1. Yes, it is required for budgeting as well as performance reviews. We collaborate with HR frequently when it comes to hiring, compensation review, and disciplinary action.

  2. Why is it always the left that's racists and then turn around and blame republicans

  3. The left practice the art of projection and gaslighting. It works on most of the general population with the help of the MSM.

  4. You chose to present yourself with that background. It does reflect badly on you for not having the foresight to take 2 minutes to stack things out of view. How you present yourself is important.

  5. Well said. The greatest irony is that OP didn't even put in the effort to market themself better (i.e. using a more presentable background) for a marketing job.

  6. Seeing a lot of comments about how there has been some goalpost-moving regarding a recession (and I agree the recent change in the White House page is misleading) but the two straight quarters of GDP contraction has been an unofficial definition for some time now. Per the

  7. I would highly recommend you to start applying for other jobs as a backup plan.

  8. The dept of education has existed for around 40 years. In those 40 years, every measurable metric in government education has gotten worse.

  9. I would not recommend going straight into management right out of school nor will you get hired without leadership and professional experience in most companies. You need to pick an industry that you are interested in and work your way up from an individual contributor into a leadership position.

  10. Just here to say that I am right there with you! My mental health has rapidly declined since I started working behind a desk. Lack of stimulation and sooo much wasted time. The work feels pointless and I do not receive any satisfaction from anything i do. It is better when I am able to work remote cuz I’m away from management, more windows/natural light. Not to mention, it is much easier to fill that down time.

  11. This is essentially an expensive billion dollar publicity stunt. Also with how much Twitter's stock has tanked over the past few months and how we're probably heading towards a recession, it doesn't make any business sense to buy Twitter at an overvalued premium price tag.

  12. U-6 is now at an all-time low. It's really weird seeing all this recession talk as if it's a given when we are still at or near historically low unemployment.

  13. That's because unemployment is a lagging indicator for recession, not a leading one. Using only unemployment numbers as a predictor of recession before things pan out is foolish.

  14. They label everyone right of Mao "Far Right" it's such a joke.

  15. While many redditors love unions and the benefits they bring to workers, it is also important to show the downsides of it like this example here. I'm sorry OP, I hope you find a better job that is fair and treats you well.

  16. Well it depends on the location and industry. $18/hr at McDonald's in a low cost of living area is a pretty good wage for a supervisor.

  17. All of his jobs lasted about as long as a terminated pregnancy on LinkedIn and now he's forever branded as a high risk individual to hire. He basically just ended his entire career over this dumb virtue signaling stunt.

  18. His career of mailing spreadsheets around for 87k a year, yes thats over?

  19. $87k a year is basically poverty wages in Los Angeles.

  20. Recession will undoubtedly shift the advantage back to employers. The question of remote work's future lies in the company culture and industry. I think that it will eventually return to mostly in-office or hybrid. To be frank, if you're in a remote position right now, I would be weary of layoff risk with the pending recession. You better be sure that your job is real important and difficult to replace if you're remote.

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