1. The intro SCREAMS 00s hacker movie closing credits and I love it! Very well-chosen synth sounds and I love the techno feel of the whole track. When you come in with the drums before the end, personally I'd have gone for a slightly busier 'Funky Drummer' style break, but that's just my opinion. I also think the drums could do with being more of a 'surprise' at the start, and you could maybe lead with a fill instead of a repeat snare hit. That's just my opinion though, it's a fantastic track either way! Great job.

  2. Great bass fill! A different drum pattern would make it sound more interesting, though. The bass needs to be louder (or you need to add some kind of harmonic content) because it’s quite top-heavy, frequency wise. The drums could use a little taming, they’re snappy (which is awesome) but a little clicky for my taste. The melody is good but you need to use it a little less (bring it in for choruses only, maybe), and maybe choose a slightly more ‘dirty’ synth preset. Overall a good track that could be a great one if you mix it a little more aggressively. Keep up the good work!

  3. I sucked at it! I spent a solid hour on the first level alone. But I liked it. A lot. I loved the graphics, I loved the music, and I absolutely loved how it refused to make life any easier for me. I’d been playing a lot of boring AAA titles where there’s too much handholding, and Hotline Miami took all of that away. It was a game where I felt I wasn’t being treated like an idiot. I was bad at it for a long time. I spent hours on each level, and very slowly, I got a hell of a lot better. A+ on every level on the original and I’m currently playing through hard mode on HLM2.

  4. It’s well produced, but something in the harmony isn’t sitting quite right. There’s a bit of a disconnect between the chords and vocals. Other than that, solid production and a really fun track. Keep it up!

  5. Man… the old school vibe on this is amazing! Really wonderful slow groove. If I had to offer any ‘criticism’, it’s that you could loosen up the timing a little. That’s all though! Keep up the great work.

  6. This is a really great song! Not a fan of the higher vocals at the start, but once they go away it’s a really nice track. Good vocal processing and guitars. Keep it up!

  7. Very nice groove and track. I like the buildup and the dynamics a lot. If I had to give one point of 'critique' it is that I feel it sounds a little too clean. This is ofcourse a matter of taste. Maybe try to experiment with a few lofi sounds to create a little bit more texture. But this is just my taste, the groove and melody are ace. Well done!

  8. Thank you very much! I didn't do an awful lot of processing on it. I'll give it a more professional mix (with vocals), seeing as it's got a pretty good reception so far!

  9. Great track. Solid mix and good structure. I could see this being good royalty free background music or it could even be used as the instrumentation for a pop song a la dua lipa. Keep it up!

  10. Thank you very much! Might do a remix with new drums and some vocals.

  11. thank you! or your list of bands i am only aware of Tycho and a huge fan of that project.

  12. Oh cool! I have Analog Lab as well. I hadn't thought about running it through guitar pedals! That other song is awesome! Love your Bass VI. I make synth stuff (I posted fairly recently) but I love the sounds you're getting! The only thing I will say is keep doing what you're doing. You're getting great sounds out of all your gear.

  13. gave bonsai a listen and responded.. listening to raincoat now... I would love to learn how to do that vibe... overall i want to make more chil synth music but i always tend to make things driving and climactic (which is great, but i want to personally challenge myself in that regard)

  14. Thanks for the feedback! The secret to the 80s sound is reverb. Big, gauzy reverb over your pads, a nice, splashy snare and a couple of nice suspended chord voicings go a long way. Four to the floor LinnDrum kick and a straight 8 sidechained bassline help too. In terms of the actual hardware, the whole track was made on a Roland JV-1080 I processed in Logic Pro. The 1080 is a pretty cool piece of kit- you can grab them for around $250. Analog Lab has plenty of great 80s synthwave presets though, it's all about knowing where to look!

  15. If they ever make a Hotline Miami 3 set in Japan, they should hire you. This is anarchic, aggressive and a really great time. Big fan of the filter sweeps. I love the breakdown a minute in, but maybe work a bit more on your arpeggio voicings, they could be a little tighter. Other than that, this is a fantastic track!

  16. It’s comments like these which make me wish I did get hired. As an 18 year old student who has never been able to find a single job in his life, I would love to do commissions and such. The question though is, where and how??? Glad ya liked it though! For the arpeggios, do you mean the actual sound of it or the structure I chose for it? Since that main arpeggio lead is a sound font rather than and editable sound.

  17. I mean the notes themselves, maybe stick to a more conventional diatonic harmony. You're playing outside the scale a little. That's just my opinion, though! Hell of a track either way.

  18. This is really cool! I love the way it progresses, some really interesting structural choices and harmonies! Wouldn't go amiss on Radio Mirror Park. Is it on Spotify?

  19. Radio Mirror Park is a GTAV radio station full of artists like Cut Copy, Toro Y Moi and Neon Indian. You'd fit right in! I'll go like it now.

  20. Appreciate the feedback - especially the specifics on what worked / didn’t for you. We’ll take another listen and see what we can improve for the next one. Vocals are a bit of a style choice for us, but get what you’re saying on the processing - probably a bit more training on how to apply effects and mix vocals will help. If you have any references you use they’d be very welcome! Thanks for the feedback!

  21. No problem! If you have the cash, my first suggestion is to buy the first tier of Melodyne or Antares Auto-Tune and relax the timing a little, that way you can pitch correct without it sounding as digital as it does. I think it would benefit your sound a lot! Vocal processing, maybe look at albums like Muse's Simulation Theory. If you're doing f4f, could you check out Bonsai, please?

  22. It's a really great song! Reminds me of old-school trance before the drop, then when it gets into it it's a really great groove. The 'hey' samples stick out a little, and the lead vocal is pretty far forward, but I love the rest of it! The dynamics are really well done, especially that little bit at the end of the first chorus. Good job!

  23. Old school trance is no bad thing in my book! Also, you don't have to keep the vocal level constant, you can automate it! Will make life easier for you.

  24. This is amazing! I love the way it descends into the creepy horrorscape, and the little glitchy sections! Great stuff, but I'll miss sleeping at night. Final section brings it back around. SUPER lush production! I'm loving the way it builds. There are some really great pad sounds buried in there! Keep it up!

  25. This just got better and better as it went along! I love your opening build-up! Maybe push the vocals a little further back, they're very clean and bright (which is awesome) but maybe a tape plugin to roll off some of the highs and add a little grit would be cool. That's just my opinion though. This is a really really great song, keep us posted as to when this drops on Spotify! It's fantastic!

  26. First of all, the intro is too long! Maybe halve it so you can get some good adlibs on it, and it's still there, but not as long. The rest of it makes for a very nice beat though, but I agree with other commenters, it could do with a little processing, Some reverb would go a long way. I also think you need to switch it up around the middle. Keep at it, though, it's a good beat with the potential to be a great one.

  27. This is so good! Can definitely see some loose Odd Future posse rap on this beat. I reckon the flow would be fine through the whole song, no need to worry about it! Maybe a little more dynamic range would be cool though. Hell of a lot of fun!

  28. Thanks so much! Yeah, you can find us here:

  29. This is a really fun track! I really like the granular vibes going on in some of the songs, as well as the slow string and brass swells. It's a kind of ambient midwestern emo/ math rock jam, which I really enjoy. Are you guys on Spotify? I'm watching with great interest.

  30. Very cinematic, lonely and ambient. I love the way it builds! Excellent track, I think it would work really nicely if you submitted it to a TV or film sync library. If I had to offer one point of criticism, maybe dial back the auto tune a little! You sound like a good enough singer to warrant a little less. Is this on Spotify?

  31. I agree with the Weezer feel, I get that a lot from the chord shapes you're using in the chorus. I like the verse contrast though, perfectly captures that kind of 'do I really wanna be here?' feeling of when you just can't catch a break and you feel like you're wasting your summer. I love it! The anger of the distorted bits really captures that frustration when you fuck it up for the millionth time. Do you have Spotify?

  32. Great track! Added it as soon as I heard it. Builds really nicely, great melody, plenty of drama. Will be working into mixes I do from now on.

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