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Becoming The Ghost [Video]

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  1. You have no honor! (This is beautiful btw fuck that honor shit)

  2. i wish i can upvote this x1000 times

  3. I did my part with my one meager upvote. I wish I could do more as well.

  4. She’s such a disgusting “cum rag” (as she calls herself) she had to try to be someone she views as wholesome to be deserving of being a mother bc she knows shes not fit as herself! Also telling she chose someone who lies and pulls pr stunts as her model of wholesome!

  5. Hahahahahaha. Can I get some context on the “cum rag,” reference please? I’m dying to hear that one.I agree w you 100% btw.

  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/Trishyland/comments/vgb5qj/happy_fathers_day_mr_paytas_you_must_be_so_very/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  7. Welp. I got what I asked for. Wish I didn’t but here we are. Hahaha thank you.

  8. Welcome to the club. I can't even get into elden ring and I used to love the souls games. It just feels too clunky to me now.

  9. She did not pay $90 for the hoodie! She’s got to be the worst business person in the world!! She can’t even market herself or edit her own videos even make a damn thumbnail much less a run her own clothing company 😂😂😂 she’s too dumb and lazy!

  10. Fr. There is no way she paid $90 a hoodie. No no no. They are still making a profit at half off, I am sure of that.

  11. Moses is such a strange individual 😂😂

  12. Hahahhahaha Fr I almost couldn’t take in any of the words being said bc I was just staring at him. Something is so odd about him.

  13. My bf and I saw you today! We were talking about how cool your Oswald tat was! 👍🏻

  14. You know what really helps someone on a bad trip? Really get in their face. Like REALLY really close. And crowd around them. People on bad trips love to be surrounded by a group of people and loud shitty music.

  15. You’re so right but the sarcasm in your delivery of this made me laugh so freaking hard hahahaha. It’s so spot on.

  16. Dude. The Stand is a journey if you’re up for it. Or Lisey’s story (my personal favorite).

  17. Man it’s a fucking journey, but once you get started it is really hard to stop. Haha.

  18. It or 11-22-63, though Christine will always be dear to my heart because it was my first.

  19. Wireman is one of my all time favorite characters. Great call.

  20. Glad they put the arrows in the picture. I wasn't finding the blood clot at first.

  21. I might be super late to this (apologies if so) but what the f happened to her face? Not even trying to make fun it looks like she got beat up or had a reaction or something.

  22. Hahahahhahahaha yeah that shit got me too hahahahaha her beast shrieking hahahah goddamn that’s good.

  23. Duma Key had me bawling my eyes out multiple times. And Cell, unexpectedly

  24. Totally. Wireman is one of those king characters that feel so real and eternal. Does that make sense? Idk.

  25. Yup! Feels like my 60 sth year old uncle who's seen some shit and now has some cool phrases but wants to live a quiet, peaceful life. I dunno he just got to me

  26. I read that book two years ago right after my mother in law died from covid. I loved her like my own mom and in many ways was a second chance at having a real mom. My mom sucks.

  27. I was bored so I also just read "The Jaunt". Why do I do this to myself right before I go to sleep

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