1. Not in Florida, but maybe Savannah Georgia?? It’s beautiful, great food, and TONS of tours, sightseeing and history. Im sure there’s spas there as well

  2. I'm desperate for a recommendation for a new show. Despite all of the content out there, I feel like I have watched all of the shows that interest me. It may sound elitist, but I am only really interested in "prestige" drama type shows. I don't like traditional comedies (but I'm willing to watch something along the lines of Fleabag). I like serialized dramas with intriguing characters and stories. These are the shows I've watched and loved:Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Deadwood, The Wire, Sopranos, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Lost, Broadchurch, Happy Valley, Severance, ER, Mare of Easttown, Unforgotten, Prison Break, Justified, The Americans.

  3. Homeland, The Knick, Carnivale, Fargo, The Killing

  4. And it’s been REAL hot in Georgia this summer

  5. I just busted out laughing cause I just watched this season and thought the same lol

  6. Lauterbrunnen Switzerland! It’s a perfect location in the alps, you can walk and hike to all the sites and they have cable cars everywhere too, it’s awesome!

  7. I like nature and animals. I would love to maybe go fishing/hiking/ be around animals like horses or something

  8. Is this national park the only one that’s ok for dogs to join??

  9. There’s a lot of national parks that allow dogs on the trails! This one does allow dogs

  10. Thanks for that great Sunday morning read lol

  11. My watchlist has gotten really big, and I'm wondering what I should watch next and what's not worth it. So, if anyone has any thoughts on what's good and what's bad, here's my list:

  12. My favorites on your list- Game of Thrones, Lost, SOA, Fargo, Chernobyl, Watchmen, The Americans

  13. I've been yammering about it since 2019 when it was first announced. :) Because the showrunners/creators are Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine, the guys who did Black Sails. I think it's phenomenal. Just me, but give it a try.

  14. Ooooo I’m excited, starting it ASAP

  15. Read One Second After by William R. Forstchen. Not only is it a great reads it’s terrifyingly accurate.

  16. Most cars would stop where they are. Some would even have difficulty getting out of their cars! Nevermind the pumps!

  17. In Buckhead by PRR.. WHAT WAS THAT SOUND? Was that a jet? I bolted out of bed. Scared me so bad I almost threw up.

  18. Yes five jets during the national anthem!! I’m pumped up now!!

  19. Yay! Glad you’ve got your blood pumping. Are you running? Best of luck!

  20. What’s this song? I really like it

  21. This is what happens when you jump on activism trends. Long term activism requires careful thought and planning. Instead, these people are focused on the current buzzwords, and are creating far bigger problems just to satisfy a minority and appear "cool".

  22. How is it ok for this old man to be trotting along in his whitie tighties? That’s effing sick to be displayed in front of kids and not to mention, everyone!

  23. I joined at the beginning of the year!

  24. If you’ve been to all 49 states and ND is your last you get to join the save the best for last club at the visitor center in Fargo! You get a T-shirt and a certificate. It would make for a good road trip through the dakotas!

  25. Are you joining the save the best for last club in Fargo??

  26. I love watching them live!! Beautiful pictures

  27. Also no interested in hearing more about your corporate gig

  28. I'm surprised at how much oil has tanked at times. I don't see people changing their habits at all, people in the US at least are addicts and refuse to change anything, they just love to complain about how much worse it is.

  29. Entry tickets are now required for summer during busy daylight hours. If there are none available in advance for the day/time you’d like to go, they do release additional timed entry tickets at 5 PM Mountain time for the next day. Another option is to enter the park after 3PM. No reservation is required for most of the park after 3, with the exception of the Bear lake corridor which you cannot enter without a permit until after 6pm.

  30. Thank you so much for this information, I had no idea and wish I’d known sooner

  31. Omg amazing, those owls are beautiful

  32. It’s a beauty!! Congratulations!!

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