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Fuck apartheid, free palestine!

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  1. I thought that was their natural state lol

  2. Wtf how is that on YouTube but saying COVID got your channel a strike before

  3. You can promote all kinds of stuff on YouTube, until the overlords say you can’t. Look at how long it took google to do something about elsagate which is still being denied btw.

  4. I was gonna ask what's elsagate but it sounds like I'd be better of not knowing

  5. You’re lucky you don’t know about that. Let’s just say it’s been a huge cover. My comment will probably be deleted, I might even get a Reddit ban over it. It’s that bad. The sub dedicated was closed etc.

  6. What happened to survival instinct?

  7. It's the way msm is phrasing child rape.

  8. He doesn’t do it for those people. He does it for himself only. He’s not helping anyone but his own ego.

  9. If you want a good laugh, look at WaRnInGs about Florida going underwater and how urgent it is to stop the inevitable from happening... It was such an urgent message back then, this was 10-ish years back lol

  10. I was told in the 90s that by 2022 we would all be living like in the movie waterworld.

  11. No jab for me. I might’ve had covid once in all this time. It was a cold. I’ve had worse colds. Know a couple people who have bad health who’ve had it, a mild cold, they’ve had worse. Know people who’ve had the jab, an extra jab and another jab, they be having covid every other month it seems and it’s always more than just a cold. Anecdotal perhaps. But that’s my reality and for a lot of others I’ve spoken to worldwide. So. Nice try MSM.

  12. He's 73 years old, what the fuck does he care how anybody lives when he's gonna be dead in 40 years anyway?

  13. With the way he’s going, 40 is a stretch. Ever taken a good look at his hands?

  14. Barbecue perhaps. It can be dangerous for dogs.

  15. Desexing doesn’t necessarily help with behavioral problems. HD and ED aren’t your only concerns either. With larger dogs chances of them getting cancer increase as well when neutered young. When he’s older and behavioral problems continue and might be hormone related, you could always try chemical castration before going in for the big operation.

  16. It’s the convenience and the ease. Damn it, I love it.

  17. And I’m also pretty sure most religions state that abortion is wrong. Muslims usually just kill the woman.

  18. Not Christianity, which ends up being one of the saner religions. Bible has instructions how to do it and states very intelligently that life begins at first breath.

  19. Cash is a pretty cool name for a Mal.

  20. So, I never really delved deep into the origins of HAES, but it looks like Lindo was never fat?

  21. Lindo just saw an opportunity to make a quick buck. It worked out well.

  22. The B12 one I didn’t know about. Kids are getting these shots, because “parents” insist to put them on this starvation diet. This is awful.

  23. And I might be remembering the wrong misappropriated study, but wasn't it only increasing the chance from like .01% to .02%

  24. Wasn’t it like a study done with rats they stopped early and just drew the conclusion that the rats would more likely get sick?

  25. How does she speak english so clear when shes 10?

  26. Because it’s propaganda and fake.

  27. Having kids is bad unless it’s their favorite vegan YouTuber exploitant their dozen kids for the vegan cause of course.

  28. Yeah, you can go smack a man in the face in front of the world after he insults your wife in front of the world. Men used to kill each other over less! Quit whining.

  29. Will Smith was laughing his ass off until the last moment when he remembered he had to get up and slap his friend for the alopecia joke, for which Pfizer who sponsored the show has a new drug for. All very conveniently. It was staged and it was poorly acted.

  30. Not purebred and you’re a sh*t for putting a prong collar in a puppy. That’s just sick.

  31. Sometimes you can be biased and totally right at the same time. This is one of those times.

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