1. this picture resurfaced an unpleasant memory of stepping on one of those in crocs :'-)

  2. Pokémon and series of unfortunate events!! I also LOVED the Jim Carrey series of unfortunate events movie. I have it memorized and listen to the soundtrack all the time. I wanted to live in uncle Monty’s house

  3. First thing I thought was that the main character in little demon has an eye shaped hair clip in about the same place! Not sure why the two would be connected though

  4. i think i have the same begonia as you! i think it’s begonia lucerna but i’ve been trying to figure it out for a while, what do you call yours?

  5. I actually have no idea what mine is! I bought it at a vintage place and she wasn’t sure either!

  6. You need a begonia Amphioxus! I absolutely adore mine!

  7. Oooh I’ve never seen one of those! Definitely gonna order one!

  8. If you listen to an audiobook, can you perfectly recite what you heard? I’m genuinely curious

  9. if i were interested enough maybe?? its usually things like movies and songs because they keep my attention more. Audiobooks are kind of passive to me so i've never had one stick with me besides one specific part of Mockingjay where the reader sang the hanging tree, and when i saw the movie i was pissed because it wasn't the same. I remember exactly how the reader sang/said the song, her voice etc. but nothing else from the book. It's the same with youtube videos. I'm just not actively mentally invested i think.

  10. That sums up my experience perfectly!! It’s cool to know there are other people experiencing the same thing!

  11. maybe get assessed for autism? i recently was diagnosed and i experience the exact same thing. I was originally told it was eidetic memory as a kid, but in the assessment they said it was more accurately described as photographic audial recall (or something like that) and that there's no real term for it. They said it's likely associated with my autism. Sorry if that doesn't help much!

  12. I'm recently diagnosed Autism/ADHD and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. Illustration has been a special interest my whole life, and I've been able to land a really nice spot at a fun design firm, and while I don't make a TON of money, i make more than enough to live the lifestyle I enjoy with some wiggle room, which is plenty enough for me. And i get to illustrate every day!

  13. no idea why but my first thought was Lonnie??

  14. I always wear one infinity hoop with whatever pendant i like as the dangly part! so like a custom drop hoop! helps me feel very androgynous. Right now i have this cool little antique amber thistle, but sometimes i switch it to an old girlscout pin with a clover design on it, or a catholic medallion that looks like a coin. I feel like it gives similar vibes as vico ortiz if that helps

  15. I was about to ask where you got the space helmet..... then I realized I seriously need to go to bed and stop being so dumb 🙃 🤦‍♀️

  16. Hahah I never thought about it looking like one!! :-) well fortunately it’s not and you can get one from Biltwell for about $200! It’s the gringo model

  17. OP please contact a reptile rescue or animal shelter and DO NOT release this animal into the wild where it isn't native! Sometimes female lizards can reproduce asexually like in Jurassic Park. If it's too cold where you live for it to survive, you're condemning it to a slow death.

  18. Wanted to update, I have a friend who breeds bearded dragons and ball pythons and they are going to keep him!!

  19. getting E name vibes! something like Ezra or Enzo :)

  20. I know this comment is from ages ago but wanted to let you know I chose Ezra as my new name! :’-)

  21. Alright I don’t mean to be rude. But your look like yourself more now than you did then

  22. No I totally get it!! I was so uncomfortable when I tried to be/dress feminine

  23. how did you even look androgynous four years ago…also congrats!!! omg

  24. Lol I always just felt like I was cosplaying as a girl :’-))

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