1. Main toh raste se jaa raha tha.... Teri Nani mari toh main kya karu...

  2. isn't this is dig on hritik? he was the only muscular debutant when sarabhai released. his dad was probably in juries as well

  3. Sb vs sb is a masterpiece. Especially when it comes to Rosesh poems. I also loved the episodes with Kachha Kela. What a laugh riot.

  4. lol. this sub sometimes so funny. Yeah it got bad reception from internet audience. according to whom tumbbad is greatest bolly film ever. but it didn't cross 20cr at box office. Medicore films like bb2 doing 190cr buisness at BO.

  5. My mind automatically reads BO as body odor and not Box Office. So your comment was especially funny.

  6. I thought Excuse Me and Style are the same movies as a kid

  7. Arrey yaar i even thought Umrao Jaan and Guru are the same movies because of Ash and AB junior😂

  8. LOL, I haven't seen Umrao Jaan so idk if the feel of the movies is the same? But glad I'm not alone in doing this.

  9. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  10. You can use some asafoetida (also called Hing or Heeng) - you can find it in any indian grocery store. It is used in Indian cooking with beans and lentils, & most curries. It will reduce the gassy-ness. Also, don't cook your beans in the same water you soaked them. For canned ones, remove from water and rinse.

  11. Feeling accepted and seen by those they care for the most.

  12. I live alone so I make less than half cup rice. Sometimes rice cooker is not what I want to use - cleaning and all that.

  13. Add a tomato cut in chunks, pulp removed. Acidity helps with clarification process, at least in my experience.

  14. It's just that we didn't choose it

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