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  1. Reglan can cause extrapyramidal effects and anxiety. There’s research linked to Benadryl decreasing these side effects.

  2. Al, Shay, Otis, Trudy, Dr. Charles, Hank, April, Mouch, Atwater, Ruzek

  3. look up foods high in purines, not protein

  4. I'm so confused how to watch in the US. Originally I thought it was on Peacock? But this says Fox. I can't figure out what streaming app will work. Happy to pay, but confused

  5. I got an email from youtube saying the wc would be on their subscription service

  6. interested in 2x or 3x, please lmk if you still have anything<3

  7. I am comfort care only for: head injury, spinal injury above the diaphragm, dementia, any case where treatment is futile. I will not spend any of my life in a nursing home or dependent on others for my basic ADL’s. DNR doesn’t mean do not treat. It just means that when I actually die, you do not stop me and try to bring me back. I am not down for a trach, peg, and rectal tube. The number of times I have seen someone walk out totally functional after coding is minuscule next to the amount I have torture as they rotted away with absolutely no hope of meaningful recovery. I do not count for myself it being a success to live if I am no longer in control of my mind and body. If I am stuck in a bed dependent on someone else to turn me or wipe my ass or swab my mouth as I develop diaper rash and pressure ulcers and cannot have a meaningful dialogue, I am not me. I will not die like that. I want a dignified death. I want comfort and peace. I am comfortable with death. I know where I am going. I have made peace with my maker. I will not put my family through the agony of caring for me. They all know my will and wishes. We torture people, we “do everything”, but death is a part of life. We are all going to get there. It is inevitable. I have nightmares of the people I have tortured “doing everything” as their skin sloughs off as I turn them, of the stench of necrotizing bowel from that patient maxed on pressers, of the young girl who hung herself seizing on the vent and biting off her tongue. The odds are higher to have a negative outcome with a code than a positive outcome. I am not a gambler. And the ones who do “survive” often end up either total care in a SNF, or having debilitating effects that they die of anyway. Lack of oxygen to the brain changes people. Anoxic brain injuries are awful. Families always struggle when the loved one who was coded has become a stranger to them. I will not do that, I will not become that. A little morphine, a little Ativan, and a nice big celebration is in my future.

  8. I agree 100%, but I'd like some versed in my cocktail

  9. Here's a fun little fact, nursing care is lumped into the charge for your linens and hospital food.

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