the idea that they are just things for you to look at. But they aren't, girls have their own personalities and probably would not enjoy knowing that you are looking at them that way. Also, if you do want a relationship, it'll be hard if you are spending your time sexualizing the person you want to get to know. So approach a girl and ask about her hobbies and get to know her as a person. Hope that helps!

  15. YES!! before I go about my day, I smirk in the mirror on the daily

  16. I remember getting mine at 11 and feeling like my world was ending, I didn't even know I was trans at the time, I just knew it wasn't for me. I hope you feel better man, and pls remember having a period is not something that makes you a woman it's just something you gotta deal with. Take some time for yourself. Also don't be afraid to ask for help with period stuff either, some of it can be tricky I know for me it was a journey.

  17. He isn't even trying to understand why you feel bad. Also he sounds really immature, and saying "value" is weird. You don't have to feel insecure, if anything in this situation, it's as if your boyfriend is encouraging you to feel bad...

  18. hello, Mexican here! I am fairly new to T (fifteen weeks) and tbh I'd say give it some time and don't be so hard on yourself! My roommate who started T two weeks before me has a semi beard coming in meanwhile my other roommate whose been on T for a year has not had any facial hair. Me personally, it's coming out a bit but not that much. Everyone is different and you never know when your changes will kick in. Also, you gotta remember that some changes take years to begin too!

  19. tbh this can go for all genders... pursue ppl y'all !!! do not second guess yourself and it is okay to be rejected !!!

  20. Yep! I definitely agree. I've had conversations with people in line who as soon as they've answered a few questions or talked five minutes, go back to their phones. I also see a lot of people responding to others while talking to people and I just find it interesting I guess.


  22. Search for some place where victims of sexual abuse get offered help, even if you aren't sure you can clearly call it abuse (though in my opinion it definitely is) they might be able to clear it up.

  23. Thank you, I will definitely seek this out.

  24. Hey, how are you doing? I've been thinking about you and I hope everything is alright?

  25. I'm doing better! I've just been caught up with college, but I did seek out some counseling. However, it's a bit of a short-term thing so I am looking into something more in the long run. Thank you again for the advice, honestly just accepting that it happened is a huge step for me and I am very grateful for your advice. I hope you are doing well :)

  26. I relate a lot to your story, and I can say right now that all I want to do is give you a hug. I am so sorry you went through that. I hope you are healing and I hope you know that you did not deserve any of that.

  27. I am a 19 year old guy, in college, and asked my little sibling for a llama plushie... I am now growing my collection and have one long cat plushie, a teddy bear, and a mini squid game guard LOL

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