1. Oh nahhhhh. Is it good tho I thought ab getting it bc my girl like harry potter

  2. I'm having fun so far but have only played for an hour or so. Kinda feels like all the other big games, Assassin's Creed and Horizon. Just different combat, and not as ruthless.

  3. They should’ve added some sort of online pvp that would be dope. Wizard fights😭😭😭 it could be like a new wizard version of battlefront 2

  4. Well, yeah, what else would you expect from a team that from the moment Brock went down knew they were going to lose and still have been dealing with assholes telling them they blew it and didn't deserve to be there?

  5. Well tbf I knew you were gonna lose since day 1. Id bet my house that next year yall lose too. Not winners Yall are whiners there’s a difference

  6. First of all it’s dynasty and the chargers would be a dream spot for Bijan after this year.

  7. Just had to remind you, since you were acting like next year was all that would matter for bijan lmao

  8. Nah i get it hes the general consensus #1 pick. Id be happy with jaxson njigba tho hes gonna be a monster

  9. Aside from the fact trophy cards can get all badges, is Tyreke better than RWB? Also Mitchell, Harden?

  10. Idk it’s probly closer then you think but yea I’m taking Tyreke over rwb

  11. Knew he was missing a couple badges but not that many. Kandi is definitely the way to go!

  12. I honestly still think Tyreke is a top 5 or 6 pg in the game but you wont notice a difference between his diamond and pink diamond which isnt the case with kandi

  13. Most people will say no but there are so many free cards that are usable out rn so yea fs ur good

  14. I appreciate Bron helping bring a chip but he’s also put all kinds of weird pressure and requests that strapped our flexibility. He got what he wanted and he couldn’t make it work. He’s done this to every team.

  15. I have watched the 2k league man and played with a pro player. I’m telling you while they are absolutely nasty , it’s a different type of game when controlling 5 players. And I know the guards are nice and would probably give him the toughest time but controlling 5 players is just different. The only way to know would to see them play one another so it’s really a dead end argument.

  16. Im just saying pro am league players have more iq and more skill. It would be 10x easier for a player in the proam league to convert to playing myteam then it would be for tydebo to convert to proam. Its insane the level of iq that these guys have. And ur “pro friend” is probly dogshit there isn’t one pro proam league player that would be playing with randos on this sub like u😭

  17. Lol he’s a former pro 2k league player for Milwaukee Bucks gaming, not pro am. And I’m talking we mess around every once in a while when we’ve gotten together but he tells me that he hates playing 5v5. And I’m not a rando to him lmao, we grew up together and played 2k since we were in middle school. But now it’s clear you have no idea what you’re talking about so go watch some more 2k pro am and worship.

  18. Dude are you a fucking npc?😭😭😭😭 proam is the game mode pro players play god you mfs on this sub need to go back to school fuck..

  19. How exactly did they need mercy? Sorry I haven’t been on in a couple days?

  20. Her movement ability got a nerf from a 1.5 sec cooldown to 2.5 sec and goes 20% when going backwards

  21. We were never getting kyrie - tsai was literally just fucking with us. I’m pretty sure our package would be last compared to the mavs, suns, or clippers

  22. Everything u said is right but I love lonnie for about team man he’s a dog lowkey

  23. I like him too but the team doesn’t use him correctly and we aren’t gonna retain him

  24. Yea id still like to keep him tho. Pat bev needs to go. Honestly our role players are looking better and better each day. Reaves, lonnie, wenyen, rui, thomas b, and troy brown honestly isn’t a terrible supporting cast now we just need Conley, Vanderbilt, and Beasley and we would be nasty

  25. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing focus on yourself and make sure you are living the best life you can by any means necessary

  26. Tobias Harris is not considered a good contract, but he is a solid starter at the wing.

  27. Yea but honestly westbrook is on an equally bad contract and he’s a significantly worse player. So yea they’ll probly need one first to do it. They will also throw in a guy like korkmaz or house or reed but yea they’ll need a first for Russell

  28. All you Westbrook haters have no understanding of an expiring contract. A huge expiring contract has been used as a bonus in so many trades over the years. We can take on several players for one player because of that, and teams want to free up cap for next year.

  29. Yea sure… “Westbrook haters”😭😭😭😭 hes just shit and should’ve never been able to touch this team we could’ve had demar with us and we’d be competing for championships but nah we got Russell shitbrook. And yea we may be able to trade russell for multiple pieces bc of his large contract, but he’s so shitty that we can’t get a trade finalized without throwing in 2 first round picks attached to it. No one want him anywhere near their team and we don’t either…. But I’m a “Westbrook hater” gtfo dummy

  30. Maybe Duncan Robinson and Bertans. But Simmons is right next to them.

  31. No the only one I might add would be dmitch but you don’t have 250 tokens

  32. They would have to severely nerf his damage output though. Most forgot how oppressive Bastion was back in the day when he could survive a Hanzo ult to the face in turret form with nothing but a Mercy pocket...

  33. Bastion would be a better fit for tank honestly. Slow, immobile dps character that can be insane but gets lasered when in turret mode so being a tank with 5-600 health would make him insane

  34. I think a 1v1 with crazy rewards would be fun. Similar to the 1s court in ante up. You can choose any card you want and 1v1 someone. Or there could be tiered matchmaking where you play cards of the same gem color. Like GO 1s, PD 1s, D 1s, etc. also triple threat coop was a good start, now we need some sort of coop clutchtime or unlimited. Imagine running zone with a full team of endgame cards with all your friends playing it like proam but with super sweaty cards. Itd be so fun imo.

  35. Idk haven’t looked into him honestly. Me personally I just know I’m not going to choose him bc I won’t use him i like all my cards to be able to dunk. Im sure he’s a decent card just not for me. Google 2kdb it gives you all the information on every card in the game. Stats, badges, animations the whole 9 yards

  36. And he's cold. I don't know enough about animations to choose anything based on them. Lol

  37. Basically the best animations that actually matter is Michael jordan dribble style (a must), normal leaner (also a must have), quick drop off one dunk package, Lamelo base/Oshae Brissett base/Kuzma base are the best jumpshot bases so any jumpshot with those 3 bases will be nasty also. These are the main animations you should look to have on your cards

  38. On a 6’3 this post would be annoying on a 7’3 this is just classic ridiculous video game shit, can’t be mad at that.

  39. Aye if victor can play like this irl why can’t we in a game meant to be fun🤷🏻‍♂️ also props to this guy bc Ik that stepback he’s using its gross to use I tried it on my 7’2 and its not easy to green consistently “I also don’t use space creator bc I’m a big” but yea that animation is gross to try to time and I consider myself a sweat as an iso guard. Still can’t time that fucking stepback on my big😭

  40. Yea what are they 80 years old now? Gotta appeal to our grandparents out there too Ig

  41. PG is 1-Ben 2-Harden 3-Magic 4-Penny 5-Tyreke SG is 1-Dr. J 2-Scottie 3-Vince 4-Terry D 5-Wiggins SF is 1-Tim 2-Zion 3-Giannis 4-Tatum 5-Lebron

  42. Yea kinda forgot ab him fr. I bought him and badged him out but honestly he didn’t meet my expectations. His shots actually pretty good it’s just weird. Id honestly rather have dirk over tim d tho so yea just change those two

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