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[PART 2] Hey, developer of Apollo for Reddit here. I'm doing a completely free iPhone 14 Pro giveaway to commemorate Apollo's big iOS 16 update and new iPhone 14 Pro features. Just leave a comment to enter! đŸŽ‰đŸ“±

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  1. tipitipitipi bounce tipi bounce tipi bounce

  2. I wonder why PowerToys is not installed by default in Windows, or integrated into the OS. It's so convenient!

  3. because they are more flexible with updates and development this way

  4. Yeah, that would make sense. And it certainly allows them to be more innovative without risking to break the OS

  5. I initially thought it was a quote from Elon Musk

  6. I think Reddit is overthinking this. They’ve probably just made 7 new themes, and thought it could be fun to find a meaning for them. Pick the color you like, that’s all folks

  7. I liked the blue one, so I picked it. I don't even need to read the names of the themes.

  8. Same. I clicked on the blue. I thought « Blue! I like blue! Let’s pick the blue! ». Then I probably went on YouTube or something

  9. This is a comment. Btw, Apollo is hecking awesome, doing native port of existing app is awesome.

  10. Are Americans happy with that system ?

  11. You forgot to mention Barotrauma! I really recommend everyone to give it a try with some friends:

  12. « literally anything JavaScript »

  13. Lol I can’t play the base game with more than 20 FPS on PS4 Pro, can’t wait to enjoy the remastered PowerPoint

  14. Lol Sorry Apollo, it wasn’t your fault after all

  15. En mĂȘme temps, la guerre nuclĂ©aire ça donne pas mega envie

  16. Hi ! I'm facing the exact same issue 😅

  17. There is a better torrent of community that cover all seasons + subtitles in HD. 😃

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