1. nonsense! she looks great! and definitely passes! based on the outfit and hair id say you look tomboyish but definitely wouldnt clock you!

  2. If you’re wondering why you have so many downvotes it’s prob for hugboxing (being overly supportive without much criticism when it’s perceived as warranted by the rest of the commenters)

  3. eh. i think she passes great. people have the right to disagree. i mainly replied cause i felt sleeping was way too blunt. and its true i think she passes. so yeah

  4. Oh I’m not saying your opinion is necessarily wrong it’s just the viewpoint of the community at large that there should be more (positive) criticism than (just) straight up compliments (as you can see from how many upvotes I got) don’t mean to discourage you just letting you know

  5. As a fledgling trans woman myself, I want you to know that I am amazed by your progress. You are a beautiful woman and I can’t wait for dysphoria to be a distant memory for you

  6. Want to replace the liberal State by woke mob rule*

  7. Anarchism does NOT equal mob rule. All it means is no state not no societal structure. Also anarchism has nothing to do with liberalism (you could take Nazism and completely strip it of the statism part and apply and use it as the ideology of an anarchist society

  8. I hate how leftists are so slippery when discussing this. When national-anarchists, strasserists and nazbols say they're socialists, you attack them for being "red fascists" i.e not agreeing with twittards on every single social issue. But when anti-socialist traditionalists say you're literally twittards, you say "No, that's a PCM strawman!!!! Leftists only want collective ownership and abolishing the State!!! You can totally be conservative and socialist!!!". Could you please make up your mind?

  9. We’re not talking about leftism we’re talking about anarchism not socialism and the point I used was literally based on Nazism

  10. Mi única comenta es para la frase «Vivo en Grecia en una case con mi familia» porque de la repetición de la palabra «en». En cambio, tendría escribirlo como «Vivo en en una casa de Grecia con mi familia» (aunque en inglés se traducirían de la misma manera).

  11. Tenía dudas sobre cuál usar, pero fui con comenta. Oops

  12. I expected you to have said you’d been on HRT for at least a couple months but you’re pre-everything and you look like that?? I’m jealous oml!

  13. I honestly don't know. That was just my first impression. Really attractive tomboy. I suppose surgery could give you a heavier brow but I don't even know if that's possible ( or wanted). And everyone else thought male so don't sweat it.

  14. Only on the first one did a see the tomboyness and I immediately went ‘crap are the transmasc or transfemme’ and then the rest I was like okay if they were transfemme they’re putting in absolutely no effort so must be transmasc

  15. lmao I find myself doing that a lot on this sub, good to know I'm not alone there

  16. I was well into my transition before she posted that video, but some of her videos just before that really have me a trans vibe and made me wonder. Then she dropped that video and I sat and cried through half of it because I went through most of it because I felt it all so hard. I was already on my journey but hearing all of those feelings mirrored in that way was so powerful!

  17. When she shaved her face for the first time in years their demeanour also changed I was like ‘hmmm’ especially combined with her just coming out as bi my brain was like the ‘closet has opened and an egg is about to crack’

  18. Yes, exactly! She also thinned and arched her brows. I think at that point she has already started her journey. I thought it was brilliant that she brought in another actor to play her old role. It was a fantastic illustration of her while metaphor and kept her from having to do anything super dysphoria inducing to do the monologue herself.

  19. And the ‘The Devil You Know’ cover screamed ‘okay I might be trans but like… how about no… okay maybe… fuck it idk’

  20. Of course he does,ever seen palpatine's face ? He looks like a chicken you left in the hot water for too long

  21. That is the most unique description of Palpatine that has ever been made or ever will be made

  22. Yep, there were no disabled people in the past. Hellen Keller? Always dead. Richard III? Born a ghost! Beethoven? Conspiracy -- there never was such a person; all his symphonies were written by a secret cabal of composers.

  23. Like not only is their comment missing the point it’s also patently wrong

  24. …Or things like the reality that vaccines are effective and safe and don’t “give you autism”?

  25. My favourite response will forever be “what’s it gonna do give me a software update” (I am autistic but sadly I did not come up with this God-tier response)

  26. Nope you are absolutely wrong! You definitely should argue with them. How can you be so off the mark while posting a comment on internet?

  27. You must be dumb. I better start trying to reason with someone who’s unreasonable

  28. Oh maybe it’s a dialectical thing (like some American English speakers still pronounce wh like hw)

  29. Reasonable guess, but I’m not familiar with any dialect that does that, and I recognise most dialect families. In fact adding in an extra “h” sound in cases like this tends to be used in plays and audio performances to indicate someone who grew up working class and is acting middle class. It’s very old fashioned though - it might have been real for that say 80 years back, but is now only used for comic effect.

  30. Ah then yeah similar to the wh thing but is much less common and more archaic/humorous than hw

  31. Yeah the sodium in salt is required to fire your neurona (as well as potassium but that is usually obtained through various sources while the vast majority of our sodium intake is coming from salt)

  32. Yes but would you really DIE if you stopped eating salt? Because that's what the orignal comment said.

  33. Somehow managed to forget the most immediate/important part: without salt your cells will not absorb the water you drink efficiently and your unchecked water levels will cause your to swell until your brain has a hernia which will lead to seizures, comas, and your lungs to stop working (at lest temporarily; it’s like cardiac arrest but for your lungs)

  34. Thought you were being sarcastic about the first part but then realised you were being genuine about the second part after doing OP’s reply. Clearly I’m cynic

  35. I used to play apex legends. Won 40 Games in a raw without shooting one bullet! By just healing in the zone for 20mins..

  36. Don’t hate the player, hate the game in a nutshell

  37. Or understand the role of the U.S. in oppressing third world countries to benefit themselves. Also their endless list of war crimes and millions of civilians killed.

  38. Bro NK kills ITS OWN citizens for the smallest of infractions (including just trying to fucking leave 💀) and it’s not even extrajudicial killing like police in America

  39. These are not unfit to be reissued. I knew a guy that would show-of to the "goobers" by tearing a $100 bill in two.

  40. Keyword: ‘intent’ which shouldn’t be too hard to prove considering the circumstances/context/details of the event plus (I’m assuming) multiple witnesses

  41. Okay first off no need to be an asshole tf? And yes court rulings are too a large extent subjective (‘in the eyes of the beholder’) but not everyone is as jaded as you and I’m sure you have your reason to be but not everyone dismisses everything that easily because of such a narrow-minded point of view

  42. No one who has ever been arrested would say that. Your response to being arrested should never be to place your hands by your waistband. That is a good way to get shot.

  43. Literally like one of the most iconic and stereotypical police catchphrases are ‘put your hands up’ along with ‘freeze’ (and of course ‘you have the right to remain silent)

  44. ^ the only time I even bother checking that is if I was gonna add the person in question so def ask server the admin(s) for pronoun roles and/or set your nickname as your name and your pronouns in parentheses like Rhéa (She/They)

  45. oh I thought it was mostly bodily fluids not skin to skin contact

  46. Dw you weren’t entirely wrong as it can be transmitted through contact and fluids (and dw I know you didn’t think it was an STD)

  47. Tysm! If you don't mind, could you maybe help me judge how well my voice training has been going? And does my face still hold up while it's moving? I'm really bad at judging these kinds of things myself.

  48. What I noticed is that the start of the clip was really good but then slowly your voice went in to this awkward throaty mix between head and chest but since the beginning was good I think you just need to focus on keep your voice consistent in your head voice until its an unconscious habit but otherwise I think you pass pretty well vocally and visually (but I think shaping your eyebrows would be a major improvement especially since they seem to be different shapes and thickness)

  49. offensive to poly relationships??? the author is a trans male who is also in a poly relationship whats ur point lol

  50. Doesn’t matter if whether you’re poly or not that doesn’t mean you can’t offend people in the community by perpetuating bad stereotypes about poly being just about sex and the way that they just treat jealousy as acceptable (it is natural but poly puts an emphasis on breaking down and eliminating jealousy)

  51. Personally, I find isolating languages quite cacophonous.

  52. Agglutinative and fusional languages afford you the luxury of being able to create phonological synergy among roots and morphemes, while you can only do limited word boundary sound changes with isolating languages; everything feels less interconnected and more disjointed in such languages.

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