1. To governments across the globe: IT'S NOT ABOUT LOVE. IT'S ABOUT THE LIVING CONDITIONS.

  2. Then why do third world countries unanimously have higher birth rates? Unless you are implying that living conditions in first world countries are somehow worse.....

  3. Countries where they either work you like dogs with hardly any free time (Asia) or the cost of living is so high that people are opting to not have kids (Europe, US) are struggling with birth rates? OMFG Colour me shocked and shook! /s

  4. Then you have third world countries with both these factors who still manage to have high birth rates. It's mostly not about the economy or the work hours at all, but rather better education and options for birth control that result in lower birth rate. There is an inverse correlation between first world countries and high birth rates. Verify it in Google. Observe the countries with lower birth rates compared to higher birth rates.

  5. Marami naging honor students at naka-grad with latin honors nitong pandemic bc of online classes. Online tools/resources and rampant cheating helped a lot. Yung mga inakala mo ring hindi magiging academic achiever, napasama sa honor list

  6. Sadly, employers are picking up on this too, so many understandably have a bias against those who graduated post-pandemic.

  7. Parang ang childish minsan ng dialogue ng Persona 5. Tbh di ko na tinapos after 40 hours kasi it came to a point na di ko na masikmura.

  8. What are your staple performance songs?

  9. People who immigrate here are more likely to be in poverty, but are fundamentally different in a lot of aspects from non-immigrants. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to get a green card/visa etc etc and these people are driven, disciplined, likely have a supportive community, likely came from successful backgrounds in their home country so their kids will have a lot of these traits/ they will pass down these traits (culturally and genetically) to their children

  10. Eh. Asian culture really places a high value in education and conformity even in the mainland. There are people here who literally commit suicide because of academic failure and the fear of disappointing their parents. In the Philippines (my country), education is seen as extremely important because it is a way either to get out of poverty or to continue one's family's line of success. Maybe the reasons are different for other Asian countries, but most Asian countries are united in that front.

  11. And rapists rape because they want to dominate a person so they can feel powerful in a twisted show of force. Some because they want to humiliate someone (ex. prison rape). All crimes technically have a reason; the question is whether they are justifiable.

  12. Sure... but the guy I was responding to originally said

  13. Yeah, I guess it all comes down to semantics. I think what he meant is no valid reason rather than no reason at all.

  14. For some reason, I think her voice doesn't suit her face. The girl in this picture looks like she'd have a deep voice. Also, she's not cute but more like beautiful, and I have always envisioned Tali to be more cute than beautiful. I also wish that she looked more alien too. I mean, there is a way to make aliens look attractive but instead they went for the 'human but in face paint' route. Boring.

  15. While I think the photo is generally fine, this is basically my exact criticism, even the point about the voice not matching. Are you my spirit animal? What do you think about

  16. It's great! I would definitely have preferred this design. She looks alien but still beautiful- and cute!-in an otherworldly and unconventional way so the design will appease both those who want Tali to look more alien and those who want her to be attractive by human standards. Also, I think this face will suit her voice more. Definitely one of my favorite recreations.

  17. Yep. Not to mention, it's disrespectful to the victim and their families when you're just watching it for no other reason than morbid curiosity. How would you feel if your relative died a violent death and the video was posted to gore sites for strangers to watch?

  18. This question was originally posted by someone else (not the OP and judging by Reddit demographics, probably a Westerner) on Askreddit and OP decided to make a PH edition of it here.

  19. Na hindi special sa mga Filipino ang kalokohan/kabastusan. In short, stop the self-hate (na sobrang common dito sa subreddit na ito). The original thread on AskReddit literally has thousands of comments already.

  20. I’d do the same. I could easily take the life of a man that hurts my children

  21. Shang from Mulan was one of my first crushes as a kid.

  22. I would say that the Big Bang and our understanding of what time and space actually are kinda argues for God.

  23. Hell, the person who originally formulated the theory is a Catholic priest named George Lemaitre.

  24. A 16 year old should be open to changing their mind.

  25. I am, just not about drugs/alchohol. I can't even think of 1 reason I would believe those things to be good in any way so why would I risk ruining my life over MAYBE having a few more friends/social experiences?

  26. Don't listen to all the peer pressure, man. You know yourself and your situation best. You must choose your own path.

  27. From his post, it seems many of his relatives became addicted. The kid wants to break the cycle completely. That's good for him. He knows himself, his tendencies, and his family best. Some people find that steering clear from such things are the best for their situation, while some find that such things are good for them in moderation. Both of these paths are valid.

  28. Itlog na pula na may kasamang kamatis. Simple but flavorful.

  29. Thank you so much for the thorough response! If you are open to answering more questions (I'm sorry; this is the last batch, I promise!), may I ask how competitive the industry is? Does your organization have a lot of applicants?

  30. Competitive? Depends on how famous the NGO would be. There are a lot of underrated NGOs and non-profit organizations that give their workers a suitable work-and--life balance. Some NGOs are over-demanding especially if they have manpower shortages, which can make a lot of volunteers and workers have burn-outs. I remember reading some Reddit posts about NGO workers being frustrated with how over-demanding their work can be. So yeah, tsambahan lang talaga sa NGO sometimes.

  31. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and wisdom to me. I wish you all the best in your career and personal life.

  32. Oh, well then count my question as a compliment. I've literally been searching for ages for a lipstick shade the color of your natural lips (I can't achieve the same shade when I wear clear gloss because I have darker skin). Guess I'll search for longer. Anyway, thank you!

  33. Hello! May I know what your lipstick and shade is in this picture?

  34. Taylor Swift's version of September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. All the soul just evaporated from the song.

  35. Affordable, bullet, light pink (almost nude) lipstick?

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