Johnny Gaudreau will be signing with the Columbus Blue Jackets

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  1. Could someone bring me up to speed on why folks think this is Kerry Washington?

  2. Personally I think it’s her because she’s the only actress I can think of that’s married to an NFL player that isn’t like… D list. I wouldn’t normally call her A list tbh but I could see how someone else might consider her to be. Plus there’s been rumors about her and her husband for a long time.

  3. Can you point to any exact rumours, because I’ve always heard things but it’s never been clear cut as to what’s actually happening between them (her & her husband / her & Tony Goldwyn)

  4. I should’ve probably clarified - I think this blind is meant to be about Kerry Washington, but I’m not convinced it’s true.

  5. From the post it just seems like the original teacher did her best to prevent the smell. The teacher simply explained to her that she needed to keep her shoes on which for hygiene reasons alone there is nothing wrong with and then called out her name when she had her shoe off or up (her name, OP doesn't say that anything else was said). I really don't understand how OP isn't the AH here ? Can someone explain ?

  6. There’s nothing wrong with telling the kid to keep her shoes on, but saying to her that she smells bad and is making the class stink is not a kind or sensitive way to talk to a child. If she had said something like “It’s my classroom rule that we keep shoes on” or “It’s impolite to take off your shoes in school”, and then followed up with an email to the parents that would be fine IMO. But telling a kid that is probably already struggling with their body changing that they stink is just going to make them feel ashamed of their body.

  7. Especially with flats! A lot of times people don’t wear socks with them, but since they’re closed toe the stink just builds :( sounds like it was impacting the entire class, talking to her alone is a pretty tame way to handle it

  8. I don’t disagree necessarily but the right/tame way to talk to a child about that would be to say something like “It’s our classroom rule that we all keep our shoes on during class.”, and then following up with a parent. Not telling them that they smell bad and are making the whole class stink. It’s not difficult to frame things in a kind way. Kids that age are already struggling enough with the ways their bodies are changing.

  9. The “Spooky Night” one was my favorite ever! I spent countless hours with it. Wish I still had these, wonder if any are still at my parents’ house…

  10. They’re both beautiful, but that’s a 14 year age gap. AG is about to turn 39. I think he’s probably ready to settle down, and he seems to typically date women that are closer in age to him than Sydney.

  11. Andrew Garfield and Dianna Agron? There were some photos of them recently looking cosy at an event.

  12. Oooh that’s a good guess and I would be here for that, I like them both and they’d look great together!

  13. The script was posted on reddit awhile ago when filming was about to start and I wasn’t impressed, so this doesn’t surprise me too much. The concept itself was one I would usually be really into (don’t want to give anything away), but I didn’t really like the execution or the dialogue. I did hear that they made some changes to it before they filmed, but not sure how much.

  14. This is the one. Ellie’s one of my favorite characters but she’s insufferable that whole time.

  15. I’ve seen similar if not exact versions of this shirt on ebay many times. (I have an alert set for any vintage Beach Boys shirts that are listed.) A lot of sellers will ship overseas if they’re not already UK based. So I’d suggest doing that if it’s something you really want, although it may take some time to find the correct shirt and size. I’ve been able to find most of the ones I’ve wanted this way with some patience. As a warning they can sometimes be pricy as well.

  16. That’s a magical name for a teacher. I knew a Mrs. Perfect and thought that was great.

  17. My first grade teacher’s name was Ms. Lerner (pronounced just like learner)! I thought it was so funny. She was a great teacher.

  18. Mia’s daughter would be 18 and graduating 😭 I felt so old when I realized that the other day.

  19. I’m hoping that there’s a bunch of eye/nose/face options and that the marketing team just somehow picked the worst combination lol. Might be unlikely but I gotta have hope.

  20. Personally I thought it was fun at times, I went into thinking of it as a very loose adaptation and enjoyed it for what it was. It was definitely criminal what they did to Anne (the scene where she says Charles wanted to marry her first was honestly UNBEARABLE to watch) but I thought Cosmo Jarvis was very hot as Wentworth and brought a ruggedness to the character that I liked.

  21. He made a reply here in their subreddit

  22. I don’t understand that response. Everyone is thanking him for the response and deleting the story but like… he still didn’t address it? And what did he think the DM was about?

  23. Paula Yates and an assortment of pop stars: Fifi, Peaches, Tiger Lily, Heavenly, and Pixie. Not even getting into their middle names.

  24. This is who I thought of first! But Heavenly and Tiger Lily are the actually same kid lol, her name is Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily. The middle names are nutsss. Pixie’s legal name is actually Little Pixie too.. like I get wanting to call your baby that but why make it their name on paper?

  25. This is totally random, but I’ve never even met a single person named Trevor, and I can’t get over your list lol

  26. Lol I feel the same way. The only Trevor I’ve ever known was a dog!

  27. You can smoke in bars where I live. One thing I think is disgusting is when someone finishes their drink and instead of asking for an ashtray they decide to light up a smoke and ash in their glass.

  28. You can’t smoke where I am but equally as disgusting - when it looks like there’s some coke in the glass or beer left in a bottle and when I pour it out it’s some nice, thick, chewing tobacco and dip spit.

  29. Agree, he is very attractive. IMO definitely the best looking Wentworth.

  30. So he’s one of those Taylor ham assholes I bet.

  31. It’s usually the opposite. Taylor ham (the correct term btw) is North Jersey for the most part.

  32. This is so funny to me, because last year I brought home a Squishable avocado toast with a face like that and my black cat was absolutely terrified of it 😂 Fully ran away if it was near him and refused to walk past it when he entered a room. Glad your baby loves his! His teefs are too cute!

  33. I loved this song. I think it was also in Can’t Hardly Wait

  34. Yes, when they first show Jennifer Love Hewitt’s face when she arrives at the party! Iconic entrance scene.

  35. Of course when jimmy got shot and of course jt I also cried when they they all graduated except for spinner and jimmy and how jimmy forgave him and I think I might of got teary eyed when Craig’s father wasn’t being a very good father. Oh! I also cried when the whole Craig went crazy on Joey thing.

  36. I always tear up when he fights with Joey! Also, not as bad but I always get so sad at the scene where Joey sees the camera footage of Craig calling him delusional to Spinner and Jimmy for trying to get involved with the band :(

  37. Lauren was high school friends with Ivanka and close with her until trump sr ran for president. I kind of assumed Lauren was the friend or at least knows directly.

  38. I thought that I had read before that they were high school friends but now I’m not sure. They didn’t go to the same one from what I can tell, and they’re five years apart in age so Lauren would have already graduated. I guess maybe they just ran in the same circles/friend groups around that age?

  39. Holy fuck ( as someone who has never watched Riverdale) "Ryan Grantham", also known as the little kid from the og Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

  40. He was only in one episode of Riverdale, so I don’t know why they keep leading with that instead of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I guess because it’s more current.

  41. i wonder if it’s because he played the character that killed archie’s dad, and that was their way of writing the late luke perry off the show. honestly, it was a really well done episode and it reminded me of the quarterback episode in glee because it really felt like watching a group therapy session.

  42. I agree, it was really well done and respectful. Definitely agree with the Glee comparison too, you could feel how hard it was for the cast and how much Luke Perry meant to them.

  43. Wow, these are special and very, very cool! I am low key jealous but I’m so glad they’re in the hands of someone who will cherish them.

  44. Sidenote, but what the hell does he offer as an actor that any other guys in his age and demographic couldn't? I just don't understand why he was cast as Elvis. Who even knows who he is or was beyond Vanessa Hudgen's ex?

  45. Supposedly Denzel Washington specifically recommended Austin to Baz Luhrmann after working with him on The Iceman Cometh on Broadway. He said he had amazing work ethic apparently? I’ve never really seen him in anything but the play did get some acclaim I think. I guess we’ll see where his career goes from here.

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