1. omg you should sell them!!! i would totally buy one for mine!

  2. i like to stick to using a low voltage (2.2V) because i find that it doesn’t burn my carts as fast!!!

  3. If you have a car, go out rip that bitch walk back in. Smell will be out by morning

  4. bahahahah this is my favorite reply i’ve gotten. and yes i do have a car so i will be using this 😼

  5. They will here every part from you torching your banger, to you coughing your lungs out after the dab. There is a smell too

  6. i agree, i live in NC and we don’t even have medical here. it’s all illegal. i hate this hick ass state and i hate having to go on a fucking QUEST just to find someone reliable that sells decent weed.

  7. I've had depression and PTSD for 11 years. I started smoking weed senior year, I believe 2 years ago, and it has really saved my life. From being very suicidal to being able to relax my mind when the thoughts get too loud is a beautiful thing.

  8. ive had crippling anxiety my entire life, and last summer it got so bad that i was having suicidal feelings. i started smoking weed earlier this year as kind of a last ditch effort (i’m a college freshman) and it really saved me. i wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the kush😤

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