1. Could be to if he did meet someone else he could be lying because in his head he probably thinks he don’t owe you anything many men think this but way he acted move on don’t drown yourself in such men. You seen now how he treated you that’s all you need to know and also if lying on simple things what’s not to say he’s not sick no more ? I doubt he after all this time unless he really had underlying issues that caused him to be this way from Covid. When people lie in simple things you doubt everything they say. That’s why I have my suspicions

  2. They probably will but to target civilians on purpose is taking it to far but they don’t care anyways if they can kill their own people why care about others.

  3. Not shocked they do this and laugh when they talk about it a kid that young shouldn’t even be doing these things… I don’t even find it funny

  4. He did it because he wanted to be a martyr ? Very sick twisted ideology he has no one deserves to be murdered in any way shape or form I can’t imagine what this poor girl went through it’s so devastating… sadly now a days it only seems the only crime they have is being a Jew and that’s enough to kill in there beliefs and ways just because they hate…

  5. I’ve never been treated badly being Lebanese but also I’m not Muslim I just have that Arabic look in my face and that’s about it but to me this shouldn’t even exist as not all Muslims are bad but even trying to combat this I doubt will help many nutters out there regardless who are really uneducated about Muslims in general

  6. 😂 I know I really don’t like him. I just had my doubts that’s all

  7. Kinda funny specially on what saudi has done to yemen.. they shouldn’t preach at all

  8. Not all of them were gunmen, some are casualties of the clash with the terrorists.

  9. If you’re in with them they are probably up to no good as well I never joined such things when I lived in Lebanon just because I’m not into that stuff.. while yes there is for different reasons you still have a choice to join or not you basically sign your own death wish by joining in on it even if just standing there yelling.

  10. That’s why they don’t care about their own children who in their right mind would let their child do harm and be killed just to kill a Israeli and be a martyr ? Only sick MF’s

  11. This isn’t only one many Lebanese think shebaa is ours and israel still has presence there they still call us occupied in Lebanon by Israel 😂😂 never ending cycle but I think Hezbollah uses it as a excuse to stay active in Lebanon without this they wouldn’t have a stand in why they exist.

  12. Reminds of that time that a non-jewish non-israeli person made a very bad Islamophobic movie, and Hezbollah still managed to find a way to blame Israel for it.

  13. Lol not shocked 😂 because all it is here is without this shebaa farms they wouldn’t have nothing to keep the resistance up as they call it wouldn’t have a spot in Lebanon so this don’t shock me to them everything is israel if they get diarrhea it’s probably israel from poisoning them 🙄🙄

  14. Somethjng is wrong here if many get through illegally… this isn’t first time I seen this on here or different news sources.

  15. Wouldn’t you think they’d fix that israel would and find better way for the ones who work in israel to go through. If not this gonna keep happening 🤔

  16. I like it there, lol. At around 2015, it was a very comfortable place to hang out. I learned a bit about what you believed, what the spectrum of opinions was like, what your political situation felt like. One of the best comments I ever got was there, a Lebanese person saying that they believed in peace due to the ability to converse with an Israeli.

  17. 😂 that’s good as long as no one was rude and ya I’m not surprised many of us really don’t have problems with israel while some do but that’s because many are stuck as well on the Palestinian issue /cause and what israel did in Lebanon in the 80s which was a big failure imo even many in Israel see that back then and now as they didn’t achieve what they wanted … but I feel as Lebanese I don’t care if Shia Sunni druze bla bla we should really care only about our country I believe that’s a major issue as to why we are bad right now it’s not all but part of the issue because if you care about our neighbor in south how’s that helping us to thrive if you prefer war ? That don’t and that’s a good opinion from whoever told you that it’s better then war’s definitely as we are way we are now.. it’s a shame but this person is right.

  18. Oh no, lots were rude and angry, just the mods were a bit on top of that and it was an anger I could accept, you know? Israel has done terrible things in Lebanon, on purpose or not, justified or not. Just show that you care about their pain and talk about the future, it works.

  19. Lol I figured not all would be happy to see you 🤣 glad they was on top and did something that’s why I don’t go there plus I’ve already on here got death threats from spies saying they will turn me in even by Palestinians like one lived in jenin lmao I told him off tho in private that’s one thing I don’t tolerate as I don’t live in Lebanon no more no one will control me they never did even in Lebanon but surely on here no never I’m my own person you can’t tell me what to do 🙄🙄 and while yes israel has I don’t hold it against them because I also blame PLO which many lack in Lebanon as well they don’t see it as the issue and israel just invaded because they wanted too which is all lies but I do believe they failed the mission they should have left in 90s how many wanted too but I think Hezbollah is losing a lot I believe peace might come even if 25 years from now there time is limited as many are sick of them so you’re probably right about the peace ☮️

  20. If I may ask, does Hezbollah rule Lebanon? Or does the corrupt Goverment do? Or does Syria rule it? Or Iran?

  21. Government but Hezbollah has been a part of it for long time now but they get crazy they’ve already said the Lebanese government can’t stop them that’s pretty scary considering they think they own us… even when I voted this past year I felt it was useless because they’d still have control over us I basically traveled 5,000 miles for this circus show still going on lmaoooo

  22. I hope Lebanon can get them out one day and become truly independent instead of Iran/Syria's puppet. You guys deserve much better than this.

  23. I don’t see this happening anytime soon but they never will be citizens we don’t want them.. for all I care send them to Taiwan or Malaysia wherever. Like Syrians too they have caused us nothing but trouble

  24. Sometimes I spy on the anti Israel pages on here I know at least one they always turn like this one around on their page and it’s like Israeli was attacking them lmaaooo it’s amusing specially when not the truth at all

  25. Lmao. So you’re ok with theft if it’s food. It’s unfortunate you don’t own a grocery store and lose your profit for you and your family

  26. You don’t know someone’s situation sure anyone might be upset I never said they wouldn’t be but it is what it is maybe you grew up like me in a pretty ok stable family never having issues money wise and you see it differently some people aren’t as fortunate as I was while sure I’m sure some are stealing and don’t have money issues…. you seem like the judgmental type without knowing the real issue and I have no time for such people..

  27. They always lose as it seems they just think they are winning this war 😂 on freeing Palestine they are no more a martyr then I am queen Latifa

  28. He is a liar- tell them you want to know the funeral arrangements so you at least send flowers to the funeral and watch him go silent again lol

  29. That’s something I’d do they probably wouldn’t reply back because it’s so fake 🤣🤣🤣

  30. You could do the old "Drive-by spy" and drive by his job location but park where he can't see you so you can verify he is alive and well, or maybe have someone call his job and ask for him if it's too far to drive to.

  31. Idk why but when I seen this I laughed so hard I almost peed myself this is absurd 😂😂

  32. Maybe they can stop the pay-to-slay payments to get the sanctions removed.

  33. They won’t tho but they will use this as another form of Israeli aggression most likely

  34. You can’t even do this with Hezbollah you’ll be dead that’s why this shia guy who used to be a supporter was found dead in his car I think they did it as he became a critic they hate such don’t matter if Hamas Hezbollah nope don’t matter… he’s lucky he made it out alive

  35. I pray for Lebanon to be free of Hezbollah, Lebanon seems like an amazing country with some of the kindest, most down-to-Earth people I have met. I dream of visiting there some day and seeing the birthplace of Kahlil Gibran & the churches in the caves.

  36. Me too but I lost hope of that for some years because I ran into people saying that’s never gonna happen to keep lebanon safe from the Zionist as they claim and saying many lebanese want them there for that reason which is probably true because people are brainwashed so for that reason I lost hope and got out when I could but maybe if a miracle happens this will happen and you can come 🙏

  37. I’m sure they will survive without israel but this is ridiculous sometimes I wonder if they do this to please other arab states that don’t like israel and are afraid if they did this they would be a target.. 🙄🙄 like Iran don’t like UAE also because of this but other issues as well not just this.

  38. Yes we are collapsing but it don’t make our country dangerous to travel from or to but with a Lebanese guy in Australia who was caught interacting with a Jew I dunno how they found out I wouldn’t even attempt this whoever this person is … is brave they will ask a lot of questions as it’s suspicious and this guy was sent to jail or he could never see his family again in Lebanon that’s why I find this so daring I wouldn’t even do this lmao

  39. Yeah OP, this. Honestly if you go to Israel it is your responsibility not to then go back to Lebanon. You will be putting Lebanese people you interact with at risk and that is super f***ing uncool. Most of them wont have the embassy/evac options you will. Don't do it.

  40. With how they knew like Australia that man who’s Lebanese talked to a Jew and got in trouble unless someone told on him …makes me wonder if authorities watch us or keep track of their citizens idk but it was creepy I wouldn’t take the chance at all even if this guy is Syrian 🙄

  41. Maybe I’m missing something here or it’s just me but if they have the money why can’t they ? This seems hideous

  42. I see they did this for two reasons 1. When someone's says the immigration numbers are causing the rise of housing prices trudont can say well can't be since we out this foreign buyers ban in ( that will always be easy to work around if you have the funds to do so) 2. When elections come they can turn around and say see we listened and are doing everything we can to help !

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