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Kiley has a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, resulting in development delays. Her sister said it’s hard for Kiley to make friends - which is why it was all the more special that 2 friends she met at camp last year drove 3 hours to surprise her on her 15th birthday.

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  1. Moved to Orlando six years ago! My first hurricane was Irma. My solid advice is to NOT take a shot to the “power not going out.” The minute we did so, the power went out LOL

  2. OH MY GOD. I dated a dude named Walker and I can honestly say EVERYWHERE he introduced himself someone would be like “TEXAS RANGER????????!”

  3. Because I dropped out of college after I was raped.

  4. All is not lost. Send me a PM. Let’s start a GoFund. I personally pledge $100 towards your dog and also because I know you love them very much.

  5. My cat got a terrible urinalysis blockage RIGHT after lockdown after I had been unemployed for months and really hurting on bills. Made a GoFundMe and it covered like 3,000 of the cost 💙 (ended up being 5,000). Care Credit was awesome too. Anyway down to pledge!

  6. Lmao I’ve been in a real estate sales associate class for literally like 2 weeks and can absolutely tell you not to close on a house without an inspection. There could be a reason you are getting a good deal and the sellers just “want to sell quickly”. Be careful.

  7. Would love an update after all the changes!

  8. I’ve never actually been but there’s one right by my house LOL

  9. Also, try Izziban. You wont regret it. You pay the $30, you ask for the meat and they bring it to you raw and seasoned. Then you just cook it on the table right in front of you. Its absolutely delicious, and they have great Asian beer too. The sushi is also great.

  10. I love Izziban so much. Their happy hour is amazing.

  11. This is up there for me with anyone who makes being a wine mom or an IPA lover their personality.

  12. I would take a stoner over the bearded dude who loves IPAs any day LMAO

  13. I’ve always told people that if I win an insane lottery, I would create a cat sanctuary. I would do free spays and neuters for strays, low cost vet care, adoption events, and just make a real home for the little babes without a home. So I guess if money wasn’t an issue I would just spend all my time with cats lol

  14. Omg lol. I had some…. Sexually liberal days in my 20s and I definitely had some interesting experiences lol. Just off the top of my head:

  15. We got to this old post by sitting on the shitter after a long painful morning of sore muscles aching bones and dizziness, landed a huge crap and felt better and it's good to know I was right! Shitting the toxins out 101

  16. I literally am right here with you 🤣🤣

  17. I feel like Yuki is going to be the most beautiful floofy cat 😻

  18. Omg y’all, thank you so much for all the love for Loki! It really warmed my heart today lol. I’m so lucky to have this little dude in my life, and it’s been wild watching him grow for the past year and a half. One of my good friends took in two sweet stray pregnant kitties and they gave birth on the same day to 8 kittens and that’s how we got this little guy. All the kittens are adopted and happy, and my friend got the mamas spayed and they have forever homes as well 💙. Here are a few pictures of Loki’s glow up:

  19. This makes my heart so happy. That little meow 😭😭😻

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