1. I wasn't surprised that people of color were discriminated against when they were trying to flee Ukraine. There were 2 Ukrainian boys that I liked when I was in school. They both treated me like garbage because I was mixed race. None of the Ukrainian girls I went to school with ever wanted to be my friend. Most of my friends were Asian. My 4th grade teacher was a very mean, condescending Ukrainian woman and an obvious racist. She was the worst teacher I had in all my years of school. Ukrainians are no better than Russians. This is why I will not be donating to the Red Cross.

  2. That may be so but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t offer assistance to refugees….

  3. Maybe just keep it in mind if you are not white, or often have friends of other races around

  4. I am aware of the awful stories of people of colour being mistreated and refused assistance at borders - it’s one of the many atrocities occurring in the country. But to place a blanket statement that you wouldn’t be donating to the Red Cross and to have a lack of sympathy for an entire population because of your experience with a few people seems rather narrow minded to me.

  5. It’s on its way, just a weirdly long delivery time. These were ready sooner than I thought they would be so just having to make do for the time being

  6. Hard to tell in the picture but if that lid is on I would highly recommend taking it off

  7. Definitely see your point - my reasoning was that I couldn’t feel as much air flow around the edges and by propping the lid on the top of the fan it created a kind of wind tunnel and seemed to be more air movement. It is open quite a bit but will definitely take it off if I don’t see significant progress tomorrow morning

  8. Looking good. Once the caps pull up and the veil tears you pull before spore drop. Great work!

  9. Awesome thank you, exactly what I needed to know :)

  10. Yes that’s the veil, it will stretch out as they grow and the caps expand out. It’s hard to tell how large they will grow but a few days Atleast.

  11. Ok I see what you mean I was worrying that it was the veils starting to break or something, since they were so small I wasn’t expecting to be harvesting yet but I know that there’s a potency decrease and possible negative effects on subsequent flushes if you don’t catch them before spores drop. Being a bit paranoid I think😂

  12. Swapped the duct tape covering the holes to micropore tape, then fanned every 4 hours misting the top/sides where needed. Took about 4 days from initiating fruiting conditions to see the first pins

  13. Not unreasonable Imo. Our hard work is finally starting to show. We're on the final lap my friend. Mush love.

  14. You’re absolutely right, and best of luck to you in your grow!! May your yields be high and genetics strong

  15. I would hold out for a few more days and wait for the sub to get colonized a bit more

  16. Exactly the answer i thought but didn’t wanna hear haha, so difficult to be patient!!!

  17. +1 for waiting, but I feel your pain OP. Once you get past the first grow it gets a little easier to wait ( a little )! Your growth looks healthy tho! You’ve made it past the hardest parts of UB Tek so be proud!

  18. Thank you!! Just gotta cross my fingers now haha

  19. Also - if you zoom in the growth looks almost spikey, this is my first grow so just want to check this is as expected. It doesn’t look like any contam I’ve seen on here so far

  20. great experiment! Looking forward to hear about the outcome!

  21. Do not mist your cakes or any form of mycelium with bleach! It’ll kill them same way it kills contam - ph adjusting works because it creates an unsuitable environment for trich but doesn’t seem to affect mushroom growth. I’ve seen posts on here of what happens when people have accidentally got bleach on thier shrooms and I promise you it does not go well haha

  22. I feel like my biggest issue with all of this is my disbelief that one week would be where it's at right now. And every single time I see other posts about people showing their jars that are ready the mycelium looks much thicker and wider

  23. What did you use to inoculate? I’ve got around 8 jars going at the moment from the same liquid culture but the mycelium growth looks very different between the jars - some fluffy and less dense like yours and some rhysomorphic growth in others. All went at different speeds too! It also massively depends on genetics, different strains have different appearances in thier mycelium growth. I would leave it to get a little bit thicker and make sure you don’t see any uncovered grains before you spawn to bulk just to be sure

  24. Shit one week from spore syringe?? That’s crazy fast I thought they normally take longer than liquid culture/agar/grain transfer because the spores have to germinate. Think you’ve won the genetic lottery haha

  25. Not an expert - but from what I’ve seen that looks like healthy rhimozone mycelium growth and some primordia - the precursor to pinning

  26. Got 6 grain jars of Amazonian going from liquid culture, inoculated on the 11th of Jan. They’re colonising at different speeds which I know it to be expected, I’m just wondering what you guys do in this situation. Just leave them all until the last one is ready? I have two tubs so can do the fastest three in one and the second lot in the other tub a few days after.

  27. Yeah, just wait for the others. It won’t hurt the fully colonized jars to sit for a little bit. I forgot about some jars in a closet once and they had shrooms growing in them. I pulled the fruit and spawned to bulk. Tub turned out great.

  28. Amazing the way that it works, so sensitive but so resilient at the same time! Thank you for your reply, first grow so just worrying over everything and wanted to avoid stressing them into producing metabolites if possible.

  29. I use a 1-1-1 ratio of composted cow manure, coco coir, and chunky vermiculite; along with some gypsum. I then load my substrate in 5 pound increments and then sterilize for 2 1/2hrs in a 8qt insta pot then I seal my bag and let it cool and its ready to use the next day Personally I also add oyster shells,soy peptone,and bee pollen to my mixture and then I let my treated substrate age at least 2 weeks in my dark closet to regain soil microbes back; after the two weeks is up you should have a 5lb bag of of substrate that'll appear darker and have a strong soil smell to it, I've been using this substrate recipe for about a year now and it has given me outstanding results in terms of less contaminations, robust mycelium growth and contamination resistance(not immune tho)

  30. I was actually looking for a solution for the sterilising issue with manure because I’ve read that it’s better to pasteurise substrate for the beneficial microbes, but manure tends to contam. Seems like you’ve found the perfect solution so thank you!! Do you think it would make a difference to pasteurise the main CVG substrate using bucket tek and sterilising the manure separately in a pressure cooker, then adding together at the same time as adding the grain spawn? Wasn’t sure if that would just be pointless

  31. Actually that would work! It's just about as much work in the long run the way I do it; Your keeping major substrste ingredients separate until it's time to make a "cake"!, just take a little care in wiping all your bags down with iso before opening and dumping there contents

  32. Awesome thank you so much for your reply, think they only reason I’d do it separately this time is just because my grain spawn will be ready before two weeks so this might work short notice, but long term think I’ll be switching to your method

  33. Looks exciting!! Sending you luck :)

  34. Nah mate just a new Australian variety growing as it would in its natural habitat ;)

  35. This is my first try growing so feel like I’m going to be so hyper aware of the humidity the whole time haha. Seems like it’s all normal so far though! Already flopped with a pre bought grain bag that got wet rot so being very careful

  36. Learnt a good lesson though so all’s well that ends well! Sending you good luck bro, we got this

  37. You are being impatient, my friend. In a couple of days you will know for sure which one it is. I have several jars that start with nice mycelium, then a couple of days later I see trich on the edges of oat grains. Trust me, I know how hard it is to be patient. Just walk away, check the next morning.

  38. Literally my biggest issue is impatience haha, need to learn to leave it alone! Thank you :)

  39. Was a proper struggle trying to get any photos of it but I can see some sections with clumped grains with the white stuff, just doesn’t look like what I’ve seen grown by others

  40. Wet rot bro. It’s trash and why do you have this in a zip lock bag and not a mason jar or grain bag with filter patch?

  41. It’s actually a pre bought sterilised grain bag - what you’re seeing is the air exchange strips it’s sealed

  42. Too much I think it was a whole syringe so 5cc, think that’s what might have fucked it

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