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  1. Madison really broke out of TBP and did amazing things with the Knockouts championship.

  2. Did somebody on commentary say CBT like cock and ball torture or am I just super sick w covid

  3. I used to flinch at that acronym for the same reason. It seems to more popularly stand for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy these days.

  4. man noooo i can’t wait for the tummy ache to fade

  5. Everyone in the comments seems to be a WWE insider interesting

  6. SLOW DOWN and just take your time with the spots

  7. BIG MF BEEF!!!!!! What a sweetheart I love him

  8. Dusty said take the money but not like this bud

  9. My favorite match of his is an inter gender match from 2019, that’s where he shines

  10. Might be, but stick it out to the 8th week and your life will significantly improve. Good luck

  11. Whattttt I’ve been on 10mg for a year and I still sweat really bad

  12. I never got to get in direct contact. I had seen Lemmy on facebook and contacted a family member to know where he was. I contacted his vet, got his info and the name of the old owner and then last year I texted the same family member’s number and talked for a moment. Tried to reach out this year and nothing. I’ve tried really hard, I would love them to have a reunion.

  13. L’oréal telescopic (affordable) maybelline lash sensational (affordable maybelline sky high (affordable) lancome idole (prestige) and benefit roller lash (prestige) hope this helps!

  14. Came to comment roller lash. Think OP would enjoy it

  15. As a barista turned customer a few years back I’m excited for y’all

  16. I feel that we as a community need to focus on fact. LOL i’m not hopeful tho

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