1. I like "Airline". Short, catchy, tells you what the game is about- not as likely to get the name confused with other games in the genre.

  2. Yep. Backlash doesn't need much explanation but the Rumble and Mania are the biggest casual shows of the year.

  3. I've pretty much exclusively watched the Rumble the last few years.

  4. This is not the handwriting of a 12-year-old.

  5. Because they're both people she knows well, who are known football fans and would give her a direct answer, and an answer to any follow up questions, rather than trawling through a Google search of "who are X's biggest rivals", which will result in finding the discussion and debate of people she's never met, and no clear-cut answer.

  6. Does anyone know how the zoo handles cases like this? Where they crack the glass?

  7. Just leave it, it'll probably be fine. What's the worst that could happen?

  8. I'm Gary Coleman From TV's Diff'rent Strokes I made a lotta money That got stolen By my folks! Now I'm broke and I'm the butt Of everyone's jokes, But I'm here - The Superintendent! On Avenue Q -

  9. I will never not upvote Avenue Q quotes.

  10. I used it to assist with writing a tribute to a long-serving colleague who was leaving. Got it to ask me questions about them, and produce a couple of succinct, organised paragraphs in an affectionate tone. Granted that was a one-off use, but it really did help with structure and filtering content.

  11. Did you just put Miz and Nat in the same category

  12. Yeah, someone needs to give their head a wobble.

  13. I have come to despise people who start posts or tweets with "friendly reminder." It's always high handed and patronizing

  14. Friendly reminder: in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table.

  15. This feels like an augmented reality app waiting to make someone rich.

  16. 101 carrying Arriva on its back tbh

  17. Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  18. What was Wenger thinking, bringing Walcott on that early?

  19. No one said it’s an old map either

  20. Did anyone say it was a map at all?

  21. Bet you wish you took that proficiency in Settlers of Catan now don't you?

  22. It was a toss up between that and Carcassonne. I chose poorly.

  23. I mean- there aren't many recent ones, which suggests the answer is no.

  24. I would kill for a new Chart Wars. That game ruled.

  25. It did, although the last I knew of the developer, he was at SI making Football Manager.

  26. How embarrassing! Had I taken more than a couple of minutes of research, I would have found there's a section of

  27. I mean, if nothing else, I've saved this post 😃

  28. On the other hand, I do like it.

  29. I went out clubbing almost non stop, every saturday night and sometimes fridays, from about the age of 17 to about 25-26. During that time I think I pulled twice. Maybe there's a third I'm not remembering. I think it helps if you are more handsome.

  30. I think you're underplaying that last line- someone further up said it's about not being creepy when you're getting glances- going over and having a chat, rather than putting your arm around their waist.

  31. Definitely wasnt the case at uni. Would go out in big groups and it was the girls who were sex pesting.

  32. No, this is accurate to my own experience. Lived with two girls at Uni, and they'd definitely plan whether they were bringing anyone back or not before leaving, during the pre-drinks at the flat. Real eye opener for me who'd been going out on the pull with my lad mates (usually very unsuccessfully) for years.

  33. Well they did abbreviate themselves as BBW for a while until, what I presume, some younger employee pointed out what BBW was commonly referred to.

  34. I moved out in this situation. This is one where habits aren't gonna change.


  36. I know the second sentence was in jest, but this campaign really boils my barnacles. It's the same campaign that talks about domestic violence against women.

  37. Yeah, I agree. The "Enough" sentiment behind the campaign is great, and encouraging people to not just be passive bystanders when they see something happening is a worthwhile piece of messaging.

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