1. I think you’re SG over TR. I don’t see double curve on you, but of course you can borrow TR details as long as you stick to your lines!

  2. Thank you!! If you don’t mind elaborating where is the line between SG and TR lines?

  3. Sure, they both need curve accommodation although I’d say TR more so because they’re primarily romantics. They both also accommodate petite and detail looks good on both of them however SG detail is more animated and TR more ornate. SG also needs to break the line whereas TR would avoid stark contrast between top and bottom bc their silhouette is more fluid with just a touch of sharpness. I used to think I was SG and have now realized I am TR and I use a lot of the same clothes I just create a different overall look if that makes sense

  4. Interesting and has defo confirmed that I think I’m SG then! I just never resonated with the girlish vibe of it x

  5. So I ended up wearing the check skirt and I THOUGHT the fact that that looked so much better compared to the black skirt pushed me away from being SG because it’s not one of the classic ~structured stiffer gamine items~ and I lean pretty heavily towards clingier items but

  6. I could see just some little “living” touches making a huge difference - as other people have said, depends what the space is used for. I actually like the symmetry so maybe a pair of matching side tables, a nice magazine rack kinda thing, and an area rug in a red or an orange?

  7. Okami- Not exactly COAD but you play as a God who is in the form of a wolf in ancient Japan. Has a similar vibe to the Legend of Zelda series and everything about it is amazing; the story, the characters, the artwork. Plus there's a designated bark button!

  8. I used a converse backpack all the way through uni, did the trick perfectly and great for heavy stuff as the straps are really cushioned! It’s not the most fun looking but it does the trick

  9. All the current interns/residents are annoying and feel lazily written except the recent Schmitt arc there’s no nuance to their characters or dynamics like there has been in the past - they all just feel flat

  10. Rooms that are completely REdecorated ie furniture and everything replaced all at the same time. Looks cohesive, fine, but always feels like it lacks character and depth! I feel like there should always be hooks to the people living in a space and that should carry through different redecorates x

  11. I think Michelle is aware of the fan service element and won’t kill renn or torak - but that leaves Wolf and fin Kedinn vulnerable!! I think if Wolf dies it’ll be Saving torak, same goes for fin kedinn so it’ll be bittersweet. I also can see Wolf dying but pebble dark fur etc surviving and torak and renn sticking with them for Wolf. That kind of thing ! I wish it would just be a nice story of the pack vibing in the forest with no drama 😭

  12. Id pick out one of the sagey shades in the rug!!

  13. Do you know what - I really love Lana in outfits that maybe wouldn’t typically suit FN - like her little stage outfits with the mini skirts, a line dresses, stuff that really emphasise her hips I think really suits her. Playing up to her Kibbe width rather than accommodating it! 😍

  14. Can you inform your type id by looking at what kind of clothes you wear? I think I’m R - BUT I wear a lot of mini skirts, a lines, clingy tight tops, boxy mini dresses, oversize stuff contrasting big / small, chunky clothes - and feel these suit me wayyyy more than the flowy feminine stuff? Even when I wear more feminine dresses they tend to have a bit of a sharp edge to them and I find they complement my shape a lot more? Sounds more maybbeee soft natural to me but idk if I have the frame for it

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