1. Nothing will ever be as awkward as the Andi and Josh interview at Chris Soules’ season premiere, which was DAYS before their breakup was announced. In her book, she said they basically broke up when they got off the plane at home. The interview is like this but dialed up to 11.

  2. Yes I remember this!! I remember Andi rubbing Josh’s back (or stomach?) very awkwardly (i think it was andi - I just remember one of them was rubbing the other the whole time and it looked so tense and unnatural)

  3. Yes! Andi was rubbing Josh’s back and they were dodging wedding date questions. I couldn’t find the video, but I did find old Reddit threads on this sub where people were talking about the back rubbing lol.

  4. If you’re reading too much of the same genre, I would recommend switching it up. In my opinion, the best books for a book slump are thrillers or a celebrity memoir. I’ve also had luck looking for books that are bestsellers, or a book-club pick. If a full-length book isn’t sitting with you, you can always go for a short story collection or a novella. If you are really stuck, you can always re-visit an old favorite book that you know you’ll like. I also find that watching booktubers or following bookstagram accounts help encourage me to read.

  5. Tbh I am only super invested in their videos if they’re going on a vacation, because those vlogs are well made. Tbh I think that the “movies” that they make (a super cut of their vacation vlogs) are a great idea that I think other YouTubers who make similar content should utilize. I don’t watch them regularly, but check in on them from time to time. Overall, they seem like they are one of the more unproblematic YT families.

  6. You are the first person I have seen who thinks that the "movies" are a good idea. I'm not trying to be snarky towards you, but I am curious why? It just seems like a rehash of stuff they've already shown (like their vlogs are these days because Mindy spends her whole day with her face in her phone going "HI, guys! and yammering on about her day). I can't deal with them, so I admit to bias. I actually used to like them, but now it's all about showing off their expensive stuff and trips.

  7. They’re easier to watch the full experience if you are not watching day-to-day. As someone who likes watching vacation vlogs, if they are not in a playlist/movie format, it can be harder to watch the videos in order. What I WILL say about TIHWB, they are really good about organizing their content on their page. It is very easy to find their playlists/movie videos.

  8. Comes complete with a bed set where her name is haphazardly taped over the name of the older sister she got the bed as a hand-me-down from.

  9. Imo, season 3 succeeded where season 2 faltered. I think season 2 played it waaaaaay too safe in trying to recreate the lightning in a bottle that was season 1. The only risk they took was introducing 8 and her posse, which was a MAJOR fail. Season 2 also has the fatal flaw of keeping the kids separated from one another into like 4 different groups. The child actor interactions were a major thing that audiences enjoyed about season 1 and season 2 just completely misses the mark in regards to that. Season 3 felt fresh and fun. I liked the summer blockbuster feel. It juggles plot points pretty well, and I like the groupings in this season much more than season 2. While zany, the Russian plot works if the audience will buy in to the crazy adventure that Steve, Robin, and Dustin go on. It made the mind flayer imo a MUCH MORE interesting and threatening villain with a more memorable monster. Season 4 also works for these same reasons, they are introducing new lore and monsters (although I definitely think the Russian plot has worn out its welcome and towards the end of Volume 1 they’re having “splitting up the kids” issues again, specifically in the Cali storyline). I think Stranger Things is best when it tries out new stuff instead of trying to just recapture their former glory, because the latter just feels stale.

  10. Kind of sidestepping here, but really consider the size of the book when buying a certain format. I just read my mom’s old hardback copy of “It” and it was physically uncomfortable to read… like, I had to use a throw pillow to comfortably sit it on my lap. Needless to say, I am glad I snatched up “The Stand” on Kindle when it was on sale…

  11. I love Morocco, I think it's one of the most immersive being that it was actually designed by mostly Moroccan craftsmen, including the king's personal craftsmen and artisans. I think it's the only pavilion that's actually sponsored by the country's government. I can't wait for all of the stores to be open again now that the International Program is restarting.

  12. Also the Tower of Terror is an honorary backdrop building in that pavilion! They painted the tower the same color so it would blend into the pavilion for guests who could see it all the way from Epcot!

  13. Pet Sematary is PHENOMENAL. Still my favorite of his I’ve read. Can’t go wrong with either, though!

  14. All three boys said they wanted to share a bedroom. There are worse things other than letting three kids share a bedroom 😂

  15. I think it’s the SIZE of the room that people are noting. A small bedroom that size could comfortably fit two small kids, and a few years down the line ONE teenager. Three boys on a triple-bunk bed is already proving to not be working out, and the problem will only become more pronounced when the boys get bigger. I cannot see a scenario where they stay in that house and don’t repurpose the guest room to an additional permanent boy’s bedroom.

  16. Ya their old house with the brown trim had a much better Floorplan and layout. It wasn't perfect but it at least was a regular house that made Jess somewhat relatable, bc hundreds of thousands of other people live in similar style houses throughout the country, so it's a normal house.

  17. Not trying to hate on her new house because it IS nice, but I think the layout is kind of weird. I think a lot of living space downstairs is wasted in the study room and the actual living room is kind of small. The kitchen is nice, but the dining area seems kind of shoehorned in. The upstairs area has a landing that is treated as a playroom which is nice. Honestly it surprised me that the bedrooms were as small as they were, I thought that that was one of the big problems in the old house and I’m surprised they didn’t put more long-term thought in. That small bedroom is not going to cut it when those three boys are teenagers. Honestly I see that guest room eventually being utilized as second bedroom for the three boys that live there full-time.

  18. Man, wouldn't it be awesome if parents were mandatory reporters and there were extra crimes for failing to report crimes within their homes? Like if you abuse your kid, you get extra time for failing to report it. What if everyone was a mandatory reporter? I would be fine with that.

  19. In some states, ALL ADULTS are mandated reporters. There are some professions where you have to disclose your name, but all adults are expected to report.

  20. Wait Oh my god. That's the coolest fact I've ever learned. I was a mandatory reporter for a period of time and it's really not that hard. Like it should definitely be required of clergy. The only reason it isn't is literally just pedophiles running churches and our states.

  21. Yup! Some states, like mine have an anonymous tips message center on the DCF website, or you can call it in. Professions that are obligated to provide their names when reporting have to go the traditional route and speak with a DCF worker on the phone.

  22. Anxious People by Frederick Backman. I just found his writing style so grating, and I wasn't invested enough in the story for me to put up with it.

  23. I didn’t mesh with this book either. I can SEE how other people would love it, and the ending was pretty good, but I did not really enjoy it.

  24. Yikes, I think you were misled on this book! As just a disclaimer, all of Khaled Hosseini books deal with sibling-like bonds. Kite Runner is about brotherhood, Splendid Suns is about sisterhood, Mountains Echoed is somewhere in the middle.

  25. He’s a middle school teacher and the main party is in high school now so that’s probably why 😭

  26. It’s not unusual for a middle school teacher to be transferred to a high school position! Honestly with how close the two campuses are I wouldn’t be surprised if the middle and high school shared a few facilities/teachers. Or he could have just pulled a Mr. Feeny and followed the gang through high school, lol.

  27. Part of it is proximity. Robin mainly hung out with Steve and Dustin in season 3. In that group, she is going to be the more level-headed, street-smart, and sarcastic one. In season 4, she is surrounded by other characters who are a bit less zany (Max, Nancy, sometimes Lucas, etc.), so she comes off as a bit more goofy. Overall I still like her character a lot!

  28. Chrissy was an angel and I was heartbroken to watch her die

  29. Yes! I was so sad. I was like “We were introduced to two popular girls episode 1. One was nice and one was…not. AND THE NICE ONE DIED!” 🙃😔

  30. I actually kind of like what they are doing with this character. I think this is the first time that Stranger Things has really tried to critique something from the eighties (Satanic Panic), instead of banking in on nostalgia alone.

  31. I see why people are saying this, but idk if I agree fully. I think the Hawkins/Vecna storyline is some of the best Stranger Things we have seen ever, or at the very least in a LONG time. However, I would say as a whole, the season is a tad clunky. I was really into the California storyline in the early episodes, but my interest kind of faded away as the episodes went by. And DO NOT get me started on the Russia storyline, GOOD LORD it does absolutely nothing for me. I think technically speaking, Season 1 is probably the strongest. I remember having a lot of fun watching season 3, and thought it did a decent job at juggling plots. Season 4 has extreme high points (arguably the best villain we have seen on the show, the most compelling mystery since season 1, wonderful character interactions, etc), but as a whole it feels a little disjointed. I still LOVE season 4 though!

  32. No, but I was waiting for Eleven to have a Carrie moment when she was being bullied by her classmates in California. Her powers were not working, though, lol.

  33. Surprised nobody has said Duma Key yet… because a lot of the story hinges on the paintings.

  34. He’s very misogynistic. Nothing about how a parent talks (using fill-ins such as “like”)/dresses/etc. is relevant in their criticisms. I would watch Tiffany Ferguson’s internet analysis videos on family vlogging for a better perspective.

  35. Yeahhhh her best friend from her season was Jillian… YIKES

  36. The Jillian who reps the racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse? 🤮

  37. I absolutely love that Kenan has been doing TV sketch comedy since he was a kid and seems perfectly content continuing to do it.

  38. High School US History teachers are dusting off their classroom copies of Forrest Gump as we speak…

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