AITA for telling her to get over herself?

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  1. My daughter was the same way and I know I’ll probably get hate for this but I avoided tummy time on the floor as much as possible. When my daughter turned 4 months old she was staying awake longer and we started doing tummy time on the playmat with her then, she has amazing head and neck control and is rolling over all the time and she’s 5 months old now. I put her in the carrier quite a lot and laid her on my chest but I never put her on her playmat until she was older. I think carrying her really helped with her head control but I didn’t worry about it that much because hearing her cry when I put her on her mat made me so sad.

  2. That’s where I’m at! It breaks my heart hearing her cry on the mat. My girl is only three months and has good head control, I’m just scared of putting her behind in crawling and other areas. Glad I’m not alone!

  3. My first had terrible reflux and we pretty much couldn’t do tummy time at all because of it. She would instantly throw up her food even if she hadn’t eaten for three hours and stick her face in it and I was terrified she’d drown if I got distracted or something. I wore her all the time. She didn’t miss any milestones and was walking by ten months.

  4. That’s good to hear! I keep getting paranoid she’ll be behind. She’s ahead in so many milestones but behind with tummy time

  5. Possibly a reaction to the gums in the flour. King Arthur and many gf baked goods often use xanthan and/or guar gum. Were these ingredients in the other flours you used?

  6. Oat contamination is a thing, now. Are you sensitive to oats?

  7. I’ve never had a problem before. I’ll have to pay attention with what I eat now. I made oat cookies recently but can’t remember if that was one of the days I reacted

  8. I haven't seen any lately, but I can usually find them at Meijers. Most have a good produce section.

  9. So far I’ve only made a kumquat tahini salad. My husband eats them too quickly. But I want to make a kumquat upside down cake!

  10. The way he speaks about the number of kids is based on ideal terms. He says that if I have issues with infertility and having a bad birthing process, he would reassess the number of kids he wants.

  11. I agree, when we were dating my husband said he wanted two kids and I said I wanted 2-4. Now we’ve had our first kid and we’ve both firmly decided it’s time for him to get snipped

  12. I take it to my church! Or my husband and I eat it all before I can share it lol

  13. I told my friend we decided we’re OAD and she said it’s odd that it’s more accepted to not want any children rather than just wanting one. I never thought about that, but it’s so true!

  14. I’m confused, I’ve never seen a cinnamon roll without frosting? 😳🤨

  15. Pillsbury used to make orange sweet rolls when I was a kid and they were so delicious! I don’t know if they have them anymore, I became allergic to gluten as an adult 🙄

  16. The loss of body autonomy. It feels like someone’s always wanting something from your body and it’s no longer yours, especially because it no longer looks like the body you know.

  17. Seeing my two year old nephew revert back to old habits he had kicked because of his new baby sister. He was off his pacifier but suddenly started taking hers out of her mouth and putting it in his.

  18. I was looking for this answer lol, mine was 3 weeks 😂 i felt guilty reading all the other comments until i saw yours so thanks!!

  19. These were the answers I was honestly expecting lol my husband wants to do around now (our daughter is two months) I’m more leaning towards 6 months

  20. My husband and I are pretty laid back. The first months are so hard, if someone you trust wants to watch the baby, do yourself a favor and take their help! It's good for everyone! 😁

  21. I’ve realized how beneficial it is for the grandparents. Both my mother in law and my dad don’t work and get sad when we don’t need them to watch our daughter. They genuinely look forward to it!

  22. I had a November baby too! I’m not having another, but I’d definitely never do that again lol being pregnant all summer and then dealing with post partum/newborn when it gets dark at 4:30p has been the worst!

  23. I swear our LO feeds off my frustrated energy and thus can't be put down unless I am zen'd out. For this reason I just accept my fate to try and chill out when the crying starts. Maybe it's a mental thing but ever since I started to approach it more calmly, he started going back to sleep more easily. They must feel the abrupt and desperate nature of our movements when things have gone south lol.

  24. I do think there’s an aspect of truth to this. My husband gets frustrated more easily and as he gets worked up, so does our LO. He thinks I’m better able to calm her, but I keep my calm with her. Days when I have a migraine and I’m more on edge, LO is harder to calm

  25. Edible gold leaf, vanilla bean paste, flaky sea salt, black cocoa, gel food coloring, edible flowers

  26. If it helps, my mother was never able to get rid of our baby items. I’m 29, just had my first baby, and I inherited so many boxes of baby clothes lol she also tried to give me my crib, but it’s one that is now deemed unsafe

  27. Take gluten-ease! Available on Amazon. Makes it so much less painful to digest gluten. I agree with the probiotic comment- good for everyone to take a daily probiotic regardless of food allergies

  28. I went abroad to Paris and London and was not going to give up the experience of pastries lol I took glutenease and it helped out so much. Yeah, there was pain, but I was eating a baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower

  29. My daughter was in between sizes of pampers and we found that Huggies were a good in between size. Newborn size pampers were too small but size one was way too big. Huggies size one fit great (I still prefer pampers lol but it works for our situation)

  30. Dude. Wtf. “Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean I have to change who I am”

  31. I wish I had that problem lol I’m gluten free so if I want to bake but don’t need to eat it, I make gluten filled creations

  32. I used gluten ease when I went to Paris years ago. I said no way am I going to Paris and not eating a baguette and pastries. I definitely still had symptoms but they were more mild and for me it was worth it. Would I do it again? Probably not lol

  33. Yeah I think I'm on that boat rn too. Its hard bc I know how much better nongf compared to gf alternatives taste. I'm just gonna have to be a grown up and actually take care of myself

  34. You’ve got this! I’ve been gluten free for a decade and it’s still rough, but I haven’t given in and had gluten in 6 years

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