1. Not impressed with the selection - all the skincare is really basic and really tiny, not a fan of lip products, and I don't use hand cream lol.

  2. This bag is amazing imo and SO WORTH IT. I got it from one of the mystery bag sales and I think it disappeared from the site shortly after.

  3. I recently got a none monthly glam bag Ipsy order in the magenta mailer. I save all of mine. Eventually, I’ll think of something clever to do with them but for now they are just taking up space in my cabinet. Lol

  4. I use my old mailers to ship things out for Poshmark or whatever 😅

  5. Purple is cool. blue + pink = purple

  6. I prefer gold over silver too, but rose gold really looks good on me.

  7. I REALLY wanted that bag! (I want to use it for make up) Everytime I tried to order it, It was sold out!! 😭 I tried more than 13 times! I don't even want the products, just the bag!! I ordered the "Golden Hour" mystery bag. The bag isn't as nice as the "summer summer" one though.

  8. It's been over a year but fyi if you want it, it's up on ipsy's mystery bag sale right now!

  9. I'm glad I'm not getting this bag - i have no use for nail polish since I use other products to do my nails

  10. I think it's just a glitch, as iRobot hasn't enabled permanent map saving for the i2.

  11. I have the same issue for i3 - is this possible to fix for that too?

  12. Flash sale goes away after a few days; shop ipsy is up all the time

  13. I think the news coming in May is that regular glam bag subscribers will get to pick 2 products instead of 1. It's been heavily hinted at.

  14. https://help.ipsy.com/hc/en-us/articles/12244599913239-I-have-dual-subscriptions-with-both-IPSY-and-Boxy-What-s-changing-in-March-when-IPSY-and-Boxy-merge-

  15. Do you know if it really is only $5 every month for allure? I thought about doing it this month but since I did rakuten once already, I wasn't sure if it would count again since I think it might only be valid for new subscriptions?

  16. Like, idk what they expected putting a bunch of glass jars in a large box, but this is what I got :(

  17. One more invite left - expires tomorrow! DM me your name and email if you're interested :)

  18. My wallet is safe too - the only thing I'd want is the heart brush, which was already my choice.

  19. https://www.boxycharm.com/shop/home?icid=nav_shop_tbs

  20. Hmm. Sorry about that. But if you go to boxycharm.com and click the hamburger menu on the top left, you should get a drop down menu. Click the SHOP tab, and then The Boxy Shop. That should take you to the page where you can click Mega Drop Shop.

  21. I just tried that, and you have to log in. I don't have an account because I'm not subscribed. I think you have to be a Boxy member

  22. We have a very similar bag (1 brush, plum nail polish, eyeshadow palette, & hair conditioner ) & similar first impression- got the eyepallete i wanted

  23. I am out of hair products and none that i tried so far worked for me, so it was a perfect time to get some new hair products i never tried before, it was hard to choose foxybae instead of the pallette cuz i dont have many pallettes.

  24. Ugh I was just about to redeem this when I saw this message and realized it was a lie because they said they can only send points items with the next immediate month.

  25. I really wish they would stop with any product with vitamin c bc it has such a short product life. Sigh. Last month was a lot better, I really don't like these choices.

  26. Hey! You have to figure out when it was manufactured and I usually go 2 and half months to 3 from that if kept away from heat and light. Every brand is different so there might be different opinions. I go with that for every, and usually just don't pick a vitamin c product bc of it. Best!

  27. Everyone says it actually opens at midnight est, but I never stay up that late. It's almost always open when I wake up. You need to go to the link or sometimes there's a category in the shopper. Choice is usually at 9am est, flash is always open earlier

  28. I have 3200 points and can't decide if I want one or both or none of the items, ugh

  29. I use both right now - tret from Curology and Solawave (on discount from Allure Box). Still waiting to see as I've only been using them for about 2 weeks.

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