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  1. And we will send equivalent of 500 dollars per person or 80 billion dollars to fight off a war we shouldn't even be meddling with in a recession... Government had a hard time giving 600 dollar per person during covid and they just wrote of 80 billion dollars

  2. It's a great move BY Tesla, but is it a great move FOR Tesla? Devil's advocate; exclusive access to the Supercharger network 100% influenced me toward my Model S. Without that exclusivity I will be now be 100% open to other brands. Great for me. Great for Tesla?

  3. Would something as simple as Tesla stating Tesla owners have a 25% reduction in charging costs vs non Tesla help influence the new buyers? I wonder.

  4. Not for me, even as a penny pincher. Even a ridiculous 100% markup for non-Tesla would be fine to me. The access in case of emergency is more important to me than the price itself.

  5. So it’s really an inevitable thing anyways so maybe Tesla is just making the decision to control the narrative and use it for the betterment of their network.

  6. Can we stop acting like normal people can actually afford these things? We need to stop telling people (poor/lower middle class) to “just get an electric vehicle ”. As a poor person myself, this drives me crazy. We need to just transition slowly but surely to electric. But, for the time being we need to be drilling for more oil and natural gas in the United States. Poor people depend on low gas prices, because ultimately we drive the most.

  7. The drilling opportunities are there for the producers. They have been choosing to push their profits instead to the investors.

  8. If it truly becomes an issue we will see more time of use plans. EV charging isn’t huge in Texas yet.

  9. He's about to be kicked out by Lula (unless the CIA does its thing), Orban just won an election.

  10. Why? None of those are called “auto”pilot. The confusing part..

  11. Nobody is confused. There are just idiots in the world.

  12. Texan here. We can’t afford to pay for all of those poor people.

  13. Honestly- I’m 52 and I feel like my life before the tushy was wasted in some small way.

  14. Upgrade to a powered one! Our Tushy broke and I just installed one that heats the water and the seat.

  15. Na it's not in Waco. It's a little south of Dallas but east North of Tyler

  16. Those directions don’t make sense but if not Waco the other Collins Street Bakery with superchargers is in Corsicana on I-45.

  17. I got about 10 emails through ActBlue, not surprised.

  18. The base model is pretty good value. And I know a few people who only avoid trucks because of the fuel economy and noise. An EV truck will bring a lot more consumers into the market.

  19. The base model is a farce. 2023 model incoming with a huge price increase + ADM. This was just built in 2022 for the hype and barely manufactured.

  20. Fake Democrat now Fake Republican yet still true Egomaniac.

  21. Here I was thinking it was the trench coats.

  22. Went there in 2019 to find it locked up because it needed restoration. Hope they get it restored.

  23. Test drive guy said Love Field but I didn’t ask any further questions.

  24. From the day the Model Y started shipping I knew they were going to be Tesla’s top seller.

  25. At these inflation rates $45k may be the new $35k by 2025.

  26. You got downvoted because at least for Ford that is not a true statement. If they weren't supply limited, the F-150 would probably be giving Model Y a run for it's money on volume. Ford fixed the main problem with the Mach-E with the F-150, charging speed. If the 2023 Mach-E can charge like the F-150, watch out if they can get their supply sorted out.

  27. F-150 lightning is only able to charge at 150kW. Still room to improve there and it’s competitors have it beat.

  28. Most of you bitches won’t grab an empty from the lot before entering the store. Quit judging.

  29. So rather than fix the problems that are preventing social reproduction you'd just constantly ship in immigrants to be the new underclass? This is psychotic

  30. Not anything new here. Just suggesting less biased selection. Our GDP growth has been coasting on immigration for years.

  31. Can you not see that that's a bad thing? The neoliberal mind really is a wonderful thing

  32. They had 6 unplanned plant outages apparently. This is a lot and strikes me as either really bad luck, shitty seasonal readiness testing programs or just plain old Enron style gaming the market to raises revenue.

  33. Honestly, we are hitting temp records mid-May. Generators are offline for mAintenance. With Texas separated grid we are the canary in the coal mine for what will happen to the rest of the US next decade.

  34. Oh God, please take my eyes, but not the shirt!

  35. Sadly; Russia will probably just burn them.

  36. Didn’t know that, but really only Texas could allow 6 plants to fault temporarily in peak demand? That’s ignorant.

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