1. No. My generation was told we needed to constantly have sex with different people to understand ourselves better. Most people I know regret it. I never did that and I’m glad. If someone is a good person, they won’t make you feel badly for inexperience. If you want to have tons of casual sex, that’s your prerogative, but just be kind to yourself. Don’t sleep with just any loser you come across. I doubt any man goes, “I wish my girlfriend had slept with more men than she has!” Plus, honestly, it’s good to be exclusive. Paris Hilton was known for not sleeping around and she was a major sex symbol.

  2. Atomic Habits! I like the way he helps reframe how to think. It helped me make a few long term changes that I’ve been able to stick with!

  3. What are some long term changes you’ve made, if you don’t mind me asking?

  4. How did it help you? Like did you have a massive shift in perspective or something?

  5. I went to a Finishing School at 14 and the Amy Vanderbilt Book of Etiquette was heavily referenced and it was a mandatory reading.

  6. Anytime you would see a movie star off duty, it was more like “off duty” as the whole thing was carefully orchestrated. No one could craft an image like the studio system, even the best PR team today would pale in comparison to the magic those guys/gals could work. The Star Machine is a great book that goes into more detail.

  7. I think this counts, but K-Pop idols definitely get media training (as well as social media classes, gesture/expression classes to look good candid, etc)

  8. That’s fascinating! Gestures and expressions that look good candid! Id love to learn more about that!

  9. i cut my hair recently to a chin length bob and although i really like it (my bf said it makes me look younger, i’m 22 but apparently looked 25 with my long hair) i’m kinda regretting it despite the websites saying that i would suit it,UGH! thank you, i will definitely try the eyebrow trick since i have slightly rounded eyebrows already! i’ve been told to ditch the contour since i already have a smaller/narrower forehead and prominent cheekbones/narrow chin but is there a specific place where you put your blush that flatters you the most? thank you, again!

  10. What is the eyebrow trick? She deleted her answer!

  11. Your bare face makes you look like the lead of a rom com and very handsome. The makeup one makes you look much older and messes with your naturally nice proportions.

  12. Add some light reflection to the eyes. It will add life

  13. I'm sure that there is an objective ideal, but I think refocusing rather than necessarily "dialing down" humor can go a long way. People like to laugh and like to spend time with people who make them feel good. So the question is whether your humor makes people want to spend time with you.

  14. Yeah, also is your humor the kind that is fun or is it thinly veiled bullying? Like if you’re constantly making someone the butt of all your jokes in a mean way that makes them feel terribly, and you’re always saying mean things and playing it off like “oh it’s just a joke, don’t be so thin-skinned” of course they’d not want to date you, but if you’re funny in a way that isn’t constantly making them feel bad, that’s definitely a plus!

  15. You look great though! Honestly you must have people throwing themselves at you!

  16. I absolutely love the elf cream blush, i have the darkest color I think is called Caribbean something? Not sure off the top of my head but I was hesitant to buy it since it’s so dark and I’m so fair but it looks really really good especially for winter!! It’s a really deep maroon but blends out so nicely. I have the really pink colored one too and I like that for spring!

  17. Wow thank you so much! I’ll have to check out that Elf blush! I love light colors for eyes too!

  18. I like Nars Thrill. I use it lightly. It’s pretty.

  19. Wear a smaller pair of fabric gloves under them! Extra warmth!

  20. What is the name of your “contour”?

  21. I have a suggestion! I’m super pale and I exclusively use the Snow app. It’s a south Asian version of FaceTune but you can turn down/off the edits and it captures pale skin really beautifully

  22. Thank you! Yes my old Galaxy phone was drastically better at capturing pale skin too !

  23. It’s a lot of constant effort! There is a posture subreddit that would probably be more helpful to you than me! Lots of exercises by Yuuka Sagawa on youtube, constantly holding my neck and head where they are supposed to be etc… I don’t feel like the best resource because I still have a ways to go, imo!

  24. Honestly I wish I had known about skincare subreddits. They have helped so much. I kept seeing all these 12 step routines on beauty blogs, and didn’t think I could handle skincare. Places like

  25. Have you tried mewing and chewing to improve jaw muscles? (Check the mewing subreddit and be sure not to chew too much so as to avoid tmj)

  26. How old are you? That might help with responses here!

  27. Well, work hard on your posture and learn to walk elegantly (there was a walk maxxing post on here a while back), do youtube workout videos, continue cutting your own hair (I’ve done so for ten years), avoid sugar and junk food, look for classic elegant clothing at Goodwill and thrift stores, see if you can get your Sephora birthday gift early, try mewing….

  28. Do daily gua sha that should help a lot with puffiness

  29. I don’t know your body composition but I’ve found that gaining lean muscle will help make you look leaner in photos because you’re more sucked in, even if your weight doesn’t change. Pilates, yoga and weight lifting solve a lot of problems imo!

  30. My thing is that I like my proportions currently and am relatively toned. I’m around 37-27-37 and I wouldn’t mind having a smaller waist, but I don’t want to lose my hips and chest.

  31. I have the same problem! I think that having high contrast between hair and skin (in my case almost black hair and super pale skin) makes your face look even flatter on most pictures, like the moon emoji lmao. I have a blonde friend with super soft and round features, even more than mine, but they still translate really well on camera, so I was thinking about lightening my hair to see if maybe that helps a bit!

  32. Yeah I have dark hair too!! The camera must get confused or something! I don’t feel like cameras interpret ultra pale skin very well. My iphone often makes me orange-ish when I have pink undertones. It’s bizarre!

  33. The after is very Audrey Tautou in Priceless!

  34. It’s not normal to bloat that badly? You’re probably eating something that isn’t agreeing with you.

  35. I've watched all the episodes. No spoilers but will be curious about your opinion after you watch a couple more episodes.

  36. Okay, so I felt like Arabella was somewhat wasted and the final episode did not feel like a season finale? I didn’t enjoy her but she had so little screen time. And it bothered me that she wasn’t more evil in a way? It would have been so cool if she had been a criminal mastermind, like a Moriarty type! Also, it’s crazy to me that William is always on Eliza’s case for not behaving like a woman of her time, and yet he goes for Arabella, who is also doing a traditionally male job?? She didn’t bother me as much after the hotel episode, because I’m rooting more for Nash to be with Eliza at this point, which I never expected!

  37. Did you think Arabella intentionally invited William and Eliza to tea at the same time to show her (Arabella's) "ownership" of William? The previous scene William went on and on about Eliza this and that, that the tea seemed mean and it clearly made Eliza and William uncomfortable.

  38. Oh I absolutely felt like she did that on purpose, but honestly, it just sort of fizzled away right? Nobody discussed it after? Like shouldn’t they have had more than one incident like that in the episode or something? I also noticed they put Arabella in some gaudy ugly outfits!

  39. What shape are you hoping to achieve? Are you doing the right kinds of exercises for that? For instance, Ballet Beautiful will get you a lot more lean and elegant vs weight lifting. How is your posture? Are you sitting upright without slouching. If you are in really poor postural positions all of the time, your muscles will adapt to slouchy positions. If you lift up through your waist while sitting, elongating your torso, you body will look better, etc. Some people bulk up more than others when they do heavy lifting. I know people are always saying it doesn’t happen, but that’s not true. Stuff like ballet beautiful gets you lean pretty fast, and it’s more brutal than you’d expect.

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