1. Haven’t started meds yet. Last time my dr checked thyroid they said it was fine, but I’m still experiencing all of these symptoms

  2. Oh well then, I guess the anxiety meds have kicked in!

  3. My wife hid it from me. I watched her die slowly from cirrhosis, while I was in shock blaming myself for not catching it. She died seven months ago and I found ANOTHER empty bottle hidden just last week.

  4. When my aunt died my cousins found 87 bottles hidden around her house. I SO don’t want my kids to have to go through that!

  5. I have a big job in a small town so am really not keen on going to a meeting in person, if there even is one here. Could somebody share - again, sorry! - the link to online meetings?

  6. I can relate—I am a teacher in a small town which added to my hesitation to actually go. The people I met tonight are so empathetic and only out to support you!

  7. I looked and there's one meeting a week here. I guess the other members would be helpful in between?

  8. Well, that's verrrry exciting ! Good luck to you - you'll be great!

  9. If it's Friday it must be Beat Bobby Flay night!

  10. Thai food and Great British Bake-Off! Hot cocoa to drink tonight.

  11. One of the lovely Hashimoto's perks. Not! 😉

  12. I wouldn't want meds without symptoms and I doubt your doctor would push them. What's the rest of your thyroid panel like?

  13. Since the anxiety got worse the more and longer you drank, do you think the alcohol caused the anxiety? So if you stop the alcohol the anxiety may go away?

  14. I have not had a drink since 2016. My anxiety has gotten worse year after year since I stopped drinking.

  15. Oh sorry! I completely misread that!

  16. Maybe Fading Affect Bias killed your 8+ months? William Porter talks alot about it in Alcohol Explained.

  17. I do this. I have a cup of water and my synthroid pill on my night table. I take it anytime between 3 and 5 and go right back to sleep. My alarm goes off at 6.

  18. I just watched it on YouTube. How is even legal? Gack. Very well presented.

  19. My doctor said it's like a positive/negative test. Your level can be 100 or 100,000, same thing and you're not any sicker the higher it is

  20. Happy to have you! Pull up a chair and stick around. Lots of wisdom here. 😀

  21. It was fine. I was on a low dose and hadn't been on it for long. I learned to keep in mind that the people who post here are mostly those who have had bad experiences. Read everything through that lens!

  22. Impressive moves girlie - woohooooo!

  23. So sorry about your friend. I don't think he/she would want you to have just one. ❤

  24. Tbf Steve-O's wine habits were the least of his problems, that dude had his hallucinations holding an intervention for him before he went to rehab

  25. I know. The point was, he was saying he was glad that he didn't waffle about whether he had a problem, like bottle of wine a night drinkers might, because his was blatantly obvious.

  26. Oh my bad, I completely missed your point.

  27. I have covid brain. I reread it and it didn't quite say what I meant!

  28. I live in your province. Going to be hard on restaurants that are just getting back on their feet. I bet the stores were busy today.

  29. I had quit for 9 days then got covid. It's made week 2 pretty easy. 😅

  30. I mean this in the most supportive way possible: nothing is going to change unless you want to, for yourself and no one else-- especially some random guy on the beach. I've come to believe that substance use and abuse exists on a pretty big spectrum and what feels perfectly "normal" to one person may feel pretty fucking unsustainable for another. I'd call on you to look inward and ask yourself honestly if those few beers everyday are getting in the way of you living an enjoyable life. How badly are the effecting your health? Your relationships? Your job? etc. Being really honest about these things is the impetus for change.

  31. The dude was drunk, and I think he was very much looking at himself and his own drinking and trying, yes drunkenly rudely, to get his point across to someone he may have seen as his younger self. Drunks are often out of line.

  32. E xactly what I was thinking. Well put.

  33. Alcohol isn't your best friend dear Henry. It's your mortal enemy, and in the wise words of Allen Carr - "don't mourn the death of your mortal enemy". I get sad reading painful posts like yours, especially how music isn't helping. How about learning a new song on the piano. Something fun?

  34. Thanks! Great way to start the day!

  35. Thanks! Great way to start the day!

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