1. I built this from instructions shared on reddit a couple years ago. It's a brilliant little build and fun little fidget toy on my desk!

  2. Wait your the LEGOfolk man I never expected to see you here It a pleasure to meet ya but I was wondering if your aware of a person who stole your prototype design and didn’t credit ya

  3. Hi. Yes I know of that but thanks for telling me anyway. I really wish they would've credited me, I'm tired of people saying I stole Gametoons' design even though it's my own creation. :\

  4. Tell me about it but I had a question are you planning of copyright striking them or will you just leave it

  5. It's not worth the hassle so I'm just going to leave it alone. Besides it was cool seeing my design in their cartoons, I just wish they had credited me for it.

  6. Sun damage! Supposedly there are ways to fix it with peroxide or other techniques, I've never tried any of them but you could google them.

  7. Try a different browser and/or different device if you can. Or clear history/cache as others have suggested. Or try the "Forgot username/password?" options to reset access.

  8. It's good of you to be so considerate of him. I would second what a lot of others have already said and reach out to offer him more money, whatever you think is fair. Or I'm sure he'd be very happy if you bought him the set he's saving up for, or that plus something bonus.

  9. Hey bud. Thanks. I will likely figure something out along these parameters. Where I don't know if I'll return everything, unfortunately sometimes some people make mistakes, but I will offer a set or reimbursement to provide a learning opportunity and help. But I will be reaching out and offer to buy the set or sets that he wants. I don't think I'll be selling his collection anywhere else. At least not for the time being as I have a great job and I don't really desperately need the money from these figures. and some of these figures I never thought I would even look upon, and now I have them.

  10. oh cool! A fan in the wild! Glad you like the MOCs. All the ones you mention were passion projects of mine and I'm pleased to hear others like you are enjoying them so much.

  11. I'm so confused right now..... but anyway the Technic parts are likely all hidden/internal inside of Bowser. I just looked at some pics of the Bowser set and there's nothing obviously Technic that I can see (except maybe in the joints, notably the shoulders).

  12. I did the (crude) math once out of curiosity and the short answer is no, it would likely not be cheaper to BrickLink the parts*. Your best bet is to buy the actual set.

  13. So I wanted the 6291437-1 Sakura Tree but there are limited sellers and it is anywhere from $55 - $100 plus shipping from overseas. I bought the pieces on Bricklink for $16.06 plus $4 shipping.

  14. haha well I guess for smaller models like that it makes sense, especially if the asking price is currently $55-100 (which is insane).

  15. because the kids look a little weird (they kinda look like adults?), plus we know Mommy Long Legs and Huggy Wuggy as horrific monsters, so it's unsettling to see them hanging out with children. To someone unfamiliar with the game the poster might seem pleasant, but to us it's horrifying because some neurons in our brains are screaming out that the kids are in danger

  16. As others have mentioned, take another look around and see if it was just misplaced in your room. I've never had a missing part from a set but I've had a number of situations where I THOUGHT a part was missing because it was still stuck in the bag. Check your bags again.

  17. Definitely. If you have the set fully (or mostly) intact and it's in good condition, people will almost certainly buy it. I resell sets regularly to make room for new ones! Just don't expect to get a lot of money per sale.

  18. So I should leave it assembled or disassemble it?

  19. I would say just leave it assembled, it's not worth your time to dismantle it. Plus that way when people come to pick it up or ask for pictures, you can show them the actual built set to confirm what you're selling. Some people might be sus if you list a bunch of baggies of parts.

  20. 3PO looking like if Bender and Homer Simpson combined DNA

  21. I do like the design tho—it has a unique charm!

  22. It's not a crime if you're doing it for your own benefit or the benefit of a loved one. I would never glue my own LEGO together, but if I were in your shoes I wouldn't hesitate to glue my kid's stuff together if it helped him enjoy the sets more!

  23. Might I suggest a 1 x 2 Tile for the eyes instead? Much less goofy, no offense meant.

  24. not sure I get what you mean, like having a vertical rectangle in the centre of each eye? I don't think that would fit with the shape of the brow wedges.

  25. Maybe in the rear body, and then transmit the power with some axles and universal joints. I'm confident there's a way to make it work ;)

  26. oh probably, by better Technic engineers than me tho :p

  27. It’s beautiful but, can it do the beep boop beep boop beep boop from the trailer? Also, what that hole in the front for?

  28. haha I wish I could add sounds and motors into it. The hole at the front is for the neck to tilt downward when it switches between standing and sitting position. I tried to fill it in as much as possible but unfortunately it needs that much clearance to rotate properly.

  29. My local LEGO store has/had tons about a month ago, I scooped up a few for my nephew. You could also try smaller, independent toy stores if you have any nearby. I have one in my city that still has genuinely retired sets from several years ago.

  30. oh I had no idea. I guess that helps to explain its scarcity, I always just assumed it was hard to find "because Clone Wars".

  31. Seems like you may have already made up your mind with the Everyone Is Awesome set, which is a solid choice. But if you're ok spending a little more than $40 I strongly suggest the 31129 Majestic Tiger set (it's $49.99). Creator 3-in-1 sets are generally good builds for their price point, and the Tiger is hands-down my favourite of that line.

  32. As others mention, it comes down to licensing. The Mario sets seem to be popular so fingers-crossed we'll get more Nintendo LEGO themes, but I wouldn't be surprised if all we ever get is Mario.

  33. As someone else pointed out, set 40460 is much better. But if you're set on the exact one in your picture, try BrickLink. Maybe you'll find the actual set for sale, but you're probably better off just figuring out the parts you need then ordering them individually. It would probably cost you only a few bucks to get separate parts on BrickLink.

  34. Really cool ! Maybe try making the sword that he used in the event

  35. oh good call! I was just so excited to finish the mech I didnt think of weapons/accessories haha

  36. I was going to scroll past but that’s actully so cool. I don’t really care about fortnite but it’s just too cool not to acknowledge.

  37. I did make a Daisy based on the first Chapter 2 trailer, I'm thinking about revisiting it now that we've gotten a better look at the art/statues in Chap 2.

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