In Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), Thor is stripped naked against his will and ogled at. It’s ok to laugh because he’s a man and not a woman, which would make it wrong

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  1. Soldier Boy feels redeemable because we haven’t actually seen him do his horrible crimes. The ones we have seen are similar to the Winter Soldier, he’s triggered by that Russian song and explodes.

  2. More like one person through gross negligence (not looking / caring to look where he yeeted that car that he probably yeeted for racist reasons) rather than delieberately deciding "I am now going to kill that old man looking out of the window over there.

  3. If I step on an ant I still killed it, even when I didn't see it was there. Throwing a car in a building doesn't just happen

  4. Amber Heard. She is the definition of evil, tried to ruin a man's life and career just so she could get attention as a victim, when she was the actual abuser.

  5. you're looking at it from 1 side. Even if she won the trial you woukd still 'hate' her.

  6. I agree I like the political commentary. I think those that say “I don’t want to hear about politics” should continue to live life with their head in the sand because with the state of the world were in, politics touches all aspects of our life. Leftovers is getting pretty funny. I do think it would be cool if they touched international politics but I understand they may not want to speak on topics they aren’t as well versed in.

  7. Or just non-americans who don't care how fucked up the US is.

  8. Krook and Archeops do fantastic in this elite four! Was yours Moxie? Also did you pick up U-turn for Archeops?

  9. Krook indeed had moxie, wanted to sweep Caitlin with him but her reuniclus survived with 1 hp and killed him, so I had to improvise.

  10. The watchog was for baton passing a work up to chandelure for a sweep and the gigalith had stealth rocks to break sawk sturdy.

  11. How is that Sad. People like the post so what's the problem. Stop this eliteism.

  12. My levels aren't perfect but definitely not garbage like this. Try to use the critique to make better levels.

  13. Bro said critique 💀 u didn’t tell me what’s wrong with it and you told me it sucks, stfu

  14. I did say the thombs where good, but it's hard to give advice if the rest of the level is pure garbage. If you really want advice: delete the level and start over.

  15. I'd just like more Megas for lower stat Pokémon. Mega Lopunny was great...Mega Garchomp was unnecessary. Unfortunately the full potential was never used and even handed out in an unbalanced way from the start.

  16. Yeah just nerf the OP pokemon mega's or don't bring them back because they ruined the idea of mega evolution

  17. There was the shack outside his window and he noticed the heat pump was dripping water indicating that it was on cooling mode.

  18. Yeah I noticed that so I guess that makes sense, but later he went outside and after he went back in he got mad so idk how that proofed anything.

  19. There’s tons of rape and sexual exploitation of women in movies though

  20. But if this scene was exactly the same but with Jane nobody would be laughing

  21. Tbh maybe they would, it's really not that serious

  22. And no one wanted you to be rude for no reason, and yet here we are. With that peachy attitude, I'll bet no one does you any favors either.

  23. Yeah this dude is actually the asshole, wtf was that comment

  24. Is it only that puzzle or is there more?

  25. I feel like every Kaylee scene ends with her asking her mom or Mike if they can play for 5 more minutes. It's gotta be a writers room inside joke or something at this point lol

  26. Hey! I noticed you used some emojis in your title.

  27. Thank you for saying this. You are a true reddit hero!

  28. 10K coins and zero brawlers with enough powerpoints😎

  29. Yeah I agree and I do like it, just a bit frustrated because season 6 started of with a bang,and season 5 was soooo good.

  30. You’re bad. Considering blocking your dangerous prose.

  31. The characters kept me watching even when the storylines didn't interest me that much anymore, but that stunt they pulled with the cloned Sara was the last straw for me - Arrow got away with it once, I didn't need to see it a second time.

  32. I don't get what's so bad about cloning Sara it litterly doesn't change anything

  33. So then what was the point of it, cheap shock value?

  34. I thought I was looking at sponges for a solid 10 seconds

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