1. Na dann noch einfacher. Ist doch wohl klar, dass du keinen Mietvertrag unterschreibst bevor du die Wohnung gesehen hast. So etwas überhaupt zu verlangen als Makler, da gehen bei mir schon alle Warnlampen wenn.

  2. Ja, das stimmt wohl. Worauf bezieht sich denn eigentlich der zweite Punkt in dem Dokument "Mir ist bekannt, dass ich bei vollstän-diger Vertragserfüllung durch Sie mein Widerrufsrecht verliere" genau? Wann gilt der Vertrag in diesem Kontext als erfüllt? Beinhaltet das z.B. die Schlüsselübergabe, und damit die Möglichkeit, die Wohnung tatsächlich zu beziehen? Denn dann würde das Widerrufsrecht ja immerhin solange bestehen bleiben, wie das nicht der Fall ist. Oder nicht?

  3. Wenn es um einen Maklervertrag geht ist der Vertrag erfüllt, wenn er dir eine Wohnung vermittelt.

  4. Das Bild ist Ausschnitt des Mietvertrages, wobei der Vermieter durch eine Verwaltungsgesellschaft vertreten wird. Ich habe keinen Maklervertrag abgeschlossen.

  5. Nein. Das Ganze ist ein großes Neubauprojekt, und die Wohnungen sind voraussichtlich nächste Woche erst betretbar. Daher die Überlegung mit dem Widerrufsrecht, so dass ich zur Not noch vom Vertrag zurücktreten könnte.

  6. Leider will das Makler-Unternehmen den Vertrag bereits davor unterschrieben haben.

  7. Du kannst den Mietvertrag dann nicht mehr Widerrufen. Es wäre mir aber neu, wenn es da überhaupt ein Widerrufsrecht gäbe.

  8. Direkt auf der Seite davor gab es eine Widerrufsbelehrung, und sogar ein vorausgefülltes Musterformular für den Widerruf. Daher verwirrt mich das.

  9. It is not mostly PvP based. I have >10'000 hours in the game and I don't PvP at all. There is a lot you can do, and you are not really losing out by not PvPing either. The PvE experience is mostly single-player though, apart from party-grind zones.

  10. Don't know why you're getting so defensive over this. A bug barely ever affects everyone. I didn't hear any complaints on Solo dungeons, across guild, friends, etc., and for me it also worked fine. For others it didn't. So?

  11. Well, that's what I meant though, immediately going to this "right or wrong" mentality :p either way, like I said, there were issues for some people. No use arguing in how many had issues vs. how many didn't, since we both don't know. So all good :)

  12. You pick a stat, not all, as I understood

  13. I've tried all SSRIS some of them I had a bad reaction to. I've tried mirtazapine and vortioxetine unfortunately they caused me shortness of breath found out from the nurse it's called respiratory depression. Trazodone and a mood stabiliser that was a very very frightening experience I never knew an antidepressant would make you hear a voice and this voice wasn't friendly in the slightest and hallucinate. As I've gotten older I think my body has become sensitive to medications.

  14. Apart from SSRIs, there's SNRI, TCA, Tetracyclics, NDRIs, MAOIs. If they don't work properly (no effect, or side-effects) you might wanna get testing done for your CYP450 enzymes - most psychiatric drugs are CYP450 metabolized, so dependent on how your CYP450s perform (slow/fast metabolizing), this has an impact on it. Depending on your country, there may also be Emsam (Selegiline MAOI-patches) available, which would allow you to try an alternative way of absorption.

  15. What's makes our mental health services so appalling?

  16. Mental health services in pretty much any country are mediocre at best.

  17. Yes, I guess, but how, I mean I've killed wolves and boars Bears.... then I've tried killing them and collecting with the knife and it's still 0.00, I've tried buying a basic arquebus in the market and I can't equip it because I don't have my level

  18. You need a matchlock. Kill the ones with tag. Those are the hunting mobs. You can't damage them with normal weapons. Also, there's a lot of guides on youtube or google for hunting.

  19. " If we remove this tiny bit of commenting, it doesn't work. It should but it doesn't"

  20. As a developer in a huge-scale project, I confirm this.

  21. BARF = Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is an animal diet :)

  22. Dunno about Huawei, but Samsung has a Game Booster App that seems to trigger the anti cheat

  23. Hmm, thanks I'll check that out. I didn't have any issue ever since buying it 3 years ago though..

  24. Jackson JS22-7s are dirt cheap, don't feel like an extended scale (26.5"), are as good a quality as anything else on the bottom of the price scale, and make good modding platforms.

  25. Thanks. And what about multiscale ones, do you have a suggestion there? She never used any, but is considering getting one.

  26. Not yet fully validated or researched, preliminary data from small studies have found psilocybin (e.g active ingredient in magic mushrooms) to be effective in the treatment of treatment resistant depression. Professor David Nutt is a pioneer in this field if interested. Sadly the war on drugs and classification have often stalled any attempts to research the psychedelic substances in recent history. Have you come across this field of research, yet?

  27. That's interesting, didn't hear of it yet, thanks. Seems to be very, very new though as you said. In my country there seems to only have been a few studies, which are right now still ongoing.

  28. Oh my god you deserve heaven. This is it!

  29. It's raising money for them though, not selling them

  30. What really confuses me and pretty much tilt me that these mother suckers have a pretty solid game , with the best combat system in any mmo , the best graphics in any mmo

  31. Why should they? Different target audiences. I very much appreciate to be able to play whenever I want, without needing to bother with rallying up 10 other people for some crappy raid. You assume that every good MMO has to have group content / raids.

  32. I don't assume that's a pure fact lol

  33. Bdo has party grind spots (2-3 people), some small scale pvp like arena of solare, etc. That's completely fine. I referred to raid-content like other games with 10-20 man-raids. That stuff is just bothersome.

  34. Or - hear me out - the loudest people do not represent the majority. And there is hardly ever a global consensus. So, you might want something, but that doesn't mean that the majority, let alone everybody, wants it. So, long story short, somebody will always be unhappy. Of course not everything PA does is perfect, but people tend to depict it as worse than it actually is. That goes for pretty much any developer, anywhere.

  35. That's why I don't envy fellow developers working on public projects, especially games.

  36. On long enough interval it can actually reflect player activity

  37. No, because activity does not directly correlate to people joining / leaving guilds. It *may* reflect the amount of new players, as those likely look for a guild. But that is not representative of the entire playerbase. Simple example, I'm active and have not changed my guild since 3 years, thus not contributing to this statistic at all.

  38. This is exactly correct. I am the same way 1 guild for years. I don't want people to interpret it's showing the game dying or anything. Just that people are not swapping guilds as much

  39. If people want to know if the game is dying (hint: it's not), they can always look at the financial reports of Pearl Abyss, which are publicly available and released quarterly.

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