1. It’s not hard to see that Marlo would burn out soon. Slim Charles saw it and the Greeks are supposed to be super smart so I don’t get why they would be so rash. Bro literally gets caught on the first shipment.

  2. I feel like they knew he would. Gave him just enough room to mess up for lack of a better expression.

  3. Is Florida just a republican experiment at this point?

  4. He probably planned it. He’s a planner.

  5. The absolute worst part of filling out loan apps on these useless aggregator sites is that they also sell your info to bill collectors and collections agencies!🤬

  6. Original by a mile. I get the cancel culture but Oliver gave good, relevant and sometimes funny AF critiques! Chris-meh but Dave was entertaining. Remember to live mas! 🤑

  7. She said “what would I look like with a kid somewhere?” At least she’s open about everyone’s kids being “somewhere”.

  8. Lol oh and BTW let's have another one!

  9. He SAID red with black soles and yellow stitching dammit!😂👟👟👟

  10. Are you sure it’s not built in gratuity for large groups?

  11. For those asking for brand, OP doesn't know it. This picture and even caption, are stolen from another site, from 3 years ago. OP cropped out the watermark.

  12. I got a feeling that’s her cover for not paying the rent….Like she spent the rent on the hotels, pizzas and boat ride but idk.

  13. I mean is anyone worried that FOX doesn’t have $500k?😂

  14. They just tryna get sum’n to eat…😂😂

  15. I agree but also would be on edge if I was brought to the US only to find my sponsor is slinging.

  16. There is being on edge and then there is tracking, calling, screaming, hitting. That’s a whole unnecessary level. She could have left

  17. https://giphy.com/gifs/sG4zmff2zDOp7t2MNA

  18. Blair Witch car chase! “I’m SCARED”😂

  19. Of coouurse! That explains it! Dang it Jihoon.

  20. It was a case of them trying too hard. What got me was the blind judging in the finale and the absolute shock of the judges, which makes me think even more their critiques aren't as altruistic as they want us to believe. I think there should be more blind judging, but that would probably not let them keep some people around as long as they want to.

  21. I honestly appreciated the new judges, except for Joel. I think they needed to keep Dave. He's so charismatic and real. Joel felt really clunky and forced.

  22. I wonder who people picked Joel and why? Did Dave pick him, were there auditions? Was Joel a huge fan and knew someone?

  23. He’s passionate as hell. It occasionally goes too far. I remember that scene in s10 when he’s railing Steve about weak artistry on a flash challenge. That contrast you mentioned was on full display when he asked Ant’s opinion and he replied “it could’ve been better.”

  24. ❤️ this comment , “I want my secks” “you’re a user” and “I go dere for you” are used by me all the time 😂😂😂

  25. just go into target if your store is one with an ulta inside and there is a free sample bin that is marked that you may take from

  26. Thank you! I figured it was some online program.

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