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  1. always crazy to me that some retail spaces can just be lost dureing renovations

  2. Bull, no place that charges 12k for 2 days has a 1 man cleaning crew for the suite's

  3. It's a bit saddening that nobody is looking for Frenchie and Kimiko. I understand that they got a massive fight coming up and they're going thru shits but c'mon. If anyone else was missing, Frenchie would be the first person to go out and look for them. Kimiko wasn't healing and was knocked out, Serge didn't know what to do and nobody gave two shits bout for looking them . It's saddening

  4. feels like they just assume she is healing in the hospital with Frenchie there with her

  5. It’s interesting that Butcher got powers similar to HL and Hughie got teleportation powers after seeing Teddy Stillwell do it. I’ve been curious how Compound V gives different people different powers and how it’s determined what the person will get. Could it be just what the person (usually the kid) thinks would be cool or wants/ envies?

  6. I've wondered if the temp V has a subconscious mental component to it. Butcher wants revenge and doesn't care who gets hurt, so his power manifests as a mirror of homelanders being he is his main target, Hughie wants to be strong and to be able to save the people he cares about, so he has enhanced strength and the ability to teleport people away from danger

  7. what we have seen is the Avengers needed a much better support network post Thanos

  8. still shouldn't touch someone with out there permission, bit it's hilarious that Rudy is acting like he was jumped in a back alley

  9. it's on less then 1% of reanimate's are high functioning and retain there memories and skills of there liveing life

  10. glad for along time every time I made a Nootropics Depot order I added a bottle of Phenibut, have 4 unopened bottles in the cabinet

  11. police dogs are just emotional propaganda, if some one hurts the police dog while there being mauled then they are automatically crucified in the news and courtrooms

  12. useing cheap potatoes to bulk out the order so people don't notice they only got a few bits of chicken

  13. going to assume he spoke up about there Good Ole Boys club one too many times

  14. if spicy stuff tears you up, go see a gastro becuse something is wrong with your gut health

  15. have you taken it before? because it might relax you, it might put you to sleep, you might not feel anything

  16. well first he will need to mix it with some baking soda and water then cook it down

  17. I recently watched a documentary about Three Mile Island and was shocked to learn how close it was to almost becoming a Chernobyl-type scenario. For decades I thought it was a little radioactive gas expelled into the atmosphere, not a potential explosion 😳

  18. the Netflix one? that one was so full of misinformation and straight up fear mongering

  19. I’m a nuclear power geek but that documentary was unwatchable. The version of HBOs Chernobyl.

  20. pretty much, told my dad that someone at Netflix muat have watched Chernoblyl and didn't understand why it was so good

  21. would give the US control of the entrance and exit of the new northwest passage

  22. I don't understand how radioactivity works I guess. I thought it was just a metal that fired out beams of radioactive material in all directions that damage cells and whatnot. This makes it sound like you can "catch" radioactivity like it is a virus or something. Or do I just have it all wrong here?

  23. Radiation can make other non-radiactive metals radioactive, it has been years but remember in "in the event of Nuclear fallout" there was a warming about avoiding exposed gold jewelry

  24. I mean, Avocado is Aztec for testicle, and guacamole is Aztec for semen( roughly). ( sorry if I stole another persons comment)

  25. Guacamole comes from the word "ahuacamolli" that basically translates to Avocado Soup/Sauce

  26. let's crucify this guy over this when it's a clear Is parody of the crazy list some girls put on tinder

  27. someone can feel guilty about an act, and still be in the right

  28. with how the world is going, doesn't seem to the worse choice

  29. personally I take 500mg nightly, only thing I have found that relaxes me enough to be able to get to sleep in a timely manner


  31. poor girl, glad it is at least a rag-doll baby and not a real one where someone took advantage of her

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