1. “Pollinator is just a regular guy who moved to town for a regular job. Don’t insult him by questioning his unique name, it’s French! And surely you can look beyond his birth defect that causes green skin. Regardless of how obvious his alien origins are, Pollinator will stick to his story. His sole purpose in life is creating endless alien spawn on whatever planet he’s assigned to, and he’s going to accomplish that! Even though there’s endless distractions and he can’t quite figure out the beauty standards of this bizarre place.”

  2. and yes it's only half a lemon because I cut it and used the other half in lemonade first, we don't waste in this house 😌✨

  3. I listed my favorite thing as big titties the first time I played the game (I'm a child and still name my pokemon character things like butthole I am who I am ok) & had no idea how it would come into play later either. The first time I encountered a stardrop I nearly passed away 😭

  4. 13 to 17 million tons of clothing are thrown away every year in the US. We should all be reusing clothes more, for the sake of the planet. There's enough for everyone.

  5. But there isn't always enough for everyone depending on your location and what your needs are. In my area the thrift stores are overflowing with ugly, stained, or just extremely outdated clothes and gross furniture. Poor people should have options to look nice so it IS screwed up when I see people going through the entire store & dropping hundreds to buy all the nice stuff. I don't think this means people who aren't poor shouldn't step foot in a thrift store but people NEED to be more mindful & just leave that nice couch or winter coat for someone who literally couldn't buy it anywhere else.

  6. Yeah, we also need to encourage ppl to donate and recycle instead of just throwing out. People literally throw out new items with tags because it's easier

  7. I'm aware and wasn't saying otherwise. Just wanted to add that because I see way too many people think they can buy $200 worth of clothes from Shein every couple months as long as they donate it.

  8. Elliott is another Stardew Valley character reimagined as a townie, you can download him or find all his CC linked on

  9. I'd ask if they were available to download. Looks like a lot of CC to hunt down though.

  10. Yeah, I can't make Sims anymore without at least using CC skin 😅 But these Sims and all their CC are available to download on

  11. YES. I have zero interest in getting more Sims 4 content just because playing the game almost feels ?? Cluttered ?? Confused ?? And I don't even have all the expansions.

  12. You definitely don't need the Jungle Adventure pack to play with Abigail, but I wanted to give a nod to her love of quartz and wandering the mines in Stardew Valley :) I think she could be the perfect paranormal investigator too! I was fighting for my life trying to make her a cute house with all base game content, so of course ended up adding a liiitttle bit of CC. You can find all the CC I used and download Abigail and her house on my

  13. I'm working on reimagining all the Stardew Valley characters as townies! Download him or get his CC on my

  14. I'm kind of obsessed with making Stardew Valley townies now. You can download them or grab their CC on

  15. this seriously just gave me the inspiration to make my favorite bachelor/ettes in the sims ... i might need to get cottage living to live out the stardew experience

  16. not gonna lie, that's the only reason I got cottage living 😂

  17. "Alex and Haley dated once but quickly learned the only thing they had in common was a meticulous skincare regimen. That didn't stop them from moving in together to avoid paying full price for an apartment. Haley longed for more photography opportunities and Alex desired a change in scenery to explore his sexuality, so leaving their small town together only felt sensible."

  18. Ngl, I wouldn't object to EA paying you to create a Stardew kit/pack/expansion that has everyone from Stardew Valley. I only play vanilla now, so I'd be all over this pack.

  19. Maybe when I'm done making everyone I'll build all their houses and make the save file available to download!

  20. “Maru is a clever and ambitious woman who created a fully functioning Servo Bot despite being the youngest person in her field. Unfortunately, spending every free moment tinkering with robotics lead to her lagging behind in other aspects. Will Maru learn to make time for other people or will Servo stay her only friend?”

  21. My first step to reimagining all Stardew Valley characters as townies because I'm obsessed 😇 You can download the family and their house or just grab the CC on my

  22. This is seriously my favorite style of furniture and decor, I love my trashy (affectionate) Sims 😂❤️

  23. I find it interesting that she still has a really thin neck and face, and wrists. And fairly small ankles too. Like if you cover her body, you cant tell shes overweight. I think it sends a weird message 🤷‍♀️

  24. I literally maxed out the body sliders in all directions in an attempt to create an actually fat sim, but the proportions & options EA gave us make that impossible. I honestly didn't think about changing the face, since I'm plus size and didn't experience many changes to my face with my weight gain, it wasn't an attempt to recreate beauty standards. Also, I personally don't think we have to love our bodies, I think we have to stop shaming and stigmatizing fat people for existing. You don't have to "embrace obesity" to mind your business ✨ Just wanted to attempt some fat representation since I know I enjoy seeing other fat people lookin cute and enjoying themselves 😇 Unfortunately the tools EA gave us aren't great for that lol & I totally agree there's rampant body image issues here!

  25. I never said to not give your opinion, I was responding to it and giving my perspective that "embracing obesity" isn't necessary to be respectful and clarifying it wasn't the goal of this post. Because that is how conversations and open forums work, as you pointed out.

  26. how do you get her to adopt every child the mods try to throw away?

  27. She never officially adopts them! I just move all the unwanted kids into her house 😂

  28. oh! haha. how do you decide who the unwanted kids are?

  29. Children that were total accidents I had no part in creating and I feel like don't fit into a family's story. Like sometimes because of Wicked Whims autonomy and random people getting it on in public lots, Judith Ward will have a baby with Knox Greenburg or something and it seems so out of place 😂 Sometimes I love it and it adds just the right amount of randomness but other times I'm not on board hahaha.

  30. It's likely there's plenty of people telling the truth but I've also watched fake sugar baby youtubers suggest this tactic to people 🥴 Tell men on SA and dating apps you're coming to their city soon so there's time to rope them in over texting/phone calls. Then ask them to cover the cost of travel/utilities/etc.

  31. Yes!! You can use the spell necrocall to bring ghosts out of their graves, but at a higher level you can learn dedeathify which turns them human again!

  32. I think you’re being very dismissive. ‘Nobody develops disorders because they grew body hair’ who are you to say what people are conscious about or not? Great that it doesn’t affect you like that but it could affects others badly.

  33. You can think that but I was in no way implying it doesn't have negative impacts on people! Yall can keep ignoring what I actually said tho have a good night 💖 Didn't think it was controversial to say 1. hating body hair isn't comparable to disabling hormone issues and reproductive problems 2. body hair is something people much more commonly experience regardless of sex or health 😭

  34. You said ‘no one develops disorders because they grew body hair’ that is both dismissive and offensive to people who struggle with that. You don’t know what other people go through, or what affects them. You completely dismissed the idea that anyone could be that affected. You then proceeded to use your own experiences of not being affected to justify that and whats more you then followed that with a laughing emoji? Do you really not see how offensive your whole post reads? I think you have a lot of learning to do if you cannot see how offensive your post could be, especially with the use of the skull emoji and the laughing emoji. All in all a very disrespectful and disappointing response to what could be a really sensitive issue to somebody.

  35. I definitely could have phrased my comments more politely but I never said no one was affected by it. Hating your body hair is not a disorder. It is not comparable to the very common, disabling issues people have tied to their periods. I also literally said I have been affected by hating my body hair and being bullied for it and I get what people are saying?? These are some big assumptions based predominantly off impolite emoji use. Anyway. I'm going to go enthusiastically touch grass.

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