1. She needs to RUN not walk. He will never compromise the way she wants

  2. I mean I don’t think Kourtney has a damn thing to do with this lol

  3. Idk why people would look past shwartz being violent or aggressive. He literally dumped a glass of alcohol on Katie AND stassi’s head, and has cussed them out. No fawn in the woods would behave that way lol just bc he sounds like a stoner who reads Shakespeare (even tho he doesn’t), doesn’t mean he’s some great guy.

  4. Man, this is bad. He is such a fucking asshole and the true him comes out when he drinks. Also LOL at “scando” and “karate chop.” The pop of “Beau” made for great comic relief too 😂

  5. Ken and Max Vanderpump - the only quality on the show ! And probably only because we don't see them enough to see them do anything dodgy

  6. Ken is such an angry old man. You’d see more of him on real housewives of Beverly Hills. He can be pretty mean, but I guess they all can.

  7. I’m sorry but I actually cannot stand him.

  8. I’m sorry but he’s definitely cheating or has again. He still does boys jight with Schwartz? Yeah

  9. Tickle-me-brit! Comes with preloaded phrases like "HYUCK!" "oh really?!" "Team Ariana!" "We love her!"

  10. Hyuck 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I thought mustard bread was code for some type of thc spread? Lol

  12. Let’s get back on track people. We all know she’s pretty, but we hate her because she’s ugly on the inside.

  13. Lollllllll why is it so hilarious to me that this is all they know?

  14. This is so fucking embarrassing. Imagine asking the person you literally bullied to ask people to stop bullying her

  15. I love Jax’s new found feminism I’m not going to lie 😂

  16. I got lip injections from paul nassif. He was super nice and did a great job. I was still pretty young when I went so he did it more on the natural side and is generally pretty careful with younger folks getting into plastic surgery.

  17. My sister had part of her rotation at his hospital and said he’s one of the best in Jersey

  18. Lmao she’s so dumb. Why couldn’t she post this in create mode. She really screen shotted one sentence from her notes

  19. Yup!!!!! She is not stupid by any means. She saw right through him and couldn’t unsee it.

  20. After she spent thousands to go see him. She is as dumb as they come

  21. We’re talking about what happened while she was there. Not everything that led up to that moment

  22. So, until VERY recently, I’ve never had gaps in my adult teeth (that I can remember). After braces and throughout my 20’s, they were all aligned & stayed straight as long as I wore my retainer overnight at-least once a month. Now, at 33, I’m getting these weird random gaps if I don’t wear my retainer EVERY NIGHT. So. Idk. Quicker/more significant alignment shifting in later adulthood?

  23. Ah that would make sense. Thanks for responding!

  24. Thank you😭 the way I asked came off harsh but really no harm intended

  25. Nicole’s perpetual sadness has really caught my eye. Shes got to go home.

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