1. I mean, i am no woman but i want a friend like that

  2. Welp the ivory king and the bed of chaos wont die alone, time to work

  3. Just saying but i find the painted one yummier

  4. Wouldn’t matter if it was Fischer price. One weeks pay is probably quadruple most peoples’ annual salary

  5. If no one is sitting there, mind ur own business.

  6. Say probably someone that put his feet on other seats just because they are empty and dont care if they other people uncomfortable while doing so

  7. He is referring to 1000 hours of game play as "one game" impliying that civ games are really long(and they are)

  8. Ah, missed that part. Thanks. Tho playthroughs of civ vi seem short to me lol. What was the first joke? The 1/47 reflecting I guess the length of a war in the game?

  9. Probably also how a lot of people withouth actual expirience try to say how to win a war with a lot unfouded confidence

  10. I fail to see the problem, it looks like they're turning it into better seating when it wasn't intended for that in the first place.

  11. Do tell me that is some kind of sarcastic joke

  12. Dont like the hairstyle other than that if the character is the same i dont have that much of a problem with it

  13. Thanks with this i at last would be able to play again xD my problem was that my data gets corrupted each time the dowload stops when lets says the electricity on my zone is gone or my internet signal gets cut off too

  14. Na, my boy Todd just dont like loud people

  15. Probably they will scale some pokemon, but not all

  16. Fact is, I don't know the origins of this video. There could be 10 exceptions that prove me wrong. I'd prefer I was. But on the face of it, this is not normal behaviour. I prefer your version, to that of a starving cat. I do find this video shocking for its abnormality. I'm operating.on likelihood. None of my cats though, have had a history of being strays.

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