1. I think it’s super tacky of them to include the stickers in the sale and not the boxes as a freebie. And I’m not saying that had to include them if the cost was too high, but if they couldn’t afford it for the box, I think it’s pretty tacky to put it in the sale. It’s a missed opportunity because it would have been so cute in the box! They don’t gain much by having it in the sale and even risk off putting folks

  2. But it doesn’t show that any of the items I want are sold out. I’ve never had this happen at customization before

  3. I've seen it happen every season. Essentially what it means is, FFF caps how many 'extras' can be purchased in each category. Even if your specific items are available, if the amount of total 'extra' spots in that category has been filled, you won't be able to add anything until enough items are dropped. It doesn't have to be the exact item you want, just any item that was added on additionally.

  4. I got an email but it specified I had to respond to the email to get it and it made it sound like I had to sign up for a specific refill too??

  5. I'm likely using them for serving, but the back up plan is for an orchid planter if all else fails lol

  6. Does it not tangle one's hair? I imagine one uses it in circular motion. Would it not create knots?

  7. I personally don't use it in a circular motion, but rather, back and forth in a linear fashion. I don't get tangles doing it that way and I have fine hair that tangles easily.

  8. What you’re talking about is called ‘ruminating.’ I don’t have any advice offhand or easy links, but if you google ‘how to stop ruminating,’ you’ll find several articles from psychologists. Good luck friend!

  9. I’ve read on the forum in the last year, someone in staff confirming they don’t hold seasonal stock any longer. They may still get another shipment or something, but I don’t think they hold it.

  10. I reactivated into an annual lately using the code ‘shine,’ for $30, my first box is spring

  11. If I sign up for a seasonal box, do I get to pick and how many categories? It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a box.

  12. I just checked mine and it expires April as well. Thanks for the heads up!

  13. Current one is GOBIG for reactivating into an annual and getting $30 off. I don’t know if there’s any seasonal discounts active right now, sorry!

  14. Thank you! I would probably go annual if I resubscribed. But I’m so overloaded on beauty and hair right now. Do they usually offer money off an annual subscription? Or is it usually a bundle?

  15. I’ve seen bundles most often, but I think around Mother’s Day the last two years they offer a free box with an annual subscribe - if I remember correctly, though, it’s either uncustomizable or at the end of the season with leftover stock. Most of their subscribing incentives are a way to clear old stock tbh. Sometimes it’s a good deal! Sometimes, it’s junk

  16. I read somewhere that sleeping only on your back is linked to Alzheimer’s

  17. Sleeping on our side allows for the best glymphatic waste drainage from the brain, so maybe that’s the link. Before humans has pillows, they slept on their sides, and slept on their arms. It makes sense that would be the position we’ve evolved to handle best.

  18. Dude as customer who is non-binary, agender specifically, I'm actually super excited. I enjoy fabfitfun but it's certainly one of the most high key femme things I consume. I'm excited for some masc options! Even if it's in another box.

  19. Do they happen to have any Amika or Briogeo products? That’s what I was hoping for this sale. Im dying for a guest pass so Im desperate to know lol!

  20. no Amika or Briogeo right now, although they sometimes add stuff the last day or so

  21. It’s for peoples Reddit anniversary, it’s anniversary cake instead of birthday cake 🍰

  22. I wanted that mac gwp almost entirely because it looks fun to run your fingers across lol

  23. What a good score! That's so many freebies and points for a one item purchase, well done!

  24. I made it in! I had a $10 0ff $50 coupon including prestige expiring today, that wouldn't work with any of the black friday sale items, but it did work with a Nars set that had a Nars GWP, as well as the Ariana fragrance GWP and the Ulta beauty bag, so well worth it for me! I waited for about an hour before it let me in, but my order went through and the multiplied points properly applied.

  25. It took me about an hour, but when I made it in, my order was successfully processed and the multiplier points properly applied! I know some people were having issues with orders going through.


  27. That’s the retail value for what a set of 6 mugs would be. I wonder if they had previously considered that? They did a set of 4 a season or two ago. I imagine they could have planned a set of 6 and switched to a set of 2, and sometime didn’t update the prices or got mixed up.

  28. I’m not actually! I was a lil sad to get the same two sets because I’m relatively new to beauty, so I’m kind of like a kid in a candy store wanting to try alllllll the things right now, but I was excited about the line up I got! I’ve been wanting to try Briogeo to see if they hype lives up, so I’m looking forward to that.

  29. Thank you for that last paragraph :) you made me happy chuckle. I’m just being dramatic in my OC.

  30. yeah, absolutely was not disappointed in the line up, just would have loved a different second set, even if it had been less popular items. I’ve really only started getting into beauty products in the last year after always wanting to but being intimidated, and I’m just really enjoying trying new things and trying to see what works for me 💛

  31. Your smile is absolutely gorgeous and very naturally joyful looking. I genuinely smiled when I hit your fifth pic, that’s how contagious it is.

  32. What she is saying is that her activity level previously allowed her to eat as she is used to, and it suddenly changed. You know what usually doesn’t suddenly change? Your eating habits. Nutritional studies repeatedly show that small, sustainable, gradual changes are best for lasting results, and that restrictive dieting almost always leads to weight being gained back. I’m sure she knows she has to change her eating for her activity level; that kind of change takes time. An internet stranger screaming at her to change aggressively and unsustainably isn’t going to contribute anything.

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