1. probably italy but idk enough about it to know for sure. why? you think we are gonna fight about that? when we are alone maybe but not if we can be united against you germoids

  2. i take your money then pretend to stab him and we split the money. then when you turn around we stab you and take the rest of your money

  3. My first 2 games today both had honortards.

  4. hide behind them so enemy attacks them. feed revenge to enemy. roll away. eat popcorn

  5. Her eye color shifts based on the lighting. I had trouble with this as her eyes look different in each reference. In the end I decided to use the colour they had in the picture with the most similar lighting to my drawing

  6. must be some dai thing then, because they were bright ambar in da2. still, amazing drawing. if you have done more i would like to see them. are they posted on your profile?

  7. The reference was indeed from DAI. Thank you! And yes I have most of my finished artworks on my profile

  8. yes! i just saw them. you are very very good.

  9. wrong. i said it would have been hard for me NOT to beat that particular old nun.

  10. Stating that you don't have the mental tolerance not to beat up an old nun is not the flex you think it is.

  11. i work at a hotel and this lovely british couple (rare) was worried about their landing time in spain because they were to reach the city by 10pm and they thought restaurants might be closed by then. sweet innocent angels thats early afternoon here

  12. All I've got is that the word starts with N... but what's the rest?

  13. my friend and i did this once but in a revenge kinda way

  14. Where can I find more of this lore, it’s hilarious

  15. Zanny's yt videos, shitpostings around reddit

  16. the Age of the Hammer is upon us, wether you like it or not. now bow down and prepare to have your balls smashed

  17. my nuxia loadouts are super similar to yours. i have this one full white one, and the dark and red one too. small variarions on armor pieces but overall twins

  18. Well definitely good it's not as bad as COD and I think I have a friend who plays ^

  19. the community is usually friendly and respectful. the game is pvp and some people think losing means the other guys were toxic

  20. I hope you enjoy your fucking balcony here, It will look funny because of the burka, like a flying squirrel

  21. someone down on the side walk looking up: oh shiiiit!!! EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!

  22. I'm assuming he thinks he bounced an unblockable because of the symbol, when it was actually goki's t4 knockdown feat showing the symbol I think?

  23. “You mean you actually spend your money on helping the poor like Jesus wanted instead of on golden lavishness?” surprised pikachu face

  24. in the netherlands the tap water is really good and clean, i have tasted some chlorine in tap water in spain and france tho

  25. water varies a lot from city to city, or even neighborhood to neighborhood. in madrid downtown water is amazingly good for example, while in some parts of the outskirts it is still extremely high quality, but tastes different. it all depends on where that water is being taken from.

  26. who tf dodge attacks from neutral TO AN OOS ENEMY

  27. bandwagon jorm when he is rep 70? makes no sense dummy

  28. usually yes, in this case, didnt look like one

  29. I am so sorry for the sins of my nation

  30. while we appreciate your apology, what we have witnessed here today is beyond forgiveness

  31. i think it’s funny how the amount of hyperarmor gets progressively less as you move down to the bottom of the list

  32. because low skill lobbies solve everything with dodge attacks and hyper armor does not care about that

  33. Ah. Yeah, they were one of the most liberal communist nations and their economy was crippled from not receiving world war 2 reparations. Cuba and Vietnam are better examples of socialism, and Cuba’s people are thriving despite having an ongoing embargo from the USA for the last 60 years

  34. cuba is definitely not thriving. read more updated and unbiased articles about it please. my people have suffered greatly and they continue to do so.

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