1. ive managed to do three 9 hour shifts doing work experience at a vets! day off tomorrow 😊

  2. There's a book series I really enjoy but for some reason I assumed #3 was the latest one (I think that was all the library had 6 months ago?) But my friend told me there's more, and the library has them now! I get 3 more books!

  3. Oh that's so exciting! I'm so happy for you

  4. Thank you so much for making this post! We're sorry you're sick but glad you're here.

  5. The sunglasses from humps optics are pretty affordable for polarised (and stylish) sunnies. Had mine for a few years and they're still as new :)

  6. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  7. Well that was A JOURNEY. please feel free to message me when you finish it, I've gone through the wringer!

  8. Oh boy! I'd love to, thank you! It'll be awesome to have someone to talk to about it 🙂

  9. I'd look into the various forms of EDS. It's very common for them to be comorbid with mecfs.

  10. Hypermobility is different to flexibility, hypermobility is not the only symptom of EDS, and, there are 13 types of EDS that symptoms differ for.

  11. I used dry shampoo for the first time in my life! I've had fragrance sensitivity from MCAS since dry shampoo became a common thing, so I've never before been able to use it. But Redken has a fragrance free version now, and I couldn't be more ecstatic. Here's to saving energy on washing hair!

  12. You can also just use arrowroot starch and add cocoa powder if your hair is dark!

  13. Yes! I've used that before when I needed to, but I always found it to take more effort than I liked, because it's tricky to get the right amount of powder.

  14. no, paolo is a guy I follow on twitter and know from other forums.

  15. I do no-stimulation rest every two hours on normal days - and increase that to every hour or even every half hour on PEM days.

  16. My brain tends to go nuts in loops or thought trains if I don't give it something. Music doesn't work, trying audiobooks at the moment to quiet it

  17. I put a little bit of salt in my water always, on doctor advice. Maybe something like that would help you?

  18. It might be helpful to you to know about the three common subtypes, as taken directly from our FAQ: "Some patients' illness severity remains stable (once they implement pacing), while others find they have a relapsing/remitting cycle (some remit to full health, while others remit to a less severe form of ME/CFS), and a small number continue to gradually decline. "

  19. I'm sorry you're going through this. This title may be triggering for some users, so it has been automatically blocked. Please post again using a less triggering title, and feel free to put what you have said here into the body of the post.

  20. Just an FYI - we haven't verified this study, as we do for official study recruitment :)

  21. I finally got around to decorating my wheelchair! I'm very excited for it to be finished :)

  22. How awesome! I would love to see a photo if you feel comfortable sharing (but no pressure)

  23. I started doing a mandatory nap every morning and it’s really working out for me! Sometimes I only manage 30 min, other days 2 hours, but I wake up feeling sorta okish and have been able to contribute more to cooking and cleaning.

  24. That's fantastic! I don't nap, but I find scheduled rest time super helpful too.

  25. I encourage anything that may help. I never really liked "meditation and relaxation" genes, but I do really love ambient electronic music. Boards of Canada is my favorite "IDM" artist. So pretty.

  26. I've realised that for some reason listening through earplugs is more tolerable for me. At the moment I'm just using disposable foam earplugs, and then I turn up the music loud enough that I can hear it fine through them.

  27. Yeah! My baseline worsened after my 2nd covid vax. Thank you for posting this.

  28. That's exactly wavt happened to me. Fatigue got worse after second shot.

  29. I'm so sorry it happened to you too.

  30. My sunflower seeds are sprouting! They are pollen-free so they won't be an issue for my MCAS 😄🌻

  31. I hope your sprouts will grow into the most beautiful sunflowers that will make you smile and feel happy every day! 🌻

  32. Oh! I have another one! So I was a singer before Covid /MECFS and I can’t really exercise (obvi). But I try to sing with tracks when I’m up to it or on a really good day play the piano and sing. And today I was able to play and sing a demi lovato song I have been aching to get my hands and voice on. Singing is thr only place I feel completely totally at peace. It’s who I am. It is lovely when I get moments back of that.

  33. I love singing too! It definitely feels good to be able to use those muscles again when you can.

  34. My win was finding this group on Tuesday and finally having the past 6 years of health issues explained in exact detail. My mind has been blown. Although I feel some sadness, I mostly feel so relieved to finally have a name for what I have and a pacing program to help me start addressing it (amazing resources on here thank you). Most of all I feel a massive amount of pressure, guilt and depression starting to lift from me, I am not a shit human who keeps getting sick for no reason, who can't seem to hustle like she's meant to anymore. I am already easier on myself and although fatigued every morning, since Tuesday my mind has been happier. Thank you for sharing your stories on here, they have cheered me up to know that I am not alone or crazy xx

  35. Aww, I'm so pleased you find this place helpful! I'm sorry you're in this situation, but welcome.

  36. Ooh! I have a beloved blush in a stubborn chunky plastic compact that I haven’t been able to budge.

  37. Removed. Please see rule 6 of this subreddit.

  38. I had a big, big, unexpected crash starting last Thursday (still in it) and I cancelled everything for a few weeks. This is exciting because usually I try to jump back into things too quickly. This time I'm gonna stay on bedrest until I'm completely better. Go me!

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