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  1. I can just share that while appreciation does exist, and may or may not outpace inflation, I consider the rental income itself the security in real estate. Rent goes up with inflation, and generally keeps pace with insurance, taxes, etc.

  2. This is the stupidest shit I see people post. Like this is how you tell me you need to wear a helmet to walk around outside.

  3. No. Don’t let them try. We always win, but I don’t want to go through the camps.

  4. Why do we have a bunch of crazies running all of a sudden? I don’t ever remember elections being this bad.

  5. You aren’t old enough to remember the tea party?

  6. I wouldn’t go so far as to decide for people what their beliefs are because of political or apolitical alignment.

  7. You don’t have to. They tell you what their political, and ethical alignment is when they are tolerant of, or undecided on fascism.

  8. This just in, redditor believes ethics are binary and absolute. More shocking news at 11.

  9. You don’t feel comfortable sharing the date and location of a public event? Ok man. Thanks. I’ll just google it.

  10. I’m not sure what you mean by “reading thoughts” but visiting happens between any 2 sensates who are in the same cluster or have made eye contact.

  11. Nice. Keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times. It can be a wild ride.

  12. Doesn't Russia have quite a few more soldiers than Ukraine anyway? I read Ukraine had 900K in total including reserves, while Russia has 900K active, 2M with the reserves

  13. Some 700,000 Ukrainian soldiers are now actively participating in defending the country, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a televised interview on Saturday.

  14. And that Russian number keeps dropping for some reason…

  15. There's a very good chance that I was there that day. Grandpa worked at Pt. Mugu and dragged me along to the air show every year.

  16. And yet you didn’t post this video did you? Pathetic. It’s ok. Let’s hear the excuses about how you were only 6 years old at the time…

  17. You better hope your mom was fucking the mailman, otherwise you have pathetic genes.

  18. Interesting or not it's about winning wars and that surface plane is neither efficient nor effective. And I bet it costed a fortune.

  19. Having been the “son” in this relationship… I’m hoping some motherfucker will. For the kids sake.

  20. This isn’t a problem. It was just your frontal lobe back there. You weren’t using it anyway.

  21. Good coffee is easier to find now, but the overwhelming majority of “gourmet” coffee now is over roasted crap, that is then flavored and sweetened in order to make it palatable.

  22. This is about continuing to keep things bad so they can blame democrats. It only works because their base are complete idiots.

  23. Uhh, Prolly cuz they're the same thing

  24. Now tell us how our votes don’t matter and we shouldn’t be bothered. You get a bonus for that right comrade?

  25. Had another agent give verbal acceptance. Then sat on the offer for 5 days, saying the sellers were "traveling" and "these things take more time".

  26. It really depends how long they have been in the business. If they have enough experience and are just taking a side listing - cool. If they have like 3 years of experience and decided to open up a “boutique” brokerage and play business person… those are always trouble.

  27. My husbands grandmother pushes for gun control … she hates guns and hates the fact we have them. Meanwhile I’m a black woman in N. Florida, I don’t know when the next racist clown is going to fuck with me.

  28. I’m a trans lesbian. I won’t even set foot south of the Mason / Dixon. Much less get all the way to Florida.

  29. When every second counts, the cops are just minutes away...

  30. The "wrong side" of any issue is subjective. But regardless, that's not what I'm referring to. I'm talking about them working on legislation that has a positive impact on our profession.

  31. Yes, that is a great observation! Good job! But they are still on the wrong side for profession which is real estate isn’t it?

  32. I own that same pot! The fact that it is supposed to be a chafing dish explains why it makes such a mediocre fondu pot!

  33. I mean, the irony here is that this really is the root of so much of America's problems with race and poverty - if the US had not been founded on principles that treated human beings as livestock, that abused Africans for centuries through forced labor and chattel slavery, that continued to oppress them after slavery ended through segregation and redlining and race riots and the drug war... we'd have a completely different country.

  34. White folks in America owe a dept we can’t pay, and the interest alone is staggering.

  35. Kinda late to the discussion but which shows do they offer in size 13? I’ve been looking at their website and seems like their size only goes up to 12 now :/

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