1. devastating news for wlw who still really felt like they were in for a chance

  2. she said on ig that she uploaded it late but it should be on apple music soon!

  3. Japan’s film industry is having a MeToo moment right now and I’m not entirely caught up but American-Japanese (I don’t know her nationality? Bc usually Japan doesn’t allow dual Nationalities but also she’s of Zainichi Korean descent so her mother and her might be permanent residents not citizens? Her Wiki is vague about it) model and actress Kiko Mizuhara has talked about being sexually harassed and cried on her recent ig live. It’s not the first time she’s talked about sexual harassment in modeling or acting but it makes me very sad

  4. i feel so stupid for being so surprised about sion sono ): i rly thought he respected women bc how could someone who doesnt make a film like antiporno? or even love exposure??? like his films have such powerful female characters

  5. i want to believe her but i cant help remembering that sky dropped downhill lullaby and then dipped for another three years so ummm

  6. uj/ this sounds like the polish pop divas my parents listen to

  7. This tweet from Mike Will Made-It

  8. It was my most played song this year before the album even came out and it stayed at #1 the whole year. I dont care what anyone says, listening to Solar Power (song) on the beach or on a hot day in the middle of summer is blissful asf and makes you really get into the song. Cant wait for next summer to play through the whole album

  9. Idk if you agree but I dont get why people say it takes too long to build to the climax, I think the pacing is perfect. There are other lyrics/melodies and background sounds to keep it interesting throughout the whole thing and then it makes the pay off of “blink 3 times when you feel it kicking in” even better

  10. tbh ive avoided reading a lot of the criticism of solar power bc i think its the kind of album that u only really understand when its right for u, so i understand that many people dont have patience for it or dont really find it engaging, bc its not really an album for them in a way, but for me it was exactly what i wanted/needed to hear when it was released :)

  11. this is just another day for apple music users (me)

  12. every year i hope apple music will make replay comparable to wrapped & every year i am disappointed )':

  13. these threads always expose how many popheads are prudes and im shocked honestly

  14. Camila Cabello trying to make “nicotine” rhyme with “heroin” on “Never Be The Same”

  15. She wrote a note on my birthday saying she wants a lover to grow old beside is this a sign y/n

  16. Simply based on what I played the most this year.. it‘s Sour. There has not been a day when this girl hasn‘t been on my mind, god I sound so basic

  17. nooo but its so special when u find an artist that makes u feel like that tbh

  18. it seems that im in the minority with this but i really like all of billies new songs so much more than anything on her last album. i feel like this more stripped back style suits her so well & her voice sounds so beautiful. ive been listening to all the new songs on repeat and i love them all sm, im so excited to hear what the rest of the album is like(:

  19. Pretty sure Lorde swims in a lady pond but okay 🙄

  20. I know some people will be upset about this i dont fucking care. I'm not getting anything out of hording the music and i wont lose anything giving it to the people who love SOPHIE. Im not including ooepui, the remix album, product, or any recent released remixes since those are on streaming.

  21. she has written some letters saying that she is exercising a lot and has made some good friends. she keeps a really positive attitude but i think its much harder than her letters show, bc she was very sick when she was first detained, because of her dust allergy & the dirty sheets and mattress she was given, and i remember tsikhanouskaya mentioning at one point that kalesnikava had all of her books confiscated ):

  22. yesss that is her best song about what it was like growing up in new zealand :/

  23. Yeah it’s sad but I think Sophie might just be too into him and she has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen and I think it might easy to take advantage of it. Rebecca was always the business oriented one so I’m not surprised that she’s mad at him trying to destroy both of their business chances. It’s sad.

  24. sophie really does have the biggest heart, i really wish the best for her ):

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