1. There's always intimate jewelry. Loops or clips for nipples or lower lips.

  2. One of my colleagues is the founder of a women's wetsuit company. She is fabulous and has tons of sizing options:

  3. I love truli! But they don’t have good cold water options. As a norcal surfer, she doesn’t have a single option that would work for me. Her 5.5 mm suit would be great for diving in warmer water, but isn’t even close to enough for cold water diving. AND is too much for surfing in cold water. And looks like it’s designed for diving anyways (surf suits have some very specific adaptations to make paddling in neoprene easier).

  4. That's interesting because she's on the northern Bruce peninsula on Georgian Bay and it's bloody freezing here! She is an avid paddleboard, kite surfing etc enthusiast but that is good feedback for sure about diving vs surfing use.

  5. Milani is always solid. So are some of the wet and wild palettes.

  6. Mine is covered too so going to agree that it's insurance-dependent.

  7. Get a smaller and softer dildo for drunk sex "Bring me my drinking dong!".

  8. There's a sea shanty in there somewhere...

  9. This morning was powder foundation, lip veil/tinted balm, ivory eye shadow and mascara.

  10. Shakshuka, ricotta spinach cannelloni, mushroom risotto, and smooth veggie soups (baked potato soup, creamy broccoli, squash, califlower etc) are some of the whole family faves here.

  11. This is my town and I straight up nearly died laughing when it came on the radio the other day. While it did happen, the whole reporting of it is very tongue in cheek here, we're all cackling about it. Geese are the literal definition of fuck around and find out- they don't need the police to help ;).

  12. I just bought that same bb cream in #13 and quite like it.

  13. Yep. I definitely got caught up in the shopping frenzy, replaced my entire wardrobe with better fitting bras, kept buying/selling/returning and for whatever reason have just...stopped. I have a way bigger than needed bra collection now but my basic needs are more than met with good enough to very good. But I have a good number of bras that are beautiful but I can't stand wearing them all day. Or pretty, but the gore is too high, too low, too stiff, not perfect. The cycle was making me bonkers and I just had to get off that Merry go round completely before I went totally batty!

  14. FG was my first guess but it doesnt seem quite right, I could see TR as a possibility though for sure.

  15. I think it's definitely a possibility and worth playing with the clothing recs a bit more to see what you think! You do seem quite balanced with moderate vertical.

  16. Oh man, I own far too many and I love many of them. If I had to pare things down though- I wear my 'nude' tshirt friendly bras a lot- montelle spacer bra and montelle pure plus tshirt bra. Then I have 4-5 unlined lace bras (freya, chantelle, montelle, panache etc) that I rotate through (actually I probably have 15 but I don't NEED them all). I have 3-4 lined cut and sew bras as well that are a nice change sometimes, (tutti rouge, freya, bravissimo satine etc). Round out with a few well fitting bralettes and wireless options (bravissimo, montelle). I have a few knix bras for working out. Negative brand and Bravado everyday bras for super comfy. And finish off with a collection of sexy playtime options- I like tutti rouge for this kind of thing. I don't currently own a strapless bra because I don't really need one but that could be a need/want in a bra wardrobe.

  17. When I was much younger and on the pill I had a mild recurring yeast infection that only flaired up on my period. Took months for me to figure it out and then treat it. It's very possible it's cup related and also possible it's hormone related. I'd take the cleaning recs already posted (no anti bac soap) and also make sure you've really fully treated the YI. If you have a sexual partner it might be worth treating them too.

  18. My kiddo likes the montelle wireless tshirt bra or the gap breathe wireless bra (both are very similar looking) and she prefers the 32 band over the 30. Aside from that she lives in sports bras, bralettes and things that appeal to her on a sensory level- so not too tight, not lacy, etc.

  19. As a classic I don't love it. I want it to be a few inches longer, and a less extreme neckline.

  20. Straight C here. Mid rise jeans in a slim straight leg cut. Banana republic jackson cut dress pants. I think I have 4 pairs now! All the stripes or regular patterns- neutral bottoms/patterned top or patterned/bright bottom, neutral top. Express/portofino sheer blouses. Slim line linen tunic tops. Boatneck and vneck tops. Loafers! I have a whole ass loafer collection, they are my faves. Slimline lower boots (Chelsea or slim combat) are my other go-to. Simple classic jewellery- a monogrammed pendant, an anchor ring, that kind of thing. Minimal looking though.

  21. DC or even straight classic seems pretty reasonable to me. I'm usually seen as a straight c and I see some similarities!

  22. I just bough Avant D15 and its small and reeealy soft! It feels great and not that sharp or stabby since it’s so soft.

  23. I was coming in to rec a similar one! We have this one and it's the perfect on the smaller side of average size.

  24. I love all of this so much. She's an entire relatable mood!

  25. I'm a likely C (straight C always seems to be the consensus) and also have a 10 inch waist to hip difference, as well as a quite small rib cage. Just based on measurements you would probably peg me as a curvy type but it's really not my dominant feature at all (as in, I have no dominant feature lol). But yes, especially in pants it needs accommodating. I don't have any magic secrets other than once I find a fit/brand, I stick with it. For example, banana republic jackson fit dress pants are my favourite. I favour curvy fit jeans to eliminate the waist gap/get more thigh room, things like that. And in all cases- buy for your largest body part and tailor down if needed rather than have fabric stretch across or pull. I've had tons of dresses and clothing just nipped in a bit at the waist or whatever.

  26. How tall are you? You have an absolutely amazing shoulder line which is giving me a big time FN lean but I could be swayed to another type depending on height. I'm not getting SC as a first read though.

  27. That's interesting that lower back issues are related, though it makes sense. I'd attributed some recent minor leaks to taking up tennis, but one side of my lower back has been weird for months now and maybe it's connected. I'll have to book back in with the pelvic floor therapist I saw post-3rd baby.

  28. FG is my initial thought! I think you are definitely petite and therefore not in the moderate classic family. Your angles/relative looking length for your height makes me think FG makes the most sense.

  29. I think SN as well. Blunt but defined cheekbones, and she looks curvy-strong. Beautiful shoulder line, and a bit busty, which is not all- but many SN. I like her more flowing undone/wavy hair and I think the open necklines and outfits with movement really suit her.

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