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  1. I don't know what math you used, but you got completely wrong answer.

  2. You can think of the opposite actually. The weapons that doesn't give bonus attacks are weak against knights. I've been exclusively playing knight and when I started playing vanguard, I felt so squishy especially against swords.

  3. Your pads need replaced or your backplate over time has warped not making a good connection. Ambient air or airflow could have changed if the pads are new?

  4. This card has already been repadded twice. I don't think that's what's causing it since now it's back to normal for some reason. Not sure what was causing such high temperature before.

  5. No it won’t on any 30x0 video card. The Lifespan of 5 years stays the same while working in normal operating temperatures running at 10c or 108c.

  6. I wasn't actually 100% sure so I edited out but I guess you caught me before the edit was made. I just say that since when it hits close to 110C, my screen starts flickering time to time.

  7. Basically its just because the slanting spacebar for some people feels ergonomically better. The thumb area that hits the spacebar feels more natural and comfortable when it is slanting outwards. Doesn't apply to everyone obviously, but people try it just to see if its more comfortable or not.

  8. You don't use wrist rest do you? With proper form, you shouldn't need to rotate the spacebar to hit it properly. Your thumb should go straight down on the spacebar. Without wrist rest, you're actually supposed to float your wrist. Prolonged time your wrist is constantly bent upward can cause strain.

  9. The way this study shows the data is the same as how anti tobacco companies operate. I'm not advocating for smoking but when they say you have XX times more likely to cause some disease, it makes it look like there's a really high chance that you'll be affected but in reality the likelihood of getting those diseases are so small with non-smoker, that even if it's XX times more likely, the absolute percentage is extremely small.

  10. They were different dynasty with their own culture. That's like saying people with different heritage such as Italians, Polish, Korean, Chinese, etc. living in the US as just Americans. While this may be true, that's oversimplifying the different cultures that make up the country.

  11. My apartment in the US is on Towne Centre. I have to spell it out everytime I have to tell someone my address.

  12. I love to pull out my Deck on my bed when I'm alone and play with it.

  13. Hold up. Wait a minute. Something ain't right! Dose nobody else see the issue here?

  14. Yeah, he's not looking high enough to find the golden snitch

  15. It just happens sometimes. If you see someone try to kick you, you can immediately leave the game and rejoin the queue to avoid the 10 minutes penalty for getting kicked. You can still play other modes during the 10 minutes so I usually just join the duel server.

  16. PSA, If you are caught doing this method of kick evasion for legitimate kicks (IE rdming, tking) and it is reported to the mods, you can get banned from the game for up to a week. If it’s an illegitimate kick go ahead but word to the wise!

  17. Hey, I'm not Herman but I think he explains it in this video:

  18. I turned it off immediately then when I turned it back on it started doing it again so I took the video reel quick then turned it off again and unplugged it.

  19. Undo the clamp, push the shaft in all the way, then retighten the clamp.

  20. It looks like older version of GR488. The oven door is also misaligned. How much are they charging? It's good to consider that the new product price includes warranty period which you won't get pruchasing an old used appliance that's probably out of warranty.

  21. I don’t consider it countryside. You’d be surprised what some Tokyo people consider countryside. For me, if there isn’t a mall or a major department store near by, it’s probably countryside. There are a lot of suburbs around Tokyo that people consider countryside that definitely isn’t.

  22. I know in Korea, people living in Seoul refers to every other place outside of Seoul as countryside so I assume it's similar with people living in Tokyo.

  23. People can get zero down payment mortgages in Japan. The previous owners of my home even took out a loan for the agent and other fees.

  24. I wonder how high the default rate is.

  25. They're different coating finishes. DLC is diamond like carbon coating which uses carbon that has close to similar property as diamond and is very durable. Cerakote is a ceramic coating which also has pretty good hardness but also protects against corrosion better. They're both good coatings with very thin application.

  26. Reaching high 90’s isn’t thermal throttling. Nor are the “thermal throttling” graphs which don’t actually show thermal throttling just that the chip isn’t hitting it max sustained boost.

  27. I think the tjmax for it is 105C but it will still throttle below that temperature.

  28. That’s not throttling. Not hitting your boost clock isn’t throttling, not sustaining the BASE clock is throttling which depending on your Mac should be somewhere between 1.3 and 2.6Ghz

  29. Any dislike after dislike removal is from users that presses the like/dislike so it will always be disproportionate to the actual count.

  30. When I see high downvote ratio, I assume that the video is either bad information or talking about controversial topics.

  31. This is just like when you're not sure if the answer is true or false so you write something in-between that can be interpreted both ways.

  32. It's the "smart" feature that kept changing temperature on mine to something I didn't want. Try disabling this feature. It's actually not very "smart" and more of an annoyance.

  33. Feelings of body temperature are also just as much related to how much heat your body is generating and shedding as they are to the ambient temp, so it's not simply "darker = hotter."

  34. I would still think the surface temperature should be higher on darker tone if the same amount of sun is hitting it.

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