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  1. I hope we get an actual virtual body (like in Blade and Sorcery or VRIK in SkyrimVR) and not just disembodied hands. Come on, Valve, you can do it!

  2. Valve is not involved in this, it is a community mod. And no, we currently do not have any plans for a virtual body, sorry.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, and for working on this cool project!

  4. I miss the Ras Kassa lunch buffet so much...

  5. He was such a good, sweet person. I think of and miss him, often.

  6. I've been pretty happy with Kallgren dermatology, but I don't know what their wait times are presently

  7. Can confirm. I'm enrolled at the College of Winterhold. There are more extra-curricular assignments than I expected, and it seems like one of my classmates is literally a Thalmor agent. Still, better than dealing with Meta or anything Zuckerberg touches!

  8. All's I knows is bad gas travels fast in small town

  9. Wow! This is splendid and beautiful! Fabulous work!

  10. This looks great! Very excited to try this out.

  11. Musk is on no one's team. Not even his own.

  12. Splendid! Thank you, looking forward to adding this to my mod stack

  13. I think personally like smart contract and other failures (not with algofi but with other firms) have made me really wary.

  14. I love this concept and think desktop Linux is a perfect target. As an tiled window manager user (i3) putting a long thin window at the bottom of my screen is easy and already fits with how I handle my workspace. However, it would need to play nice with i3 in order for it to work well in my case. Usually that's something that can be handled by a good i3 config file.

  15. Thank you. You're the second person to mention a tiled window manager. Could you suggest one I could (with relative ease because of gamejam time constraints) check out and see how nice it plays?

  16. i3 is probably the most popular, it's quite

  17. I think you'll at least want a 2060. As others have said, even a 3090 will be limited compared to what you can load-up with a collection of mods.

  18. We're looking into this and gathering feedback from people on how they would want to see this actually implemented as we were a little lost on how to do this at first. Could you describe how you'd like to see it work?

  19. Perhaps the simplest way to integrate with a rower would be to add a tracker (either a controller or a Vive tracker, or similar) to the handlebar of the rowing machine and use the motion from that input to drive forward movement. Then implement turning through head-tilt monitored by the IMU of the headset.

  20. Alright, that's pretty much how we're thinking about it now too. It won't make it in for the launch but it's on our list of things to work on. Hopefully we can get the word out with the rowing community once we do to justify the time investment.

  21. While this will be simplified with AVM 1.1 and presumably future upgrades past that, I'd characterize this as more of an Algorand feature than a bug. Algorand as a protocol is much better suited to handling complex dApp calls through features like

  22. https://i.imgur.com/HE4N875.png

  23. Someone riding a fossil-fuel powered electric bike is a substantial climate-impact improvement on driving an ICE car, and potentially better than using a full EV powered by any source. An electric bike might take ~0.2-0.4 kWh to get across town, whereas a full size car will require about two orders of magnitude more. This cartoon really misses the mark - perhaps if they pictured a fossil-fuel powered EV hummer it might actually have a cohesive message.

  24. OK SO OFCOURSE right after posting to three reddits so I find a fix on my own gonna update them all incase somebody else comes across this with the same issue

  25. Could you elaborate on your solution? I've been living with the same bug, where I use DynDOLOD (which is behaving well everywhere else), but I've never been able to get the museum entrance working correctly. Are you using tesvlodgen in addition to DynDOLOD, or instead of it? I'd like to keep my DynoDOLOD install in place, aside from this glitch it's fantastic.

  26. Maybe the women have different roles? E.g. the men go out and harvest souls (potentially dangerous) and the females tend to those souls on their homeworld?

  27. Or perhaps they change sexes as part of their lifecycle like the

  28. Thanks dbroncs80! Glad that you're feeling better!

  29. I'm glad to see this development. Defly is an interesting project with a functional App. Looking forward to what they release next

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