1. I spent like $1500-2000 for my friend’s bachelorette. Still gave her $ at the wedding, because it was expected 😭

  2. Maybe someone on this post will let you play with their dogs lol. I have Shibas, who don’t really play though

  3. Ty! Will have to buy another of 4 because I’m pretty much out of it. My wallet hurrtttsss from foundation.

  4. I mean, if you’re out of #4, it may not make sense to buy it just to mix it. Maybe go get matched, and buy a bottle that perfectly matches you. Personally, I’d be annoyed having to mix each time I wanted to wear foundation!

  5. Spent $2400 on two plane tickets to Vietnam; it’s going to be a trip of a lifetime!!

  6. Anyone have these shoes and can vouch for comfort and utility?

  7. Manhatta and Overstory are both restaurants/bars located on high floors (both 60+) in the Financial District. So you'd at least be expected to order a drink, but they're "free" in the sense that there's no ticket price just to get up there.

  8. Now it’s time to update my wardrobe haha, drop links to your favorite casual/business casual pieces!

  9. Adding: I just released my passport appt on 3/29 at 1:15 PM at James Farley USPS in midtown.

  10. Wait how long does Bronx County take to give you a passport?

  11. Yep, they just take applications. I asked the clerk what the estimated processing time was, and he told me approx 5 week because I paid for expediting.

  12. When going to work: phone, work ID, makeup bag (to do on subway), chapstick, earbuds, hair tie, pen, cloth for glasses, $20 bill.

  13. It depends on the type of classes I take. Some at a chain gym are 3-4, climbing is like 6-10, etc. I usually take like 5-6 a month, and supplement with the gym in my building.

  14. Yeah. Technically yes, but if you can afford to max out a 457 and 403b it seems very unlikely you’re able to do a ROTH IRA.

  15. I prob couldn’t afford it, but was wondering if it was permissible. That being said, I do try to keep my expenses low in hopes of FIRE some day!

  16. You would be able to fund a Roth IRA using the backdoor process, even if your income was too high. So the answer is still yes, you can max out all three (assuming you could afford it).

  17. Thanks! Sadly, my income is not too high 🙃 No back door needed

  18. Oh cool! What's it like, is it comfortable to wear?

  19. I bought last year in Harlem on a combined ~100k salary, but it was a housing lottery subsidized apartment

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