Be me, sitting in my car, having lunch. Watched a woman hit the pole. Called police on me. Claimed I moved the pole to cause her to get into an accident. Had to stay for an hour while the incident was investigated.

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  1. Yeah it felt like a cop out to threaten his sobriety like that and then use it as a plot device to introduce Catherine's cancer advancing

  2. Literally just watched this scene, my mother and I both looked at each other in shock that Bokhee spoke

  3. Final copy Final copy 2 Final final copy Final final final copy

  4. From the screenshot, a lot less electricity was generated than demanded (14.7 vs 15.08). What happens to pricing when that happens? Asking for a friend from Texas ….

  5. Usually it means we import from a jurdisdiction with cheap power (like Quebec), often while selling power to high cost jurisdictions like Michigan - which Quebec can’t sell to directly - often at the same time. Right at this moment we are importing about 2000MW and exporting about 1700MW.

  6. Quebec averages about 7.3¢ per kWh thanks to government ownership and the relatively cheap cost of hydro electric generation

  7. In Quebec electricity is almost exclusively done through Hydro Quebec, which is government run. The rates can't be changed arbitrarily, any rate increase must be approved by the provincial parliament

  8. Lol, my buddies did something similar, they saw a guy they knew park and run into a McDonald's, the moved one of the concrete sign bases in front of his car and watched when he came out and was confused about how it got there and how to move it. There was a cop in the drivethru watching the whole thing and laughing

  9. Turkey is an excuse for turkey gravy, and garlic mashed potatoes, and dressing/stuffing

  10. Poutine without curds is not poutine, also it is not pronounced poo-teen, it's puts-in

  11. I just want them to get back to the original concept of the channel and actually try new things. My favorite videos of theirs in recent history have been things like the waxing video, the driving a big wheeler video, etc. I also obviously love the Without A Recipe vids. Otherwise, most of their content is pretty meh.

  12. Everything being closed for 2 years hurt them. They did a good series on the official Olympics YouTube channel last year trying different sports

  13. To be fair to baby fever Owen, the episode where he took care of Harriet for the day rather than take her to daycare was hilarious, especially the diaper change

  14. As a healthcare worker, I was baffled by the confusion of some people not knowing what a code black is in the episode. They work there! They should know!

  15. Doctor Mike reviewed this episode last week and he was like... it's literally printed on the back of their ID badges

  16. Was she carving her name into the møøse?

  17. Never rock a vending machine. In the US each year, six people are killed being crushed by vending machines. Five of them are insurance appraisers seeing if the vending machine can rock and crush someone.

  18. Legit the reason my uni didn't have vending machines in the Rez buildings, someone was killed years ago

  19. It's still the largest non nuclear man made explosion on record

  20. Now I have a sudden craving for Cheetos…

  21. Oh wow, my buddy just got blown up in minefield, I should probably enter the minefield too

  22. J'ai travaille comme pompiste l'ete 2008, la monde etait assez fache avec les prix a ce date

  23. Well yes...on some..but personality isn't what I'm looking for...other, more visual attributes are what I seek

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